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  1. Given that they have no drive motors either, the lack of brakes is not the biggest problem when trying to make a rover.
  2. I’ve never given my cats milk, and I’m not willing to try. They already turn up their noses at any kind of people food they’re offered.
  3. Having a second stage that’s a significant fraction of the total vessel mass naturally causes this without any extra work on the designers’ part, since the mass of the upper stages don’t begin to change until after the first stage is jettisoned. And once that happens, you’re typically outside the bulk of the atmosphere and the location of the CoM is far less important due to the greatly reduced drag.
  4. It is also recommended that, especially if you bought the game through Steam, you copy the entire game folder to a new location on your hard drive and install mods into that copy, keeping the “main” install clean. This will prevent inadvertent automatic upgrades to the game itself from breaking your savegames.
  5. If there’s no probe core, it can’t be controlled at all. If you do have a probe core, then you can switch to it and detonate it manually. If you’re running on PC and aren’t averse to using mods, both MechJeb and KOS allow automation, but for this purpose I’d look at SmartParts. I apologize, but I can’t look up whether they’re updated to the current version until later today.
  6. Oh, if you are given the actual counts of scores, then you already have your rank in each class, or at least a lower bound, if the real results are as granular as in the example. Your rank is literally just a count of how many scores are better than yours, or more pessimistically, how many are better or as good as yours. In this example you are (at worst) 3rd in class 1, 18th in class 2, 4th in 3, and 24th in 4. If the score categories were finer, we could get a better estimate. As to an overall rank, I would take a mean weighted by the credit-hours of each class. If all classes are weighed equally, the estimate would be (3+18+4+24)/4=13th or better. I would hazard a guess that you are on the higher side of the large “B” and “C” sub-populations in classes 2 and 4, simply because of the presence of “A”s in the other two classes. But that’s just based on the assumption that people are consistent; the data can’t really support that. As for predicting the final grades? Well…mmmphmyh. You’d have to look at historical trends there.
  7. You say “total grade spread” but what statistics does the school actually provide you? If they present the median score (ideally; but if they give you the mean instead you might have to assume it’s close enough to the same thing) and the standard deviation (or the variance), you could assume a normal distribution (bell curve) and use that to estimate the rank of your score within the distribution.
  8. If you can do part of it during your circularization burn that can help too, but that will only work if your initial Ap is at the equator. I haven’t paid much attention to where my launch Ap are before, so I can’t comment to whether that’s easy or efficient.
  9. Some quick google-fu brought up USI Exploration pack as the first redult, which indicates a “data camera” part. Might you also have that mod, or maybe your other USI mods be causing a bug?
  10. Try making it stiffer. Struts, autostruts, KJR mod. Pics would still help, there may still be something apparent to us that is not obvious to you. Also: rockets are easy; planes are hard.
  11. There isn’t any reason why they shouldn’t extend such a feature to include a true pause; though if a slow enough slow-mo is available they’re practically the same thing.
  12. “Next time” being like 2 weeks from now.
  13. Since normal/antinormal doesn’t change throughout an orbit, once the vessel gets done pointing the behavior is exactly the same as SAS hold.
  14. Unless you’ve added a control point that is aligned with your (rotated) thrust vector, your thrust won’t be aligned with “vessel prograde”. You’d need to eyeball an offset from prograde during your burns, which would be kind of awkward.
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