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  1. How dark is it where you live? If you are in a city, and will be viewing from there, go with something that has more aperture, like an 8" Newtonian or Dob, or an SCT, if you can. If it needs to be portable, an SCT or reflector would be the way to go. I would suggest finding the nearest astronomy club and go to a meeting. The best deals would be there. If none are near, check Craigslist or similar for a used scope. Many deals can be found and new scopes are expensive. By all means, DO NOT by any scope from a department store!! They are all junk!
  2. And, he earned his Darwin Award.. https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/22/us/science-channel-mike-hughes-dead/index.html
  3. Please excuse my ignorance, but these are just mockups of the Starship, right? I mean, the finished product isn't going to look like some old farm silo, right?
  4. Yes!!! I am going to the Rolex 24 this weekend, leaving tomorrow. Hopefully it will be launched before Sunday night!
  5. Sony is dead to me. I'll never give them another penny.
  6. Magnum PI was my favorite show of all time. I made sure to visit several several of the sites from the show when I visited Hawaii.
  7. I live about 10 minutes from Churchill Downs, but never have been to the KY Derby.
  8. I forgot to mention Cool Hand Luke as a favorite of mine. Paul Newman was one of the coolest people to ever live.
  9. The African Queen is my favorite. Just can't beat Bogart and Hepburn.
  10. No, only mammals produce milk.
  11. I've been playing it for a few months, and I am terrible! But it is very fun with friends. I ran over a guy last night in a Dacia, too much fun!!
  12. Thanks! I absolutely loved your Apollo 16 site! Wasted most of a work week nerding out!
  13. I saw that, too. Glad you posted this. It can't be a satellite or meteorite. My guess would be part of the launch that was falling faster than the booster as it was flipping around, then the booster caught up and passed the chunk of whatever it was.