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  1. Used to own a DV-1 Skylark ultralight until recently. Sold it because of offspring-related issues. But one day... ONE DAY...
  2. Made this cute (but underwhelming and nearly uncontrollable) shuttle for early career tourist missions.
  3. I think so. Some of them are purely nonsensical.
  4. Thank god I don't play materialist militarists anymore...
  5. Definitely gonna buy the DLC. If nothing else, it's going to be a €20 high five to the devs. Your game is awesome, and I want to stay it that way.
  6. When you dock your space station into the rocket. (yes, that small circular thing is the 2,5m docking port. The station in question actually fits into this thing's cargo bay)
  7. When you need a transfer stage to get your kerbals from the CSM to the lander.
  8. I'm not sure about the exact figure, but I think my SSTO can do 350-400/t. Unfortunately, the payload needs to fit into the long mk2 cargo bay.
  9. If any of you work at NASA, make sure to internally refer to G as "Jool". Because that's what it is!
  10. It's amazing for STOL aircraft thanks to the reverse thrust. I use it for surface samples on Kerbin - the short stopping distance reduces the probability of explosions upon landing.
  11. Thanks for the tip. I'll fiddle with the tools and see what I can do. As for the wings, I just can't bring myself to fly hideous aircraft. That extra bit of performance is not worth losing eyes.
  12. Thanks everyone, your help is much appreciated. Exxon shall tremble before me now!
  13. Hello, I ran another career save and just noticed that my plane (basic career land survey) is often becoming a kraken toy on the runway. At about 20 m/s rolling speed, the wheels start bouncing up an down in a self-reinforcing feedback loop. This inevitably ends up in an explosion. Fig. 1: The plane involved As the career hasn't progressed enough to use the retractable wheels, I'd like to know if there is any way to prevent kraken attacks. I found out that overriding the friction control (setting it to 0) reduces the bounce enough to take off, but doesn't remove it entirely
  14. Hello, Kerbonauts, i was thinking to run a new career save as a sort of oil company. Now I just need to figure out how to mine as efficiently as possible. So my questions are: Which place in the Kerbol system is the best for mining? Should I convert to LF/O/Monopropellant? Use orbital refinery/storage stations? Thanks in advance.
  15. I'm sorry comrades. I'm already married. You must continue without me. Go, before you get infected as well! Go!
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