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  1. vitekc45c

    Forum editor tables

    Thanks, figured it out: you cant change number of rows and colum after you create the table, and you neet to ctrl-right clict to open a menu to delete the table AND you cant create new lines after the table... Oh, how I miss the days of code based forum editors. None of this un-intuitive interactive-graphical nonsence........
  2. vitekc45c

    Forum editor tables

    How. Do. They. Work.
  3. vitekc45c

    Races! Hot Laps

    All your table are belong to us. Youtube playlist V Tracks / Cars > Universal rover Mk 7 - N Abu Kerbi 2:53.78 Gaarst 1:48.52 Hunkaroring 3:09.90 Kasino 2:30.06 Kazuka 2:17.86 Kolder 2:22.24 Kurburgring 3:19.86 Monako 2:14.46 Monka 2:41.44 Nordring 3:27.96 Ska 2:22.22 (on 2nd run) Valentia 1:43.76
  4. Fairings can be used as structural girders: Place fairing base, reduce all fairing paramaters to minimum, disable staging and enable interstage nodes and struts. Copy the fairing base and set the copy aside, disable interstage nodes, attach the fairing copy using its interstage nodes to the first fairing base (dont forget to rotate it by 90°). Disable interstage nodes of the second fairing and enable them on the first one, now attach part of your choosing to the interstage node and offset it away from the base of the second fairing (you can now disable interstage nodes on first fairing too).
  5. vitekc45c

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    video: , Flight : 1 h 38 min 16 sec Drive : 1 h 1 min 18 sec (+ 6 min 6 sec to start flag from drop zone) Total : 2 h 39 min 34 sec (+ 6min 6 sec)
  6. vitekc45c

    Flying to the end of the game

    Integer limits are 2,147,483,647 and 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 for 32 and 64 bit respectively, so I gues you´d have to go atleast that far from Kerbol.
  7. vitekc45c

    Force fairings to be larger

    Thanks, now I just need a bigger SPH
  8. Is there any way to force fairings to be larger in diameter? Say I take 3.75 one, extend it out as far as I can and save the craft in editor, what values in the craft file would I need to edit to up the fairing diameter to.... say 20 meters?
  9. vitekc45c

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Rebuild my Energia replica: reduced part count of the main tank, replaced cubic struts with engine plates. Also as replaced mainsail/ rhino clusters on main stack and boosters with 36 F1 engines. Korolev cross:
  10. vitekc45c

    [1.4.5] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    Is there any way to make this mod partless? As in ad the modules to existing command pods / probe cores and remove all the parts and tech tree nodes the mod adds.
  11. vitekc45c

    Boarding a vessel help

    In Wh40k universe boarding pods use combination of drill and melta charges (shaped charge) to breach the hull of a ship, then spiked conveyor belts on the pod to pull it in. Maybe you could use something like that, perhaps coupled with harpoons.
  12. vitekc45c

    What's your favorite rocket engine?

    Nuclear saltwater ones, nothing beats riding on continuous nuclear explosion
  13. vitekc45c

    Have you left kerbals to rot somewere

    In my sandbox save I have Jeb and few others in LKO along with some ground base equipment. Originaly I intended to send them to Laythe, but I didnt and I never bothered to send them back.
  14. vitekc45c

    Is eccentricity a vector?

    Try using absolute value of e.