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  1. No, the one on Spacedock. I'm beginning to think there may be a problem with the 'beta' that Steam is delivering so that I can continue to use 1.22. Earlier today I did a complete fresh install of KSP 1.22 and the first mod I installed was SVT. Kopernicus first, SVT next and then module manager. Loaded the game, same stock textures for terrain. Module manager did load it, but it didn't translate to the game.
  2. Yes, I know, and it was like that before, on the terminator like it should. But after I started messing with it it seems to cover the entire surface that is facing Kerbol.
  3. That did it. I don't think I will rely on CKAN for visual mods, probably better if I do that myself. I haven't figured out that orange hue yet, but I think a fresh GameData install will fix it. Really appreciate your help, have a great weekend!
  4. Removing the stuff from the scatterer folder really mucked things up, lol. So I removed all visual mods and manually and re-installed them by hand using your instructions. Got the sunflare/spikes right...though it's huge...not sure if it's intended or not. However, Kerbin from Orbit on the sun side is a very light shade of orange. I think I need to start from scratch and wipe my gamedata folder. I'll report back later.
  5. That's what I get for becoming lazy and letting CKAN do the work for me. Should I get rid of the planet flares from scatterer as well?
  6. Having a little problem here, hope someone can help. The sunflare in my scatterer folder does not render the same in game, it looks like a blob. For reference I'm using Galileo's sunflares from the folder labled "1." I've attached screenshots as well as my output log. Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b8vs1con77ilrwa/output_log.txt?dl=0 Sunflare in folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/maa3mj1xas9nm1r/sunFlare.png?dl=0 Sunflare in game: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d832yksp5pzu2u0/ingame.jpg?dl=0 Using KSP 1.22 with the compatible version of the sunflare. If more information is neede
  7. Please remove this post, I put it in the wrong thread.
  8. Please read the OP, Sarbian will not be able to help you (nor will he be willing to) if you don't provide a log. If you need help finding the log, check the Forum thread that discusses how to ask for mod support. The link:
  9. This is getting a little off-topic since we're talking about KSP in general, feel free to PM me with further questions after this. There may be a global option somewhere. For me this is how I did it and how I've done it every time there is an update to KSP (I usually wait 3-4 months before letting it update). In the Steam library right-click on KSP > Properties > Beta tab then there is a drop-down menu for me and I'm able to select one of several older versions of KSP.
  10. If you're using Steam, you can revert to 1.22. Not sure how this would be done if the game was purchased via other methods.
  11. That worked, I even left the engines as they were and gave them just 1 'tick' at a downward angle. The rotation gizmo is rather finicky with wheels, even while holding the shift key to make fine adjustments they would sometimes spin all around. Either way, once I got her on the runway it took off rather smoothly. Thanks for the help!
  12. Thank you, I appreciate the time you took in writing that explanation. I will try all of those things and report back. That rotation gizmo thing was really throwing me off, I couldn't figure out if it was trying to tell me if my wheels were aligned or not and thank you for clarifying the difference between local and absolute. One question though, I thought having the center of thrust was 'ok' as long as you adjusted the angle of the engines (which I clearly neglected). Is this accurate?
  13. I started a new career and really want to get better at building airplanes. They can be pretty helpful grabbing all those contracts in the vicinity (kind of) of KSC. I read all the tutorials here and been working on this one plane over the course of a couple days. Here's what happens: I deploy it to the runway and it bounces...on it's own. I start the engines and it starts to veer off of the runway. I've aligned the wheels as best as I can see, auto strutted them and turned off yaw on any control surfaces. I've attached a link to my craft file. Just need some advice, thanks eve
  14. [quote name='Speadge'].... as it is to have patience and to hurry no one! Especially not the Modder[/QUOTE] This, seconded. All it will take is the wrong comment at the wrong time and a modder can yank support. This work is done on their free time and without compensation. Patience is the key.
  15. Though you used the instructions found in this thread you have to bear in mind the mod itself hasn't been updated for 1.04. So glitches like that are to be expected. If I recall correctly, it may have done that in .90 as well. I never found it to be too distracting.
  16. Did you consider perhaps politely requesting for support right here in the thread with an added output log rather than that little temper tantrum? The output log can be easily added by getting a free dropbox account and providing a link here and a detailed description of the problem. There's also probably crash log that you'll see in the root folder of KSP that you could add as well to help with the analysis.
  17. Welcome to the forums. I feel like John Williams' Superman March should play whenever you make a post. LOL
  18. You get yourself better first; I hope I speak for all of us in that your well being is more important than us getting to futz around with KSPRC.
  19. Take your time Proot and, if you're able, take some time for yourself too. Your work with KSP is more than worth the wait.
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