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  1. pincushionman

    Anyone playing KSP On a GeForce?

    We can’t even get great imteractive performance from thin clients at work, and we’re on the same campus as the servers. There is no substitute for an appropriately-specced local device/rig/workstation.
  2. pincushionman

    Steam Transfer and DLC?

    Okay, now I understand. You should be able to copy the downloaded files into the GameData\Squad folder (I think) in the steam install. You can get there by right-clicking the game in your Steam library andselecting “properties.” There will be a link there.
  3. pincushionman

    Steam Transfer and DLC?

    If you purchased the game from the KSP website, there was a window within which you could have transferred it to Steam, but that window has long closed. By “DLC” do you mean the main game you purchased at the time, or that you recently also purchased the “Making History” expansion? By the way, you’re missing absolutely nothing not having it on Steam. Just a different launcher, if you use a launcher at all.
  4. pincushionman

    Fairings and skycranes -- seems to be impossible

    Could you please explain what you mean by this, with pictures maybe? Fairings are usually built up from below.
  5. pincushionman

    Wait or Cheat

    I would sacrifice at least some of the lab science and remove those alarms. Fast forward to the fun stuff.
  6. It’s important to point out that while SAS may be like an autopilot, it is not one, and attempting to use it as one for planes is a kluge at best. If you’re on PC, there are mods available that have much better autopilot-like functions.
  7. pincushionman

    Delta-V woes

    Is the tri-coupler still oddly non-symmetrical, or did that get fixed in the update?
  8. pincushionman

    New Horizons

    This depends entirely on how dedicated your children are to the task. And how much good snow you get.
  9. pincushionman

    Good couch co-op games?

    With the Steam sale on, I'm on the lookout for games I can play multiplayer with my two young sons. I mean real multiplayer, with everybody on the same screen instead of on their own 'puters. Like the good ol' days. In particular I'm wanting co-op gameplay for more than two at once. We have several of the Lego games already (which are fantastic), but only two of us can play at once. Any suggestions?
  10. pincushionman

    More science points!

    Also, since the scale of RL is 10x that of KSP, dV costs are accordingly higher. As a result, mass fractions for real craft are way, way worse. Compare the relative sizes of the Apollo/LM to the Saturn V, and a typical Mun lander to its corresponding launch vehicle; the extra constraints should be relatively apparent. Compounding this is that while the spaceflight part of KSP is relatively accurate, the actual craft engineering is handwavey voodoo. Reaction wheels are overpowered, don’t saturate, and never fail, so we don’t need RCS most of the time or backups ever; solar panels always steer perfectly without wearing out; Kerbals don’t need food, water, air, or sufficient living space; that kind of thing. Getting materiel to other locations in the solar system is the easy part; getting it there and making sure it still works when it does is what’s difficult, expensive, and heavy.
  11. pincushionman

    Island Airfield Terrain... altered? Uhhm no...

    The terrain is controlled by a heightmap, not a mesh. The quality of the bitmap literally is the granularity of the terrain. So there will always be the risk of this kind of thing happening between LOD bitmaps, especially when features are close together, and depending on how the different LOD are created. I’m kind of surprised it took us this long to notice, though. This probably happens all over the place, but we wouldn’t really notice most places since there are few static features to help us determine that yes, we’re looking at the same place. But the airfield sure is one!
  12. Know what? You’re right. I didn’t think that all the way through before I wrote it. You do want hold direction. What I meant when I wrote it was “no SAS is better than SAS wigging out and flipping you around” but I guess once it starts to turn you then you’re already hosed.
  13. Kind of. It’s “T”. When you’re both very close to the ground and close to zero speed, you really need to disengage all SAS and finish the job flying relative to surface features. SAS is a simple tool, and is not an autopilot.
  14. pincushionman

    Burned out on KSP

    Like I have to keep telling my children, games sre supposed to be entertainment, so there’s no shame in not playing when you’re not having fun. I myself took a >year hiatus from KSP and played a lot of Elite. It was good for me.
  15. Version 0.2 is now available at the download link. Parabolic and hyperbolic trajectories are now implemented, and a number of important subroutines and functions have been updated to support arbitrary orbit depth. See the changelog or the readme for more details. Patched-conic propagation is not yet implemented. In other news, if anyone knows which version the switch from g = 9.81 to g = 9.80665 m/s^2 was made, please let me know.