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  1. When I try to fly near/land on OPM bodies, the textures and terrain meshes are extremely blurry and low-res. On the surface, there are no terrain scatters either. I've attached my KSP log file, but of note I was able to find these error messages in the log. I'm running with Ultra terrain scatters, and OPM + Astronomer's Visual Pack. [WRN 15:17:06.192] Cannot find preset 'High' for pqs 'Karen' [WRN 15:17:06.211] Cannot find preset 'High' for pqs 'Plock' [WRN 15:17:06.229] Cannot find preset 'High' for pqs 'Nissee' [WRN 15:17:06.247] Cannot find preset 'High' for pqs 'Thatmo' [WRN 15:17:06.266] Cannot find preset 'High' for pqs 'Tal' [WRN 15:17:06.284] Cannot find preset 'High' for pqs 'Wal' [WRN 15:17:06.302] Cannot find preset 'High' for pqs 'Priax' [WRN 15:17:06.320] Cannot find preset 'High' for pqs 'Polta' [WRN 15:17:06.341] Cannot find preset 'High' for pqs 'Tekto' [WRN 15:17:06.359] Cannot find preset 'High' for pqs 'Slate' [WRN 15:17:06.395] Cannot find preset 'High' for pqs 'Ovok' [WRN 15:17:06.413] Cannot find preset 'High' for pqs 'Hale' https://www.dropbox.com/s/18kbsollf61a28r/KSP.log?dl=0 KSP.log Dropbox link attached.
  2. What about appending % in front of EC, Diam, and Area? That way it either creates if they don't exist, or overwrites/edits if they do?
  3. Per my edit at the bottom of my post, the issue was as simple as removing the @ in the line that assigns the value of EC and replace it with / (not sure why). That seems to have done the trick!
  4. I'm trying to make a patch for the BeamedPower mod that applies a WirelessReceiver module to every single solar panel, using a crude scale factor assuming that panel area is directly proportional to EC/s produced. .cfg attached, but I'm getting errors and thus far haven't been able to get this patch to work. Any tips for where I'm going wrong? @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDeployableSolarPanel]:HAS[#resourceName[ElectricCharge]],!MODULE[ModuleCommand],!MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX],!MODULE[ModuleEngines]]:NEEDS[BeamedPowerStandalone] { // Make all NFS panels beamed energy receivers, assuming 1 EC/s = 1m2 of receiving area %EC = #[email protected][ModuleDeployableSolarPanel]/chargeRate$ %Area = #$EC$ @Area *= 1 // Convert to diameter (since beamed power uses that as a measure... assume a circular receiver) %Diam = #$Area$ @Diam *= 0.318309886 @Diam != 0.5 @Diam *= 2 MODULE { name = WirelessReceiver recvType = Directional recvDiameter = #$../Diam$ recvEfficiency = 0.98 } } Log errors are: [LOG 17:27:52.929] Applying update zzz_MyCustomPatches/Solar/@PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDeployableSolarPanel]:HAS[#resourceName[ElectricCharge]],!MODULE[ModuleCommand],!MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX],!MODULE[ModuleEngines]]:NEEDS[BeamedPowerStandalone] to Bluedog_DB/Parts/Hexagon/bluedog_Hexagon_SolarPanel.cfg/PART[bluedog_Hexagon_SolarPanel] [ERR 17:27:52.930] Error - Cannot parse variable search when replacing (%) key EC = #[email protected][ModuleDeployableSolarPanel]/chargeRate$ [WRN 17:27:52.930] Cannot find key EC in PART [ERR 17:27:52.930] Error - Cannot parse variable search when replacing (%) key Area = #$EC$ [WRN 17:27:52.930] Cannot find key Area in PART [ERR 17:27:52.930] Error - Cannot parse variable search when replacing (%) key Diam = #$Area$ [WRN 17:27:52.930] Cannot find key Diam in PART [ERR 17:27:52.930] Error - Cannot parse variable search when inserting new key recvDiameter = #$../Diam$ Edit: The line that seems to be causing trouble is the one that pulls the chargeRate from the solar panel module. Not sure why, though. Edit 2: Fixed it! For anyone else's future reference, I changed the chargeRate line to: %EC = #$/MODULE[ModuleDeployableSolarPanel]/chargeRate$
  5. I'm not seeing any Optional folders in any of the release .zip files. Moreso, I searched the entire Git repository and couldn't find the configs. Am I going crazy and looking in the wrong place?
  6. This looks incredible! Absolutely loving using it so far. One question, though: I haven't been able to locate the TUFX profile mentioned in the changelogs - was it removed?
  7. When I install SimpleLogistics and its dependencies, it does not appear in the stock toolbar. It's most likely an installation issue on my end, but I've been scratching my brain trying to figure out what's making the toolbar icon not appear.
  8. @Drakenex I may be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure those fairing textures, I made years ago (I recognize the light gray rectangle above the color change, I added that to imitate Angara). I've lost my hard drive with my old files on it, any chance you could send the textures back to me?
  9. @RealGecko with the newer updates to USLI, the MaterialKits bug has returned due to other mods thinking Extraplanetary Launchpads has been installed, due to the toolbar texture in the EL folder. Might be worth editing the .dll to use a texture file in another folder, then.
  10. @CobaltWolf Following up on your earlier remark for which Saturn parts seem to be lacking the right rim lighting settings. Hopefully this simplifies things and means you don't have to dig through all your old parts to see what has that issue. S-IV 3.75m interstage S-IV 3.75m instrument ring/probe core S-IVB fuel tank (not the S-IVC extension) S-IVB engine mount The 3.75m SLA and SLA-derived payload fairing That's all I've been able to find so far. Hope this makes things a bit easier.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up! I haven't noticed it on all of the parts, so far I've seen it on the S-IVB tank, engine mount, and 3.75m Saturn 1C/Multibody interstage fairing that I use most often, but it's definitely not on everything. Maybe the older model files for the Saturn parts are being used?
  12. In-universe that makes a lot more sense, too. The Saturn Multibody is kerolox, like the Atlas, as opposed to hydrolox like the Shuttle ET. I'll give it a spin!
  13. Hi @CobaltWolf, been a long-time user of this mod (mainly for the ETS parts/Saturn Multibody). I recently updated to the newest version of BDB, and I'm getting a weird texture bug on a lot of the parts. I attached a screenshot that sorta shows what's going on. Some of the parts appear to be partially highlighted in-flight, almost like a specular map bug. When I'm in the hangar, that issue persists, until I mouse over the parts in question, and they go back to normal. Have you seen this before? Edit: I have been able to replicate this bug on a stock install, with just BDB and required mods installed. Also @Drakenex I've seen you mention a Github repository a couple of times on here, is that just the BDB Git, or is there another one with more dank textures?
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