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  1. *.* This would satisfy all my orbital operation needs if I could get it into orbit. Has anyone tried it with FAR?
  2. Updated and tried again. The water extraction JUST WONT WORK. Efficiency is 0. There are others with Interstellar installed who are able to run it. What am I doing wrong?
  3. The parts are too thick IMO. Do they have drag? Might have to write a plugin for that.
  4. I am running Interstellar but the resource names are different. Its lqdwater in Interstellar. No other mod uses water.
  5. Updated but still doesn't work. I get 'Efficiency is dropping 0 while running. Something is wrong. Shutting down generator.' in the log whenever I click start. Pictures are posted on page 16.
  6. I see there are people who are able to mine water from asteroids. Could it be a bad download? My efficiency is always 0 with 16000 ec and 2 large solar panels.
  7. Yeah I had a lot of trouble getting the claw attached too.
  8. The analyzer works. I don't run any life support mods. I do run KSPI, though.
  9. No I can't. I click start with 0 fuel in the refinery's tank. but it doesn't work. There's a little bit of fuel in the analyst's tank which is attached to the roid now.