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  1. I had time and managed another session of playtime with KSP 1.11.1. Lots of things and not much things happened at the same time. I did some orbital ballet between 3 ships around Kerban, to reconfigure my Kerbin SoI cruiser "Explorer II" into something that would get it to Duna (to fetch the crew after their takeoff, in a while). So I sent a refueler, who had too much fuel on it, so I made it part of the vessel. I also replaced the upper assembly of said Explorer II (it's made of a crewed/return capsule top section, a middle science/utilities section, and an Engine section. The asse
  2. I've been working on my new career game for a while now, which had very little mods. I mean I have the usual "KAC", and "Science Here and Now", but none of my usual parts mods. What is unique with this playthru is that I used a new mod called "Science Parameter Modifier" which allowed me to set at most, all science to 1x multiplier. So even on Mun, Minmus, or in space (in planetary transfert trip) no science gives more than 1x. So that means that a Gravioli report is always worth the same basic amount everywhere (except on Kerbin where regular vanilla rules apply). Even with that, Kerbi
  3. Thanks @bcink, it's been a long time request of mine now fulfilled. I had your older version of the rover's cockpit without the "Crew Report" which I fixed today as I built my Duna Rover. Should've checked this thread first I guess :p But for me the 6-kerbal pod is pure joy. Just downloaded your mod, will be giving it a fair shake in the coming days. It's been my favorite pod for years, even when it became a bit broken over the successive game version releases. Words cannot express how happy I am that you did this for me. A huge thank you again ! [ Edit ] Oh you removed
  4. hey all. Been struggling for the last 45min to make a propeller plane work. I used the S-12 fan shroud Stuck a EM-32S standard Rotor in. Then put 4 blades (up/down/left/right) on the rotor And Set the RPM on the main throttle. I launch the plane... The blades turn, no speed. If there's a slope, my plane roll down the slope, but not gaining any speed whatsoever. It does consume quite a lot of EC tho, so something IS happening. But plane refuses to move. What am I missing?
  5. Well, I had time to play today, the problem fixed itself. So whatever happened either : 1- Was not permanent. or 2- A memory issue within the game as I had lots of stuff going on my PC at the time AND I had been playing for 8 hours straight. Thanks nonetheless to everyone that answered !
  6. ReStock added some noise to the drills, and just that tiny little thing made me go : "WOW !" When I land a rover on a body I plan to roll on for a lot of hours (now into 10+ hours on the Mun) I just turn the game music off and fire up a long music collection on youtube. Just today I finished an 11h30min long World of Warcraft 'The ultimate journey' track. But yeah KSP could use song for SoI of the different planets at least, preferably moons having their own too (with what we have now being applied to Kerbin). When getting into the atmosphere (or very close to surface, to account fo
  7. I mean, in the VAB when you click "autostrut" it usually shows the lines for a second or two. I seem to have disabled that display somehow and don't know how. I can still click autostrut, but I don't see the temporary lines... Does anyone know how to make it show again? I checked the key-mapping on the Wiki and there's nothing about it. I also google-searched about that, but cannot find the key to pop it back on. Can anyone help by telling me how to make them show again ? Thanks for any help.
  8. Version 0.22 Don't remember when exactly... But I remember going to see one of "The Hobbit" movies with a friend. Let me google that. Probably early November 2012. Or maybe it was "The Desolation of Smog" ? in which case it's early November 2013. Anyways it was 0.22 for a lil while then they switched it to 0.23(.5) for the first gathering of science. Once science was introduced I was hooked. The completionist in me always design contraptions for maximum science
  9. 4.0 -- Taking care of my little guys is fun. You have to think about certain constructions if you're bringing them over, otherwise it would be all probes (hey, like real life for the last 50 years ! Well, barring Low Earth Orbit) I mean making Mars Duna Rover can be done easy, be super light and fast... Or less light but nigh invincible. But if a tire burst, you'd be done for unless you savescum. Now if you bring a little guy, s/he can fix the tires. The only thing I am missing is a very BASIC life support option in the menues. Like Water/Snacks, maybe Oxygen. 1/3rd down the tech t
  10. This looks so much like my "Fairy" line of Ion probe+Relay crafts I usually "seed" my KSP games with. Looks awesome, How much Delta-V does it have? Mine was about 9k give or take, tho maneuvering at Jool with Ions can prove challenging because of power issues
  11. Moho : I roved over there three times, and the terrain is as challenging as the Mün, heck it's even HARDER. For most of the time you'll have small craters and you could easily roll at 40-60m/s on a good rover ( above 40m/s at your own risks ). But every now and then, you WILL meet hills you cannot scale, or almost not. The view is great, but sun glare can be annoying and give the effect of having faux-colors and sometimes had a hard time to correctly judge the terrain before crashing into it. Solar panels works really well tho, and you don't need retractable large panels unless you want
  12. Let me know if you ever publish another Let's play. I loved watching your videos !
  13. Probably give ourself goals with our play experience. My friend is a maths genius and he can build really exceptional rovers and crafts... But he's a lousy pilot and driver. I on the other hand just slap whatever works, mor in line with more boosters to get this non-aerodynamic craft to orbit by force (and I get it there). So he's going to make the landers and land cruisers, and I'll take care of our little "Artemis Station" and the interplanetary(and interstellar too, woot) motherships. With refueling options for my friend who always gets stranded. If I'm behind him to bail him out
  14. Games that I've an interest in have been extremely slim pickings for me since 2011, so I've been playing old retro titles. I am not into shooters for example. That's why it's blowing me away. Also a lot of indi titles dont have that kind of graphics either. Anyways, this is a good thing =)
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