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    32-bit versus 64-bit

    We all know the 32-bit version of KSP is the recommended version due to bugs in the 64-bit version. Now what exactly would be a valid 'good reason' to prefer the x64? It's good there's a warning there for people who just want to get started and don't care about versions as long as it's stable. You always need a 'safe' option. But the 64-bit version is available for a reason (I suppose). It's probably better (when in doubt, higher numbers are better). I know 32-bit operating systems can only use 3.2GB memory and I suppose the same is valid for 32-bit applications. But does in matter in practice? 3.2GB per application is quite a lot after all. Are the extra bugs worth the (potential) gain?
  2. Mast

    I usually refer to to figure out whether I'm missing any science points. Unfortunately, it's missing support for some of the lesser known micro biomes on Kerbin (Crawlerway, Mission Control, the tanks, etc.). Does anyone know who maintains the site so I can write a proper feature-request? Is there a public repository?
  3. Mast

    Turns out it it's even quite buggy for the biomes it claims to support (Mun biomes don't register properly and my Kerbin scores went negative a long time ago). Apparently nobody knows who owns it, so I don't know who to approach for a fix. Are there alternatives available or do I really have to start from scratch on this?
  4. Mast

    Real Size Dalek Replicas

    I build this by accident, does it count?
  5. Mast

    KSP Career mode playthrough: ideas & feedback

    I'm going to disagree with the earlier sentiment and say there's nothing wrong with doing an unmodded playthrough on YouTube. Keep in mind many of the old videos started in an older version, as far back as 0.18. A lot has changed since then. I for one would love to follow such a series, just to see how someone got through the science path in a recent version and what their take is on what routes are useful and what activities could be explored early on. You can always do a mod run after :-)
  6. Is it possible to use mods only for some saves while not for others? I've been thinking about taking a shot at Realism Overhaul, but only if it's possible on-the-side. It would be unfortunate if it messes with my current saves.
  7. @Evanitis Awesome! That's probably the way to go, so I'll just do that.
  8. @Tex_NL I recently moved to Steam, I'm not sure Steam allows multiple installs without messing up somewhere. Does anyone know more about this? I was thinking about writing something to simply swap between RO and non-RO. It's just a bunch of files in the end, so moving the old saves to an off-site and importing the relevant mods would 'enable' the mods, removing the mods and re-importing the old saves would 'disable' them. Would be a good excuse to pick-up PowerShell again...
  9. Mast

    Scout plane

    This is the Fly Or Die. Basically it's the first relatively good flying space plane I've build in a long time. It flies really well, is quite efficient and should have enough fuel to make it around Kerbin (to be tested). There's an antenna and thermometer on board for quick science as well. Now if only I knew how to successfully land the thing...
  10. Mast

    Scout plane

    I put the retractable wheels on and they work quite nicely. I also put a bunch of science modules on it to let it do something useful. It wasn't going fast enough for regular cruising/exploration anyway. I also put 2 extra wheels on the back without removing the old ones. The old ones are for back-up, in case wings go AWOL and all.
  11. I'm about to migrate my buy from the own store to Steam. Keeps games together and all. However, there's one thing the Steam versions of games tend to mess up: off-line play. How's this in KSP, can I still do everything I'm used to do in the current install from the store when I've installed the Steam version? Loss of saves, progress, vehicles and the like is unacceptable when not having a connection around.
  12. Mast

    Scout plane

    @WhiteKnuckle Looks like the front wheel was mounted right after all, inverting actually inverted the steering. Oh well. I also found out the desert is quite a nice place to practice, unless your wings are a little low. Progress! I unlocked the retractable wheels, got spare points to go a tier better to medium if required. But the plane shouldn't be needing those, it ain't that heavy. Currently redesigning the plane to lift it's wings a little and raise the whole thing. Retractable wheels will probably reduce the drag, which is good. Landing 'in the air' like WhiteK proposed was a bit tricky, but at least I know how to get valuable statistics about any given SSTO now.
  13. Mast

    Scout plane

    @WhiteKnuckle So that's why the front wheel was looking odd, I didn't notice it was placed backwards. I haven't unlocked the retractable landing gear yet I think. I've considered putting the back wheels on the outer sides of the wing, but since the nose was already low I didn't want to risk it. I'll have to rise the tips a little to prevent them touching down, perhaps that will give more room for placing the wheels as well. The main problem with the landing is coming in straight, low enough and without too much speed. Knowing when to put on the brakes is also tricky (I suspect you're not supposed to use the brakes for landing). In other words, I'd prefer a broader and longer runway to practice on :-)
  14. Since one of the last updates it's no longer possible to return unwieldy, fragile objects from space to Kerbin without disastrous damage. To prevent a command module from completely evaporating (I'd say that's the bare minimum to speak of a successful return), a heat shield is a must have. But what else is out there to battle the heat? I've seen myself resort to quite unorthodox tactics (among others: use spare fuel tanks as a buffer to survive re-entry, instead of cutting them loose the moment they're empty) and I feel I'm doing it wrong. I'm especially interested in how to fix this in early-career, but wall-of-text answers with the whole shebang would be appreciated as well.
  15. Mast

    Scout plane

    Turns out it can land. Well, kind of... I blame my flying skills.
  16. Definitely a good read. Three minor points: - It would be much appreciated if you could update the text now the atmospheric model in KSP has changed. - Small explanation of Trim would me much appreciated, since this can combine the best of both worlds when designing aircraft. - Now we're talking expansions, how about a section about where best to keep your payload in an aircraft? Keeping in mind construction strength, weight, centers, length:width ratio, drag, etc. it's a lot more complicated than with a rocket. Aircraft can be great tools for science gathering, both on Kerbin and on other atmospheric bodies. Once you know how to do it properly, that is.
  17. To get science from the appropriate biomes, for example. Set-up satellite dishes, mining outposts, heck should I know what thousand reasons there are to land on target. Perhaps I'm just old-fashioned in trying to land somewhat accurately. I won't pretend I now know exactly how to fix my rockets, but your pointers definitely helped getting into the right direction. Best I tried so far was going as narrow as possible down behind a heat shield, and if you go down fast enough you'll evaporate your Kerbals anyway. For ascending a sharp rocket works best, but for descending a blunt rocket works better. And I guess I need to hide my science equipment from the heat so I can actually use the lift to my advantage while steering instead of loosing an instrument with every manoeuvre.
  18. @Snark I can imagine plotting a landing course gets a lot trickier if you plan to use lift as long as possible to help with the re-entry?
  19. Mast

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Who needs landing gear anyway?
  20. Thanks for the response @sal_vager, that clears it up quite nicely.
  21. I hadn't played the game in a while, started a Science game and started building. Made a fly-by at the moon for valuable points and then it was time to hit the moon (and hopefully return to Kerbin again). This must be one of the most ludicrous crafts I've flown to Mun and back. Ascending from Kerbin takes a while (who needs struts anyway) because you can't go full power until thin atmosphere. Once you're there you have plenty of fuel to make an inefficient transfer, land and get back. Landed at the Southwest crater I still had 1400 m/s dV left. Easily made it back to Kerbin. Back on the platform: Craft file:
  22. Flying Brick 1 (FB1). Turned out it flew pretty good and had plenty of fuel. Now I can't remember why I thought it would fly like a brick...
  23. Mast

    Greetings from Iran!

    Welcome to the forum! To all except TS: Discussing politics is a direct violation of rule 2.2b. Just don't.
  24. Mast

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Behold! A Roman candle, KSP style: Because I just started a new Career and this is definitely the easiest way to test a rocket while landed