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  1. Interesting. I usually play KSP during my winter vacation (Feb-April). Maybe I'll have a shiny new toy next year afterall. Assuming this is legit and there are no future delays.
  2. If they keep KSP's roughly 1/10 scale, that means closest star will be 0.4ly near Kerbol system. Still a very long way, but definitely more manageable. I guess well have to see at release tho.
  3. Honestly I wouldn't mind a Friday updates about rovers, flying rovers, hopper... you know, stuff you make to move around on a planet. Just saying because that is the core of my KSP gameplay
  4. Umm... I really need to find the time to resume my Science grand tour. Haven't been to Tekto since... 1.1.3 ? I love the Sarnus system. KSP2 better step up it's game
  5. Usually my pronunciation will sound like "Dew-na"
  6. A Uranus analogue for sure... Tilted, ghostly ring, 10x atmo from Kerbin while 5x gravity. Couple moons (say 3, a very close one where the planet takes a quarter or more of the sky), one in which the planet looks 4-5x as big as our current moon, and the last one far away). Put some nice ressources from both it's atmosphere (Methane is a great fuel) and land (Maybe Uranium? fits the name of the original). Something worthwhile to spend time engineering ship to manage that planet.
  7. I wonder how aerophysics would work on a planet with 5x Kerbin's gravity but like 10x the atmosphere density. I might play with numbers and try to see how exploring such an "Ice Giant" would work and how well planes would handle. If it's easy enough to do, that would be a huge plus as I can just create an "Uranus" analogue with tweaked numbers (it IS ksp afterall) myself and plop it in the KSP solar system. Please allow us to have rings and set rotation axis (which I believe the latter is already confirmed, not sure about the former tho). I really want to have something like this, If I can mod it... Nice color and love those "ghostly" rings.
  8. You knw we're all looking at these parts and going : "I like what I see". I'll tell you, I like what I hear as well. If these soundtracks present in some of KSP2 videos are in the game in shape or form, we're in for a real treat... For those of us that never get enough in-game musical scores.
  9. Always wanted to build one in KSP... Never did because ultimately I send little green men over to destinations. Amazing work !
  10. I picked OTHERS. All I feel that is missing, are 2 things. 1- Maintain Sea Level altitude. This should work on planes and on space ships (that can hover by having the proper thrust vectors)... First it would make flying quad-copter vessels far more manageable, then if the plane has enough flight control surfaces It should maintain altitude (and heading too, like set it to 045 degrees it stays on that). 2- Cruise control. Mostly on Rovers, I want to tell my rover to maintain 15m/s and it speeds-up (either with electric wheels, or w/e lateral thrusters it has) if it slows, and slows down using back brakes and engine if necessary to keep the forward motion at 15m/s. those level of automaton would make my live much much easier. As for the rest of the game like refueling/logistics, whatever works would be fine. I don't want to babysit colonies/station all day/week/month, but I don't want the entire game to play itself either. I'd be okay for base/station ressuply to be automated once you did it once.
  11. Took me a lot longer to answer. Went for Duna. As a rover lover, Duna is one of the best planet/moon to operate on. It's relatively forgiving, and relatively mild for terrain height changes. Close contender was Mun, Laythe, Pol and Vall. Minmus is cool too, but it's up to a point where I'm kinda sick of it, you know? If you design a good solar boatplane (with sturdy/stable landing wheels for ground landing), Eve is one hell of a place too. Nothing like flying 100-300 meters above the surface at 50-70m/s and being able to land everywhere... Throw in some RTGs for night refueling when landed, and you're golden. Eve is just too large tho. Even at 70m/s it'll take MANY hours to get all the biomes... But I intend to do it eventually. Eeloo is just annoying to get to, and even more annoying to send supplies to. Dres does not have many interesting features (much like Tylo, Bop, Moho, and Ike), making them boring in that regards. Kerbin is large but has very different terrains if you go for say, a circonference flight/rover expedition. And you have to plan for water. But the named 5 destinations? merp. Honesly, KSP is really missing a Titan analogue, tho you might argue that is Laythe. But imagine a 120km atmo, which is 3x as Thick as Kerban, but the gravity is half-way between Mun and Minmus, and would have ocean of hydrocarbons to float on. AND throw in Gas Giant #2 with large rings (like Sarnus in OPM)... That would perhaps be my new favorite destination. Anyways, nice Thread !
  12. Too bad there's no multiplayer, I could drive back to your base and we could throw a party. Good job !
  13. Well I never was one to build colonies in KSP1, I'm more of a Rover guy. However with KSP2 Multi-player, I wouldn't mind docking with other players facilities on my way to Proxyma Centauri... for a small fee, of course ! Mission reports in KSP2 are going to be so sweet !
  14. Hey all, long time w/o updates, but RL is busy these days... So where were we ? Ah yes, Team 1 had just finished landing on Ike (and almost crashing). While that was happening, Team 2 started maneuvers to get into a 25x245km polar orbit of Minmus. The Cadets don't want to lose more points on their mission score, and are going by the book this time. The first of two maneuvers... this one to bring the low orbit to 25.5k The Second to bring the high orbit around 245km, and orbit achieved. Textbook stuff. Now they're getting a good night's rest before landing on the morrow. While that was happening, team one continued their mission on Ike. Agawise popped her Music CD in the reader something about a game soundtrack called "Surviving Duna" Part one is amazing, but unfortunately Jeb had overwrote the second part with "Railroad Western Music" which the rest of the team was not keen on. Jeb truly enjoyed himself tho. Turns out most of Ike looks the same... And I mean really. So all pictures also look the same, but pretty sure this was the lowlands, or was it the Midlands? Either way those where the first 2 biomes explored. Then Bob spotted Orion, even it's belt was visible. The poor guy is upside down in this take tho. Middle top. Usually mean that 'Winter is Coming'... Wait is there such a thing as winter on Ike? Duna rises while we kept hunting these biomes. Ike is a bit annoying to drive on tho... Lots of bumps makes going over 20m/s a bit risky. Thankfully someone remembered that this rover has VTOL capabilities... And up we went. Landed on some nice terrain (for a change) to refuel at the South Pole, 113km from where we lifted up. Definitely flying is the best option over here. Ike's Western Mountain Ridge... Only one more Biome left. But we're getting tired of this moon so... . . . Another HUGE sub-orbital hop of 254km heading N-W . . . And we finally reached he last one: The (North) Polar Lowlands. A sliver of Kerbol and Duna visible only. The team transmit some more science, switch to mining mode and takes a nap for tomorrow's return to Duna. So yeah, nothing much exiting for Ike. Had some pretty spectacular bounces and flips, nothing got damaged, and honestly just fly around Ike. Roving on it is 'okay' but really nothing special. PS: Updates might be very slow as Winter vacation is over and usually work is pretty hectic for me until ~late august... But I'll see what I can do ! Thanks for reading, and have a nice day. Cheers !
  15. That's one hell of a launch site. I just have 2 issues with it. #1- It makes getting the KSC's biomes a bit... precarious. #2- You better pray your planes/VTOL crafts NEVER have engine failures.... Looks like a long way down :p I Love this... this is awesome, lol. How does it move forwards or backwards? I don't see any propellers or engines (Assuming you have electric wheels, but they dont appear to be mini-paddlewheels.
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