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  1. Personally it's performance above all else. As long as the advertised improvement are a thing, then I'm all set (Keeping in mind vanilla parts selection). My absolute biggest craft was 900 parts. My second biggest was 775. Usually even my motherships end-up being around 550-600 fully loaded/equipped with landers and stuff. So if 1000 is "in the green" in KSP1 terms, then I'm al set to enjoy all other features of the game. I'm curious at how easy/how much we get to remake some star systems tho. I wouldn't mind recreating the fantasy "Gliese 581", that's the one that had like 6 planet
  2. Now I can remake my Solar Cruiser and even if the maneuvers are between 15-90min long, who cares... this is so cool. Perfect for low thrust/high isp interstellar engines to. Tho time warping 1000 years to get to the Proxima Centauri equivalent might just bee too long
  3. I'd say create a sandbox game, and set yourself a goal... say, go to Jool. It's simple, you don't bite something bigger than your attention span can chew. Once you're there, just get into orbit, play with distances from Jool and enjoy the view... put game away when tired. In a career save, it takes a lot of time, to much at times really. Unless you're really good with minmus hoppers to get mad science really quick, or are very good planning/saving DeltaV. A couple of orange tanks in orbit (say six of them on an ejectable 6-point structural item), a 3 man pod and 4 nukes at the end. Lo
  4. Same for me. My last attempt was made insanely harder by having Kraken attacks each time I wanted to Dock/Undock to my mothership. For Eve, I was thinking sending a ship specifically for the return trip, like the return crafts from "The Martian" but an eve edition of them with proper hardware. But like I said, after Moho I couldn't make my mothership anymore and after spending weeks on it I kinda ragequit lol. Maybe I shall remake an attempt during my 2021 winter vacations... we'll see. of course amy definition of a grand tour includes the OPM mod if it works on the version KSP is in
  5. I've noticed ice caps in a "doughnut" shape around the water, which imho would be consistent of being locked. Tho typically these planets are depicted with a desert on the pole pointing sunwards switching to a wet band near the separator, and all the ice on the last third-to-half of the globe. This one would be further away from it's star, and have the wet area at the pole pointing at the sun, immediately followed by ice. Whatever it is, it's exciting !
  6. Just watched Shadowzone's vid. nice video guys. I hope that eyeball planet is tidally locked around a pair of self orbiting smaller M-Class dwarfs. That would make for an awesome experience (provided the planet isn't as annoying as Eve as fa as gravity is concerned) The Tidaly Locked component will make it a nice challenge to explore the dark side... Needing more lights(tm) and some sort of very large RTG (or generator if those exists in KSP2). Just my type of thing to do. Also that "Yawning Female Kerbal" looks absolutely gorgeous. I am so making one of my "fabulous 7" crew look ex
  7. To be fair, it would take a few hours... then coast for a few months (hope your PC dosent crash or power go out) then a few hours again and coast until Kerbin for a few months. I did let it go to the Mun in real time. Went to theather to watch "The Hobbit" with a friend. When I came back I was still 45min away. Unfortunately the game crashed on entering the Mun sphere of influence. Still it's fun to let it "sail" slowly. once in a while.
  8. Very exited. I just hope you can mine these comets. They make awesome bases with their elongated orbits (well assuming the plane is relatively mild). Plus Jool/Laythe new graphics will be nice. Now I don't feel so guilty in not playing 1.8 as much as I wanted. Hopefully I get some free time to mess around, even in classic since most mods will be broken.
  9. It was a while ago, but I remember gettingrid of almost all the tiny parts. Like the toroidal tank, the gold doughnut one, most of the engines I never ever use, half the beams, some plates (tho these days I've started using them to "Armor" my rover; makes them more heavy but they can sure take a beating). Then if you do not ever do space planes/planes, or use stock rotors, you get rid of like 20 parts, just like that. When you get into modding, there's even more parts you can remove as you replace them by those of your mod. Of course any early-game rovers/craft that use said parts wont b
  10. Here's to hoping for a new Gas Giant looking like Saturn in a future DLC. But anything is good really. I've not played 1,8 yet and 1.9 is already there. Too much to do, so little time.
  11. I usually build something to go say, to the Mun, then bring it back home. If I want to go again, I launch the whole thing again. I only use reusable engine modules once I reach the Nerva, but I design a new lander each time. Nerva engine module is usually 12k dV without any cargo attached to it. Very slow burns but I can get anywhere then. I also focus heavily on minmus/mun for science until I know my designs will stabilize and I can then build a fully re-usable craft that wont need any changes.
  12. Really good rover propulsion. Gonna be sad when it's gone. I need to try it on a Laythe boat too. See how fast I can push it.
