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  1. The auto shroud isn't working for me? I have placed various objects on the different nodes on the heat shields including the very bottom one. If you're still on your holiday you don't have to take time out of your day to reply, its not urgent,
  2. How come I can't open one of the craft files, it is the new twin prop craft. I have procedural dynamics?
  3. Hey Beale, loving the new update btw. However your craft files don't seem to be working for me. They don't come up in my VAB, I've tried placing them in my saves craft files and the stock files but neither worked. Please help!
  4. I say with fabric, the texturing just adds a bit more realism and depth to the spacecraft, love your work btw. Also, I don't know if this has been asked sorry if it has, but how big will the ATV be as the cygnus was smaller?
  5. Could you or someone else please release a couple craft files of planes and/or rockets using carbonate parts,I'm really struggling and it would be a great help.
  6. How do you install the alternate service module and the alternate soy-juice texture? Also I think this mod will benefit greatly if you create a lander capable of reaching the Mun and possibly Minmus. Great work!
  7. Yes! This will be another great addition to your already amazing mod. Keep up the brilliant work!
  8. I really really like the look of this. Have you got a rough guestimate of a release date?
  9. Could you release a craft file for that all in one tank please? It is absolutely brilliant!
  10. Could you or anyone else post a craft file for the tank as I am struggs.
  11. In my VAB the only parts I'm getting is the 3 different parts but only in 1.25 m, I'm in sandbox. Whats going on?