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  1. Thanks for the rebuild. I also just pushed an official rebuild. Nothing new about it, besides that it runs with KSP 1.2.
  2. I have rewritten the set_trim_x part of the plugin and you now can use it the way you described Have fun!
  3. Trim in KSP basically works as an offset to the current control input, thus offsetting the resting point of the control surfaces. Setting a new trim value that drastically differs from the previous trimming causes a bounce because the new control input is suddenly joystick pitch + new trim position - old trim position. Thats not really usable so I was planning to remove the feature alltogether. However I really like the idea of setting the trim by releasing pressure on the stick. Thanks for the tip! Though I think I will stick to the Real Trim functionality since I think freezing the input is a little bit too much. PS. will see if I can find something similar for X-Plane
  4. If you are using MFT please update to MFT 5.7.1. The "small volume" bug has been fixed.
  5. I will see if i can rebalance that a bit in the next release. Nothing I can do about that. I already issued a bugreport over at MFT.
  6. ProceduralParts Version 1.2 is here Changelog KSP 1.1 ready (RadarManFromTheMoon) Fixed NullReferenceExceptions during loading (NathanKell) Now compatible with the TestFlight mod (NathanKell) Fixed some issues with zero diameter parts (NathanKell & ferram4) KSP 1.1 is a major update and a lot of changes were necessary to get ProceduralParts running. So bugs are expected. If you encounter any, please let us know (If possible on the github issue tracker) Known issues: In editor icons do not correctly clip within the borders of the part selector. The display of resource amounts do not update properly when changing tank size. This is just a graphical glitch. just right click the part again to see the change.
  7. Glad you like it. SET_TRIM was intended to set the trim to the current control state (speak: Joystick position) Not sure if it works, and there are any useful applications though. I for myself never use it, so I might just remove it from the mod in the future.
  8. I'm already 80% done with replacing the KSPAPIExtensions related parts. Release will be shortly after KSP 1.1s official release, at the earliest.
  9. Thats correct. PP depends on KSPAPIExtensions which is not going to be updated to 1.1. However, in the KSPAPIExtensions thread taniwha mentioned a solution he is going to test with Modular Fuel Tanks to replace the message handling functionality.
  10. In career mode (and science mode) part dimensions are limited by three factors: length, diameter and volume. Therefore it might be impossible to scale the parts diameter to the next full step because length or volume are at the limit. To build bigger tanks you will need to proceed in the tech-tree.
  11. Don't know if toolbar has something to do with this but it might be the same problem described previously in this post: I'm aware of it and will investigate. But it seems to be harmless.
  12. I was unable to reproduce the problem on a fresh install with only PP and CLS installed. Please make sure KSP and all your mods are up to date. Also: When reporting bugs please be as specific and precise as possible. Can't be resized can mean a lot of things. Does resizing the part has no effect? are the controls for resizing missing? In case of missing controls: This is an error caused by an incompatible KSPAPIExtensions.dll. Please make sure all your mods that contain this file are up to date. Reinstalling them completely might be a good and clean solution to ensure that. Are you using SETI balance mod? If so, there is a post regarding this error a few pages back in the thread.
  13. It doesn't. The hotfix was important, and since the exceptions do not seem to do any harm. I will deal with them later.
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