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  1. Yep, I was the one who suggested removing it in your other thread. I posted that comment about CTT dependency before you removed it, so that comment stands redacted.
  2. Seriously ridiculously useful mod right here. Fantastic stuff. I have but one humble request! Would it be possible to identify the type of Kerbal in the crew list? I.e., Scientist, Pilot, Engineer, and possibly a skill rating? This would be awesome for when you're using Kerbals you're just not quite familiar with, or trying to set up MKS Training Akademies, etc.
  3. That's sort of the point behind technologies like this; if Antimatter were ever harnessed as a proper energy source, the ramifications would be astounding; so many things beyond present reach would be suddenly feasible, and challenges of yesterday would seem so very trivial. Take for example current generation aviation versus 1903; in less than 100 years, we went from looking at the sky as a dream to landing on the moon and planting flags. Now, flight is considered considerably more trivial, with children's toys having better flight capability than the flying machine the Wright brothers develo
  4. It was with an Engineer. First thing I thought of. I actually had to use the same engineer to disassemble the engine and fuel tank of my transfer stage because I errr... forgot to equip a decoupler. Shh, don't tell anyone. Speaking of which, where do spare parts go when you scrap a part? Do they go into a spare part container on the attached vehicle, or just a nearby one? A salvage rover might be kind of useful as I've been saving parts to feed to a recycler from my transit stages, using the last of their fuel + lander's descent engines to land them safely.
  5. From EVA, I hovered my mouse over the item, pressed G to gobble it up, hovered my mouse over the target object; held item turned green and I clicked, heard a drill sound, the item resolved into its normal colors, then immediately fell to the ground.
  6. That... is a brilliant idea. Someone should mod a Tricorder along those same principles! Thanks for the tip. I'll give that a shot. However, are you familiar with the term, "Toxic Community?" It doesn't matter if 19 people ask the same question; you bite their head off once and it discourages them from posting at all, which means no more bug reports, no more good communication of issues, all because you felt the need to reply to a comment in a less than directly helpful manner. I work in hospitality, I get asked the same damn question over and over every night. Just relax a bit, man. If you c
  7. And it was absolutely necessary for 3 different people to say the exact same thing about 19 different people asking the same question? Seems a bit hypocritical, doesn't it? Anyway. How difficult would it be to include all the old KAS EVA-attachable items in the EVA items list in the VAB/SPH, and either create a new group for the KAS winches and parts, or include those in the EVA group as well? At the moment they seem to be scattered all over the place. Also, the part mass of some parts seems a bit... heavy.
  8. Well, KSP-I uses Liquid Oxygen, not standard Oxygen. As far as I can tell, the only mod I've seen that uses just plain Oxygen is TAC-LS and similar, but I don't have those so at the moment UniversalStorage is just taking up RAM adding parts I don't need. Is there anyway to simplify this down a bit further on a case-by-case basis? A CFG I can change maybe? Or better yet, which EPL parts are safe to remove that are replaced by USI/UKS parts? Does USI/UKS have its own smelter, etc.?
  9. So in my current install, due to the variety of mods I have, there exists several redundant resources on planets, compounded by the new resource system integrated into the vanilla game. Is there any way to consolidate these into one unifying resource database and disable the unneeded ones? Something akin to Minecraft Forge's ore dictionary, which makes similar or duplicate resources cross compatible with other mods using the same resource? So if X mod adds, say, Copper, and Y mod adds Copper, you can disable one mod's copper generation and use the other mod's copper for both mods? I currently
  10. Tweakscale is a necessary component; previous iterations had 3 copies of each model, each sized differently to accommodate for 1.25, 2.5, and 3.75 size parts; this worked for the most part but unnecessarily increased RAM usage as well as made the part list in game even longer. Tweakscale helps bypass that as well as adding additional functionality for even larger reactors, etc. - - - Updated - - - Huzzah! Thank you so much, FreeThinker!
  11. Oh, no worries! Your english was fine, I just misread it. My mistake.
  12. Respectfully, I disagree. Difficulty should ultimately be up to the end user. CTT modifies stock part unlock positions, other mods, and of course KSP-I's upgrades. All I'm asking is that the KSP-I upgrades be added to the stock tech tree as they were in previous versions. I'm not saying get rid of CTT, just don't make it a requirement. Keep it an option for those that still enjoy it.
  13. Make them cost as much as you want, but I don't want to have to spend double the science to unlock, say, USI Kolonization modules. You have the right to dictate how much science this mod's parts require, not how much science another mod (or vanilla part) requires. Not everyone wants to play that super grindy-hard mode game. If I did, I'd learn Korean and play their MMOs.
  14. FAR was not a requirement, it was "strongly recommended" due to the weight of B9 parts and the existing aerodynamics not properly providing enough lift. The new stock system is more than sufficient; I'd put it on par with NEAR in terms of aerodynamic accuracy; not quite as harsh as FAR, but still rooted in realism. - - - Updated - - - Do that and you may as well call the game "NASA Space Program" instead. There is a point where too much realism lessens the fun; better to keep that as an optional mod for those that want that much realism.
  15. There's nothing wrong with this, but supporting the stock game should be a priority also. You can integrate support for both using conditional MM configs; i.e, using the HAS command to identify if an install has CTT and applying the relevant nodes, or !HAS if it does not have CTT. I'd be happy to learn and write the MM script for you if you can furnish a list of all the Node names required to unlock the advanced upgrades, as well as additional nodes where Interstellar tech would be unlocked, like Fusion Power and Adv. Fusion Power, which are not present in the stock tree. EDIT: CTT is not an e
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