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  1. Tesla (Renamed)(Tesla semi/Roadster)

    Have you ridden in a Tesla? There isn't a Ford made that comes close to the comfort, performance, and attention to detail in the Tesla. They are unbelievable inside and even more under acceleration. Just mind-blowing. As for being green, I am a huge petrolhead and always will be, but if I had the money, I would absolutely own a Tesla.
  2. And deprive those men on the moon of the greatest view in the history of mankind?
  3. How did you end up getting them separated? Sorry I missed that part.
  4. ISS from Earth

    Here is a animation made with a C14 telescope. Just unbelievable. Saw this on Cloudy Nights.
  5. What are your plans for the solar eclipse?

    I am going to drive southwest from Louisville a couple of hours. Just hoping for clear skies.
  6. The Racing Thread

    The only race my mom ever attended was the 1965 Indy 500. So Jim Clark won all the races she ever attended!
  7. If you could meet any five people, who would you meet?

    Hunter Thompson was the only one I have heard of, and mostly because he is from my hometown.
  8. The Racing Thread

    F1 has been a bit better this season than the last several. That is a good start. I'll be going to Indy for the GP this weekend, then on to the 500 at the end of the month. Always a great time in Indy!
  9. The Stargazing Thread

    About 13 billion light-years.
  10. FPS..!!!

    I've been playing Squad for a year or 2. The sounds are amazing! I've had goosebumps several times after hearing an RPG whiz by my head or a bullet right by my ear.
  11. Bill Nye is dead, apparently.

    I bet I don't know anyone that would understand that first shirt. Never heard of that monster or author. I have heard of Nye and Degrasse-Tyson, of course, but I have never seen that fake running mates logo.
  12. If you could meet any five people, who would you meet?

    Buzz Aldrin (or another moon astronaut) Carl Sagan Jim Clark Ayrton Senna My mom's grandparents
  13. My 8 year old daughter could definitely help.
  14. Blue Origin Thread (merged)

    Hey Tater, you actually took a class taught by Jack Schmitt?!?! Could you please start a thread with some info about meeting him and maybe some cool stories you heard from the source? It would be awesome! I am really trying to meet at least one of those 12 heroes.
  15. To those who work IT

    Jeez, what a great story!!! Mostly what I get is: My computer is running slow, can you fix it? I say: give it a reboot and let me know if I need to come over. Them: I can't reboot, I have 40 word docs and 25 emails open! Me: There's your problem.