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  1. If it does not lag/slow down when more than 250-300 parts, even if the graphics are bad (does not seem they will be) then they can have all my money. No Krakens + No frame drops until 1000 or more parts? Heaven. As long as it is optional that is fine. I want to start a colony on a Uranus-analog, and support it and stuff in one game, but I don't want the colonization to dictate every game all the time. I just want some classic KSP goofing around at times... Such as rescuing a Kerbal who's been on the Mün for over 5 years and him/her being perfectly healthy, lol.
  2. Hyped, of course. Anyone has a train going to this destination? Hopefully it's a thing. If not, then if you make it, I will come.
  3. If reflected on the surface as we are say, roving on it, this would be awesome. It certainly would make the world unique.
  4. I always loved Uranus more than Saturn, but she is an absolute beauty, I'll give you that much. Having new engineering challenges at Sarnus to overcome would be nice as well. There's the obvious lack of sunlight, way worse than Jool. But the last thing I want is cut'n'paste of existing Jool's moons like Tylo. On the other hand things don't need to be annoying. Just different... the change of scenery alone would be worth it.
  5. Personally, I just want to "Host" a new Multiplayer game and play it myself. I give the password to my 2 RL friends that played KSP (one got to the Mun ans Eve, the other actually only had fun building stations in LKO) so they can join while I am on (or not, since I leave the PC running 24/7) and also build their things. Maybe we can contribute to each-other's stations and things. Of course that would mean I'd have to act as the "Blunderbird" expert for them as I a by far the best player of the trio, haha. On another note, it would be nice if there would be an MP mode where we each start on a different moon of Jool, or the new Saturn analogue (or anything with enough moons, in our case that's three) and we can do the space-race thing or just the achievement thing. It would be cool as well if we could flag as "allies", "neutral" or "cold-war" as you could with these old multi-players of the late nineties/early 2000's. Ally mean you could share ressources, and build togetter, neutral is we don't care about each other, cold war is a competition of whom claims each body (manned landing only) first. It's exiting just talking about it, haha.
  6. I hope they keep the very nice KSP1 gaming options that took years to develop. Personally I love career but with all facilities unlocked and 10'000'000 kerbucks, I get to do contracts and Science to unlock the part tree, but I don't have to "grind" money for a long while. Sandbox/Science/Career, with options for Communications/Life Support and other things would be great.
  7. Same. They already show some rings in the preview. So Sarnus(Saturn) is almost done since we'll fry trying to land on her. Of course she's nothing without the well placed "shepherd moons" and TITAN analogue (I loved Tekto). Uranus is just flipping the ring/rotation and more moons, Neptune is easy, Pluto is surprisingly harder because of the Barycenter with Charon, and of course 4 more moons. They now have New Horizon's data to "clone" Pluto (or Plock)'s surface anyways =) But this is something I've been wanting stock for years now...
  8. I want a Uranus look-Alike with a close orbiting moon the passes under and over the ring as it orbits. Of course it would be tidaly locked which suits me just fine. Next I want optimization, optimization, optimization, optimization, optimization, optimization, optimization, optimization, optimization, optimization, so I can have big ships near big other ships/bases without lagging. Finally don't forget electric propellers for those atmospheric world exploration So hyped.
  9. I want a Uranus look-Alike with a close orbiting moon the passes under and over the ring as it orbits. Of course it would be tidaly locked which suits me just fine. Next I want optimization, optimization, optimization, optimization, optimization, optimization, optimization, optimization, optimization, optimization, so I can have big ships near big other ships/bases without lagging. Finally don't forget electric propellers for those atmospheric world exploration and THANK YOU for trying KSP2. Also thanks from hiding it from me. Only one year to wait will pass very quickly.
  10. I know I'm late to the party, but I just got the latest DLC and installing 1.7.2 right now. Thanks Squad for continuing development of this fine game. Now going to try to make an all stock propeller solar Rover. What's wrong with the Mun's gravity? Been out of the loop for too long (again)
  11. umm... it was in 0.23.5 when I made my 3 ion "Solar Cruiser" or w/e I called it. At the time I had never gone to Jool, let alone want to do a Jool-5 probe mission (in space near/far, maybe get a few gravioly during a fly-by). At the time the lab didn't reset experiments, and it was unmanned flight to boot so not an option. Each experiment could only be used once. So I did fly-bys of all moons, including Jool (during the aerobreak pass, which you could do back then) of both high and low. And then returned to Kerbin, ejected the science portion of the ship for reentry and it gently touched down in water. I think I pulled over 8k science from that, unlocking everything that was left in the tech tree and that was it for that version of the game. I tried putting together a gran tour last year but kraken bugs and low frame rate killed my drive... The solar cruiser was awesome tho. I even sent it to @5thHorseman during his viewer's ship challenge where he used our ships, and seeing how slow the ship was in orbit of Kerbin he just... chuckled and said he couldn't do it (far too slow). I really should get back into KSP eventually. That new DLC looks awesome and that 2 man rover cockpit last patch look very tempting. I guess roving on some moon somewhere could be done without too much issues. Food for thought =) [ The Solar Cruiser, circa 0.23.5 ]
  12. Been out of the loop for a long time (after my Mothership kept blowing up on my science grand tour ) This update looks amazing ! Great work guys.
