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  1. Thanks OhioBob, worked great!! -S
  2. Thanks, trying it now!.. Is the 0,0,0,0 RGBA?
  3. Does anyone know how/if you can replace the default sun texture in 1.3.x? A few releases ago I was able to edit an asset file to get this... I've tried editing the sharedassets10.asset file (which I "think" is the right one) but I'm not having any luck. I'm thinking I just need the right editor, maybe the one's I've tried (UAE, UAV) aren't compatible with the newest version of Unity? I've also tried various sunflare mods (which are all awesome!) but the flares are still superimposed on top of the default sun texture. Or maybe there's a way to create a ghost in Scatterer that blocks the default sun, but I haven't figured it out yet. Seems the default sun texture always has priority. Anyway, thoughts and suggestions very much appreciated, thanks!!! -S
  4. Greetings everyone, Apologies in advance if I missed it, I've looked through this forum but have not found this issue discussed... Ever since KSP 1.x I'm having a weird problem with SVE cloud shadows not appearing on ocean surfaces. However, if you zoom WAY out, they appear. To troubleshoot, I'm running stock KSP 1.2.2 with only SVE 1.1.4 installed, no other mods. I'm using the SVE High Res files, but I have the same issue with low and medium as well. I've tried every setting I can find in EVE and Scatterer, no luck. I DID discover that if I remove Scatterer the issue goes away and the cloud shadows work normally. Doesn't mean its a problem with Scatterer though, and I really want to keep Scatterer. Lastly, as you zoom, the point in the zoom where the shadows change coincides with the change of the mesh when viewing in wire frame mode (Scatterer.) I don't know what that means, hopefully someone here has a clue? So has anyone else experienced this issue? Thanks so much in advance for any help or ideas!!!
  5. Been playing 64 bit 24.2 with a few mods for a while now with no real issues, albeit the occasional crash. The other day it crashed, I relaunched, and now all the planets appear similar to Kerbin below... I have dozens of saves, and I get the same anomaly on all saves, even ones from months ago. I did a clean install of 24.2 WITH a clean install of the same mods, got the same anomaly. However, a clean install with NO mods works fine. So it seems to be tied to either a corrupt save file (but all 50+ of them can't be corrupted), or a corrupt mod. But why would this anomaly all of a sudden appear, then will not go away with a fresh install of everything and using non-corrupt saves from months ago? (And fyi, removing EVE has no effect.) I've made no recent changes to my system, video card, driver, etc. Anyone have any ideas? I'm stumped at the moment... Thanks!!!
  6. Actually, I ran into the same thing and couldn't figure it out, that's why I went to uninstall MCE and discovered it broke mechjeb. (See post above.) Kudos out btw to the MCE devs, I know its hard to keep up with all the compatibilities .
  7. My apologies if this has been covered, I browsed the thread and didn't see anything... On KSP 23.5 I installed MCE, then changed the Mechjeb2 cfg file to .001 mass. That worked for MCE but it broke mechjeb, i.e. all the mechjeb windows are gone. I removed MCE (and the 000_toolbar) and reinstalled mechjeb, but it's still broken. Any ideas for me to get mechjeb back without doing a clean install of KSP 23.5? I use like 25 mods.... Ugghh......
  8. Experimental design... IPX Mark-V base ship destined for the Jool system. 2 light landers, 2 heavy landers, 8 probes w/4 rovers. 1916 tons, 128280 LF, 1003 parts. Fuel cores jettisoned as they are expended. ...Thank God for exploding bolts to keep the part count down during assembly, lol!