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  1. Pinging as well. Most of "The Martian" stuff are great and it's sad to see them get no love. I loved the Mars Descent Vehicle (the 6 kerbal cockpit) from the same author. I would loved for this mod (and the other) to be given their final polish and in case of the author not wanting to bother, maybe offer them to Roverdude so he can package them with his own mod. That said, just downloaded the unfinished part and will see if it's okay enough for use
  2. You land and settle down. Send yourself a rover next with science instrument, a Scientist, an engineer (if you're a pilot)... Bonus point for mining operation with a claw refueling ship. Then get your crew home ! Good job !
  3. Today I started assembling the Kerbal-Sized RSS "Uranus Station". As you well know from last week, it was all very tight packaged for transport and I had put it into a 7'000km orbit of Uranus. So let's recap today's session First, we needed to get the Starship and the Mining ship out of the way, they're going back to Titania to finish refueling. Now with us being down to 309 parts from 650+ we can really begin assembling ! And finally completed... a few more pictures of the final beauty. First, the back view, where the 5 convert-o-trons and nuke reactor is stashed. Large radiators provide necessary cooling, and the science lab before the main station body. And a view from the front-ish, 2 large origami350 antennae only gives 2 bars of reception for Kerbin transmission, upgrading the Comm-net might be next. So it took me 3 hours or so to fully assemble the station, used less than 200 monoprop doing it, and only needed to reload about 5 times. Compared to the 12+ hours it took me to assemble something like this in 0.24.2 with a few thousand monoprop and furious F9 moments. Funny how you come to the realization that... you know... You don't SUCK anymore. Oh yeah my original was assembled between Mün and Minmus... I don't know for you guys, but I'll take building it around my favorite planet any day ! It has room for 35 Kerbals, tho that might be over-crowding the thing. You could say it has 8 very spacious 1-room habitats, and a large lab with a Kupola for the view. Wan to work on the Uranus Station? Make sure to send your résumés to KASA, next trip will be Uranium resupply and sending a rover down on Titania ! Thanks for Reading and have a nice week-end ! - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  4. Holy thread necro batman ! And I use keyboard and mouse. I stopped using joysticks when they stopped making good flight sims/space sims. I still own one when I fire up Red Baron 3D for a few dogfights, and my gamer hand muscles feel all sore when I do... Man I'm getting old, lol !
  5. I really appreciate these. It's been a while since I've been exited to do a grand tour (roving on each planet/moon for a few hours) My ultimate wish tho would be for some kind of stock OPM, kinda mirroring our outer Solar system. Maybe after they get the entire KSP objects migrated to these new textures... you just do not know. It would make one HECK of a DLC tho (As long as they don't mess the Uranus analogue)
  6. Personally, I found the new "Metallic look" from KSP2 to be less "warm" than the KSP1 style we have now. Generally speaking, of course. And since all we know is that they had lots of polish left to go on top of it, I try not to let it get to me. I did not have any big issues with not seeing the Vehicle Assembly building tho, it is important, but not as important as the simulation part imho. To each their own.
  7. Wait a minute... This mod still exists? It still works? And it works in 1.7 ??? Oh man, that could be so fun. Gonna watch the vid later when I have time. COOL !
  8. Continuing from last week, Today I arrived at Kerbal Scaled RSS Uranus after ~15 years of space travel. The Mining Ship was the first to arrive, and after a simulation that had it burn-up real good in the atmosphere then having the crew cabin crushed at lower atmosphere, plotted a safe slowdown burn at around the 1000km mark. The whole thing saved me nearly 250m/s of dV... neat ! Since the Packaged station + pulling craft will only arrive in 3 more years (yeah they messed up their transfer I guess) the Mining crew decides to set sail to Titania (Uranus' only moon in KSRSS) and fill the tanks with 48k of ore while waiting. Might as well be ready when the whole crew gets here. The landing went pretty well, and we touched down somewhere on the north pole with a view of Uranus. Yeah Titania is too far away, unfortunately. Gonna have to do something about that later with the proper mod. But for now, it's legit. On the plus side, Titania is not tidally locked, and has 0.0386g (Minmus has 0.05g), Which makes this almost Minmus 2.0 for logistical concerns. Sure enough it is prime real estate for mining operations, tho I expect later rovers to have a hard time. Energy is also a problem, I am running a Nuclear Reactor but it's gonna run out of Uranium at some point as I did not mod it so you could harvest it. I guess that is the point of resupply missions. Three years later, it was the Uranus Station Ship's turn at Aerobraking. Like it's smaller cousin, it had no problem performing a similar maneuver. Then a remote camera probe operated by one of the crew's engineer took a picture of the ship in it's 7000km orbit. Some ppl wanted to get the ship closer to Uranus for a better view, but it's more practical in it's current orbit. On hearing Kerbin radio chatter for the first time in more than a decade (yeah someone forgot a proper antenna on the mining ship... good job) the crew got exited and prepared for takeoff. However two things remained undone. First, Samberry Kerman went to plant a flag at the landing site who was their home for 3 years. ( I guess she couldn't resist doing a little jig around. To be fair, getting visitors after three long years does make one happy ! ) And second, the crew wanted to take a picture on top of the Mining ship... especially since the sun had moved and we got far better illumination this time. Then they blasted off, got the rendezvous with the still packaged station, and another final picture was taken while the crew celebrated the event. ( Now standing at 670 parts, this thing is starting to get annoying, lag-wise. It is temporary however, since when unpacked it's going to be at ~250. Someone has to refuel this thing right? ) ( Final photo of this week's progress, those Bakla solar panels? 0.8 electrical charge instead of the usual 200 around Kerbin. The 12 crew member have earned a good week's rest for their effort !) ( Well, except the engineers who must at least keep an eye on the 5 convert'o'trons changing 40k ore into LiquidFuel... But that is mostly automated ) - - - - - - - So all and all, everything is progressing fine. I'm not really satisfied with Uranus' color (should be more on the aquamarine color rather than dull steel-blue), and the ring isn't there. Considering how amazing Sarnus is, it's quite the letdown to not have it. The fact it has only one moon is kinda annoying too, but it wasn't the plan of this mission. Building the station is. It does have Titania orbiting in a near 180 degree orbit tho, and that's really nice. More to follow next week, if RL plays nice. Have a good week all, and thanks for reading !
