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  1. Hi guys, not sure if it an issue or not but my VAB building has unlimited parts unlocked right from the start meaning there is zero reason to upgrade it? Is this correct or a bug? all the other buildings need upgrading its just the VAB
  2. yeah i dont have any Magicore.dll files in Gamedata. I have one in GameData/Magicore though which seems right? so im at a loss why it isnt working scratch that! ive just updated my magicore and it works! thanks
  3. Im also have the same issue as schmonzo. My KCT mod just puts a grex box and im unable to click anything. I have only one Magicore.dll in Gamedata/Magicore.dll? someone help me haha
  4. why is it some engine dont have any test flight data? more specifically the Merlin rockets from SSTU?
  5. i can tfigure for the life of me why the Merlin rockets have no test data numbers for the rated engine burn? have i installed something wrong?
  6. Please tell me this won't effect RO. I've literally only just got a working install of 1.2
  7. you sir are an absolute star! im not sure how i installed SSRSS but i just took the folder out and everything is now working fine
  8. https://gyazo.com/73eb91506e4a25517a9e975313bb1cf9 https://gyazo.com/d3e46e40bb7e72c0ffdda418446d1f9a] here is my GameData. Im not sure what you mean by logs? and its a fresh install so havent purposely added SVE
  9. Hi all, Ive painstakingly installed RO/RSS with EVE/SCATTERER/RSSVE however im getting possibly the ugliest sun and no sunglare? any suggestions
  10. quick question? Ive installed RO from the github but i have no engine staging in the VAB? I presume that i have missed something blatently obvious but could some kind soul push me in the right direction oh im running the latest version of KSP
  11. At least you don't have square clouds on kerbin haha ive reinstalled several times and don't have a clue how to fix it?
  12. Hi guys Installed it to the letter, done my research and looked back over the last fe w pages and fiinally got this exellent mod working. apart from 1 issue, the clouds are like big cubes does anyone know a fix for this, i have reinstalled it so many times im at my wits end with this lol for the record im on windows 10, 64bit, ksp version 1.1.2 (managed to save my game before the update came out ) and i followed Rhavoreth install proceedure to the letter lol. any help would be massively appreciated g
  13. cheeky bump to see if anything has come to light regarding a mod or workaround to remove the debug console?
  14. Haha I have thought about that! Surely there's some sort of mod for this?