  13. I would say to report it. Any improvement will gladly be taken in this game
  14. In one session? good question. Pretty sure it was my original rover on the Mün in 0.23.5. I had landed it the previous evening, and spent like 16 hours straight hitting different biomes. It was a science truck (M27 cockpit from B9 Aerospace) a science lab, a few solar panels and powered wheels (on a suspension of small struts, which gave it much needed flexibility). Followed closely with my Solar Cruiser (unmanned) Jool-5 fly-bys of all the moons. It had 6x2 goo+science JR + many science instruments, 3 ion engines (yes only that) a TON of solar panels, a few RTGs, and the engine/power module would be ejected upon returning to Kerbin. I think this one was 12 hours, give or take. Most of it long burns from ion engines tho. I do remember I had 127 dV left in the tank when I encountered Kerbin, with all my monoprop having been burnt as well.
  15. Today the "Explorer III" started it's journey on my new Science grand tour (only did Kerbin/Minmus/Mün to clear the science tree, everything else is untouched). Our first destination is Moho. After an uneventful flight (who am I kidding, the Mothership keeps exploding and doing unplanned disassembly... But I think I got her figured out now) the ship decelerate to get into a 100x250km orbit. Oh yeah that's true, I had brought the Mothership in orbit of Kerbin, so had to pitstop at Minmus to refuel... hence the Miner ship being attached at the back. The whole thing is more stable this way too, so I left it there. Then I took the Lander down with 3 of my 6 crew for the Moho science expedition. I was greeted by the sun and it's searing heat. Once the Lander was put in sleep mode, the crew's gaze turned on the MER (Moho Expedition Rover). It took the better part of my afternoon, and since I could not get the "Karibou rover cockpit" to work with 1.4.5, I went for the Apollo capsule instead. It shields the crew from the intense sunlight anyways and Kerbals seemed to enjoy it. The «Moho Expedition Rover» specifications : - 1x M.E.M (housing Jebediah and Bill) + 1x Mk1 Inline cockpit retrofitted for vacuum duties (housing Joukie, one of my 2 scientists) - 2x ore tanks (300 storage) - 4x FTmN18 (2 front/2back) to provide horizontal motion, and 4x RV-1 "Cubs" for just about 120sec of continuous VTOL capability at full power. - The usual science package, A few solar panels and 1x6 panels, SASes, Radiators, a small ore converter and 2 small drills. - Also 3x batteries, 2x Large Fuel Cell arrays, and a Probodobodyne Okto2 aimed forwards to facilitate navigation... all on the undercarriage. - Went for the small landing gears as after testing they offered the best stability. The rover can do 50m/s on land, but the safe speed is more between 20-35m/s depending on terrain. - Lots of Lights(tm) ! So after the crew finished reading the rover's manual, Joukie went out to collect the science from the "Western Lowlands" (the crater we landed into) and planted a flag before departure. Good thing the rover was fully fuelled up as there was no ore in that spot either The crew decided to head North-west, crossing a couple biomes on the way to the north pole, and with many patches of precious ore on the way. They got to test the VTOL when confronted to a steep, uninteresting crater along the way. Jebediah firing the 4x Cubs engines Then crossing the obstacle pushing 110m/s of forward motion with maintaining +5m/s or so of upward motion. Glad it's working as intended. Once the other side was reached, the rover settled down (a bit heavily, but Jeb is still getting comfortable with the throttle controls. There was another biome on the other side as well, so our scientist worked some more, then we hit the brakes activated the ore drill and converter (0.037% ore too, better than before) And everyone went to sleep for a few hours while the tanks refilled. The sun is *still* just coming up but with the planet's slow rotation the crew can't afford to wait night. Final shot of the day, somewhere NW of my starting point, in the Highlands : It's a very long road to get all the biomes on Moho, so I guess I'm going to have fun driving and hopping for the next few days... I love roving around so I'm happy ! Enjoy ! @NHunter What is that cockpit you are using on that Mothership of yours? I think I want it. And looks like we crossed each other by Moho as well !