  9. Even tho it's not in ksp1.8.1 yet, I thank you the Mod maker for updating this. It's perfect for my likes of huge ships with 10's of tanks everywhere. I'm in the end-game of my 1.7.3 campaign and it's perfect ! Thank you !
  10. Someone made a mod for this a while ago. It was called "Xenon InductoCatalyzer" and used some existing parts to make it possible. The part needed lots of power and a thick atmosphere for it to work right. I haven't used it in quite a while and it was developed for version 1.0.5 I don't see why it would not work tho, you might want to google it and try it out. I wonder if I could make an atmospheric craft capable of skimming Gas Giant atmospheres that could also get back into orbit after being filled up. Prolly not given the time intensive nature of ISRU code the part was using. Good luck.
  11. Agreed. One only has to look on Fallout76 or Anthem recently. Both games promised a lot of future content... We all know how that went, unfortunately.
  12. I vote procedural, but a lot of things are better as we have now (Lights, Landing Gears, Wheels, Docking ports etc). But for tanks, wings, fuselage parts (including girders) and engines? most definitely. Having the capability to pick the fuel in said tanks would go a long way too (procedural fuels? Fuel switch?) And since we're on to the fuel subject here, might as well give me that pump mod that automatically handles fuel transfers between crafts depending on priority, but I'm getting off topic.
  13. Today I set off for Uranus in my Kerbal-Sized RSS game. After I assembled my space station in orbit of Kerbin to make sure everything worked, then docked everything to my large mothership that will bring everything to destination.... I deorbited and crashed it on purpose... Why? Simple. I didn't feel like strutting everything together with KAS or other mods, so I just reassembled everything in the VAB with the struts, and "replaced" the older one that I destroyed via the cheat menu. No wobbles, no Kraken, no problems, everything works fine !!! (yay!) The 4 engines are FTmN2240 (or 2240 thrust worth of Nuke engines... PER engine) surrounded by a lot of Jumbo-64 tanks modded into 6.4k Liquid Fuel equivalent. However, even with 8 radiators per engine, the slowly overheat when I push the throttle over 66%. Still, it's a very powerful mothership (w/515 parts but lag isn't TOO bad). Electrical power is provided by a 2,5m nuclear reactor. As far as it's cargo is concerned, it has about 9 station modules (1x core, 4x Habitat which is a huge stock fuel tank with 2x 4kerbal habitation each, an RCS+Xenon module, a Refinery module with 4 large Convert-o-tron and 2 largest stock radiators, and the Science module which has a Science lab, all experiments, a Cupola, and 2 (folded) large origami antennae. I also sent a mining ship as a different mission to Uranus too. Tho it'll land on Titania, the only moon of Uranus in RSS (sucks that there's only one, and it's far from the planet too... might have to cheat it closer, hehheh) It only has room for 2, but can hold and liftoff with 48k ore. It uses 6x FTmN280 engines, has lots of RCS nozzles and has it's own 2,5m nuclear reactor and Convert-o-Tron... I fully loaded it with ore before liftoff and even tho it's dV is only about 2k it can fully refuel 4-5 times, and each time the dV is increased as the ore is reduced. Four radiators, lots of landing gears, a claw (easier for docking and transferring ore to the Station once it's fully assembled), few lights, and a lot of large ASAS since it's pretty heavy fully loaded. Four drills should do well when landed as well. It "Only" took 157 parts, but many of these are struts, landing gears, and lights. Considering how compact I was able to make it, and not too tall too, I ** finally ** managed to make a good mining ship with minimal modding. The Pilot and engineer crew seem to like their new "house" [Edit] ah yes, it also has an orbital ore scanner... but I think this thing needs an antenna to work, so I might have messed this one out. The M27 cockpit does have a small antenna tho, maybe with the station's relay antennae it will work. Time will tell. Pretty productive afternoon. SoonTM I should have pictures of the station construction and Titania mining operation. I also want to send a rover, but I recon the gravity is worse than Minmus so I might need to build an RCS "hover-rover" instead. We'll see when I get there. Good evening everyone !
  14. Hey all, After 3 hours today I must say I want to give up. I finally managed to make RealPlume work with one of my parts and I have the nice effects now (YAY!) but then the sound is gone. I've looked on forums, on other parts and config files, but for the love of whatever, I cannot make the sound work. From what I've gathered, the RealPlume config file must hijack the sound configuration from the parts file. Which means (if I am right) that there's some code to add into the RealPlume config file for the sound to play again. To note that the sound plays well when I do not have RealPlume installed... So the file is there in it's proper folder. Can anyone give me a file example of what I need to add into the .cfg to make sound play? - so far I have : The part file, the visual effect cfg file (with a lot of lines, the one actually creating the visual effects) and the RealPlume "master" config file (the small one) Thanks for any help.