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  1. This does not mean it is a single-stage-to-reentry. Do you mean to say you’re trying to make a re-useable rocket or a spaceplane? Let’s get on the same page here.
  2. You have a contracts mod going, @Geonovast? I don’t see either CooperativeCompetetiveCorporateConglomerateEasyGoing nor Kerbal Standard in the listed agencies on the wiki; Methinks this is all mod bug.
  3. So why would such a craft ever have to return to Kerbin? That sounds like a perfect type of utility vessel to leave in space with the station while crew is returned by other, simpler means.
  4. Posting a screenshot of your craft (just the re-entry portion) would help us help you determine where you could or could not easily place engines, or where parts could be moved to re-balance. Though to be fair, if you have a full top tank on re-entry - and having it empty would help - that sounds to me like you packed too much fuel. What’s your mission profile and the stats (read: more screenies) of your vessel?
  5. Yes. There is a message up top saying “Entering <such-and-such area>” and a similar one when leaving. Selecting the waypoint on the map view and “Activate Navigation” before you start will both give a marker on the navball and show distance to target; this will help immensely. But you’ll need to be johnny-on-the-spot with your action (have the PAW locked open or use an action group for speed). The areas are sized for planes, in my experience, and are difficult to hit at rocket speeds.
  6. Autostrut. Everything, including between stages. I’ve been fighting such roll whenever I try to pitch or yaw over on liftoff since forever, and only recently discovered how well Grandparent autostrut on everything does at eliminating such troubles. Using the longer tanks also helps with this, as it reduces the number of joints and thus the flexibility of the craft.
  7. This sounds wrong to me. Isn’t fuel consumption controlled only by throttle, with thrust/power and efficiency being what changes with altitude and speed? Rockets used to also vary fuel flow with pressure, but that was changed because the pumps and injectors don’t care what the pressure is.
  8. This is weird. By the navball it looks like the craft thinks “forward” is what’s actually to the right or left ( if you’re looking south in the bottom pic, then it’s to the left). Is your cockpit the root part? Is there another control point that accidentally is root instead? If you select “control from here” on the cockpit does the situation resolve itself? You don’t, by chance, have a Probe core at the cener of that monstrosity, do you?
  9. If you’re in the SPH, make sure you slew the camera around so you’re looking at the side of the already-placed girder. Looking from the end seems to not work at all for any parts.. (it happens in the VAB too, but you have to go out of your way to look at the end in that building)
  10. The only time normal time warp is available to you is when your vessel is either under no load, is Splashed Down, or is Landed - and a driving rover is in none of those states. So you’re in physics warp. This works by doubling, tripling, or quadrupling the time step between frames. Thus parts are allowed to displace up to four times their normal distance before the next frame is evaluated - and since internal forces are proportional to displacement, you get up to 4x the reaction force next frame. And then things go badly.
  11. Given that you can set it as a “control from here” point, you’re not exactly wrong…
  12. I was about to ask if “rocks” included things like Minmus or crew members (Seriously! Check out some of those guys’ Stupidity stats). Will it remain engaged during time warp?
  13. Really, the linear pistons should be implemented AS struts with pinned ends (or there should be parts like that; there are certainly use cases for fixed-end telescoping devices). That would both ease placement and automatically allow the kind of mechanisms where pistons are normally used in real life. EDIT: @MechBFP beat me to the punch on suggesting that concept, but all that means is we needs it.
  14. The Kraken cares nothing for your comfort! *continues munching popcorn while his dog whines at him*