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  1. vitekc45c

    Flying to the end of the game

    Integer limits are 2,147,483,647 and 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 for 32 and 64 bit respectively, so I gues you´d have to go atleast that far from Kerbol.
  2. vitekc45c

    Force fairings to be larger

    Thanks, now I just need a bigger SPH
  3. Is there any way to force fairings to be larger in diameter? Say I take 3.75 one, extend it out as far as I can and save the craft in editor, what values in the craft file would I need to edit to up the fairing diameter to.... say 20 meters?
  4. vitekc45c

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Rebuild my Energia replica: reduced part count of the main tank, replaced cubic struts with engine plates. Also as replaced mainsail/ rhino clusters on main stack and boosters with 36 F1 engines. Korolev cross:
  5. vitekc45c

    [1.4.3] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    Is there any way to make this mod partless? As in ad the modules to existing command pods / probe cores and remove all the parts and tech tree nodes the mod adds.
  6. vitekc45c

    Boarding a vessel help

    In Wh40k universe boarding pods use combination of drill and melta charges (shaped charge) to breach the hull of a ship, then spiked conveyor belts on the pod to pull it in. Maybe you could use something like that, perhaps coupled with harpoons.
  7. vitekc45c

    What's your favorite rocket engine?

    Nuclear saltwater ones, nothing beats riding on continuous nuclear explosion
  8. vitekc45c

    Have you left kerbals to rot somewere

    In my sandbox save I have Jeb and few others in LKO along with some ground base equipment. Originaly I intended to send them to Laythe, but I didnt and I never bothered to send them back.
  9. vitekc45c

    Is eccentricity a vector?

    Try using absolute value of e.
  10. vitekc45c

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Currently experimenting with RCS port/ thermometer hinge/ bearing, this time on a tilt-engine aircraft.
  11. Construction of Moho-class delayed once again, this time due to it being eaten by kraken.
  12. Im not going to search for it, but Im sure that one of the rule applyes to this. And to this:
  13. vitekc45c

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today i expanded my fleet with a new light craft, Cobra class Mk 1. A destroyer armed with 3 LF guided torpedoes and 2 x 12 dumb-fire missiles.
  14. vitekc45c

    What was your highest velocity ever achieved?

  15. vitekc45c

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Using my CPU to heat up my room once again: reinforced the centrifuge, added radiators, plated the aft section a bit, added fuel tanks and engines and ran out memory trying to launch it.