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  1. Magnum PI was my favorite show of all time. I made sure to visit several several of the sites from the show when I visited Hawaii.
  2. I live about 10 minutes from Churchill Downs, but never have been to the KY Derby.
  3. I forgot to mention Cool Hand Luke as a favorite of mine. Paul Newman was one of the coolest people to ever live.
  4. The African Queen is my favorite. Just can't beat Bogart and Hepburn.
  5. No, only mammals produce milk.
  6. I've been playing it for a few months, and I am terrible! But it is very fun with friends. I ran over a guy last night in a Dacia, too much fun!!
  7. Thanks! I absolutely loved your Apollo 16 site! Wasted most of a work week nerding out!
  8. I saw that, too. Glad you posted this. It can't be a satellite or meteorite. My guess would be part of the launch that was falling faster than the booster as it was flipping around, then the booster caught up and passed the chunk of whatever it was.
  9. I made 2 tandem jumps when I was young. Absolutely awesome! I found out not long ago that the trainer I jumped with died in a tandem jump. He actually flipped himself under the tandem partner and absorbed the impact, saved that guy's life. His name was Mike Costello, a real hero.
  10. Dartguy

    Video Editing

    Please post the videos when you have some finished. I also race online, been in a league for over 10 years. I used Windows Movie Maker, but I believe that is no linger available.
  11. I found a used Celestron C8 locally on Craigslist for $300, also found a Neximage 5 camera for $50. That combination can lead to some pretty incredible photos with some work on your part. I am still learning and don't have much time to get out at night, but I enjoy it. You can, too! With just a cell phone camera, you can take pretty good photos with enough trial and error. I have some earlier in this thread from this scope and a Samsung Galaxy 6
  12. I was surprised to read that some of the expert mirror-makers recommend using your bare fingers to clean mirrors, once wet with soap and water. Just rub any debris away. I assume fingernails are not to be used, though.
  13. I am sure flight sims will be the same as racing sims (which is all I do), if not even more immersive. I tried TrackIR a few years ago and after about 5 minutes, I had a bad headache. With Oculus, no ill effects and the realism is incredible. Only drawbacks are not being able to see the keyboard and the resolution is not where it needs to be, yet. But that is easily forgotten once the adrenaline kicks in.
  14. I've never tried the Vive, or anything else besides the Oculus. I can tell you that the Oculus is incredible for racing, which is just about all I do on the gaming PC. I went from triple screens to Oculus and the difference in immersion is like night and day. Going from one screen to 3 was a huge difference, the difference to the Oculus in infinitely more. I have a R390 GPU and is runs it just fine. The only thing I would worry about is the cost of upgrading your GPU, if needed, is very high now because of all the bitcoin mining.