  13. You've been busy @bcink ! Loving what I see so far, thank you for your hard work on this !
  14. I can't leave undone science. Meaning I * HAVE * to complete each biomes I land onto. That kinda means relatively interesting designs for my science missions. Especially earlier ok without all the nifty parts. Other than that... NO WOBBLING. If a craft Wobbles, I get wery wery angwy !
  15. I've ran into this in 0.25, then 0.90, then finally understood how to fix it around 1.0ish. It's something to do on putting 2 solar panels on the same strut/physical object that brings the Kraken. If you can still try it and haven't burned your savegame at the stake as retaliation, then give this a shot: - Put an extra 2-symmetric object first on your main shaft... - Attach your solar panels to that object instead of the main shaft. so main girder shaft <--- say an 'octo strut' or 'small beam' <---- Solar Panels. Everytime I get the flapping issue, this has worked 90
  16. Honestly, I would say the "What did you do today" should win the thread of the decade. It's been running for what, 7 years? and has inspired a LOT of kerbanauts over the years, yours truly included... (Yes I was a total newb that failed at stating way back then... was driving me nuts as well). Even today I still look at certain things posted on there and I go... Wait a minute... This can be done? I have to try it! It's a thread which has touched every one, and is the most deserving imho (Let KSP2 be it's own thing... which it will need to be born first !)
  17. ( KSP 1.7.3 -- Kerbal-Sized RSS ) Today is the final update on this version of KSP... It also ends in a very Kerbal way. All that remained was to explore the 2 moons of Saturn that are in this mod. The first one was none other than Enceladus ! I tried to capture the plumes that it put out on camera but to no avail. Same deal on the surface, but the view is no less beautiful. Then we found out we had a transfer window to our last destination RIGHT NOW... Okay, let's go then ! Arrival at Titan after 7 or so days of maneuvers and waiting. Much like Eve
  18. ( KSP 1.7.3 -- Kerbal-Sized RSS ) Today I fired up 1.7.3 for the final stretch. On the menu today was getting into orbit of a place I've never visited before : Umm, what is this? It kinda looks familiar... Oh my... now there's a beauty ! It's the first time I get this close to Saturn in KS-RSS... looking promising ! Screenshots can only do so much justice; Saturn is absolutely breathtaking. The crew are getting their fill on it as well, but preparing for the deceleration burn. All sails furled, the 'Poseidon' gently slows down in high Saturn atmosphe
  19. I'm still waiting for the completion of KSP1's solar system (ie: the continuation of the Kerbalization of our solar system) as DLC. This is my #1 request as the rest of the game is pretty sturdy. It would be a good content addition to purchase, especially since you don't have to install it if you want a vanilla experience. I hope KSP2 will feature such content too. And a RSS (and KS-RSS) options on a DLC expansion pack would be very interesting as well.
  20. ( KSP 1.7.3 -- Kerbal-Sized RSS ) While waiting for the 'Poseidon' mothership to reach it's Saturn insertion maneuver I received an alarm from the trusty KAC. I had forgotten it, but I had sent a Uranium cargoship to resupply the Uranus Station. It had just reached it's deceleration burn point... And a very long one indeed. Uranus atmospheric deceleration... It got very VERY hot. But since this thing has *abysmal* Thrust-to-Weight, I take all the help I could get. The second burn at around the height of the station. Notice that the moon Titania is now lower altitude t
  21. Honestly, I would say to temporarily remove Scatterer (sacrilege, I know) and go ditch in the water with a lot of lights on your craft. I could be wrong, but I do not think this is a stock issue.
  22. ( KSP 1.8.1 -- ReStock, RealPlume, EVE + Astronomer Visual Pack ) Last time I had finished designing my Laythe Seaplane. Today I focused on my Moho Rover/Hopper (called the Moho Crawler). So after spending a lot of time designing it, it was time for the Moho Trials. For the landing process, simulated from a 30k orbit around Moho, I opted for a regular Jumbo-64 and a 'Skipper'. Does the job just fine ! The dual drills can refill a 1.5k ore tank (tucked-in at the back) which the 2,5m Convert-o-tron (glowing orange) then turns into fuel, even on the go ! Got nasty
  23. Nope I am still in KSP 1.7.3, which means the old textures. Tho I am running EVE, SVE (the Kerbal-Sized Real Solar System equivalent) so it certainly helps. One thing to note is that I do own a 3440x1440 monitor, so those pictures are very crisp as a result. Still holding out on a pure 1.8.1 runthru at this point as I really want OPM and Kopernicus isn't ported to that version yet. And some old mods are getting some attention and they have lots of nice pieces I want to play with. I might re-run another KS-RSS when/if all the new textures Squad are doing will be complete and that th
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