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  1. Sounds like an interesting idea, I might try it out in the future. Also, late post.
  2. Where is the badge for the fastest plane challenge?


  3. In 2003, FASA Interactive released Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge, the sequel to Crimson Skies. Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge is a first-party video game for the XBOX. The game, like the earlier Crimson Skies for the PC, is an action-oriented Arcade Flight game. In the storyline, the main antagonist developed a massive zeppelin called the Starker Sturm that was built to force North America under his rule, utilizing wind turbines and a large 'Zepeater' at the front, which could devour zeppelins and use their leftover scrap to help power the Starker Sturm. In the end, the Starker Sturm was destroyed, and kiling the antagonist as well. I'm attempting to replicate this vessel in KSP, with the use of mods, naturally. Crimson Skies - High Road to Revenge appearance Kerbal Space Program appearance (I know, it doesn't look good so far, but I'm trying to actually get it to fly properly before I focus on visuals) Hopefully the Starkesturm should be finished within time. I will update this thread when I get chances to.
  4. What does the badge look like?

    1. Secret Agent Kirrim

      Secret Agent Kirrim

      The badge will most likely be blue and feature some sort of plane zooming across a picture of Kerbin.

  5. Pretty well. Also, what size are you using for the golden kerbal? mine clips through half the signature and doesn't show up.
  6. Jet engines and SSTO engines are allowed. Rocket engines aren't. Re-entry heating is now allowed. Bonus points too for re-entry heating.
  7. I really hadn't thought of those. 1. you can fly all the way to the mesosphere. 2. Levelled flight only. 3. No heating effects.
  8. Special Agent Kirrim's... FASTEST STOCK PLANE CHALLENGE Yeah, you heard that right. And don't ask why the text is huge. Challenge is the obvious. Build the fastest stock plane you can, then submit it through pictures. Just remember, this isn't a race, but the person who builds the fastest plane in the challenge (w/proof) WILL receive Special Agent Kirrim's Manta Ray and a badge. Mods are not allowed, but some may be excepted. SSTO engines are allowed. You may fly up to the mesosphere for the challenge but that is as far. Level flight only. Re-entry heating is allowed. NOTE: Planes that use glitches to help propel itself or help it in general will be disqualified. This is the format that should be used. [Name here] Top Speed = [TopSpeed] Brief description and/or history = [yknow] (optional) Engines = [engines used] Proof = [proof] (optional) Any extra info = [extra info] I'll start off with an example. This won't be counted as part of the challenge, but should give you an idea of how it should be done. Special Agent Kirrim's Manta Ray Assault Fighter [Unarmed] Top Speed: untested, around 1200+m/s levelled out Brief description and/or history = First built by Danny2462 in...2013 I think it was, it has been rebuilt using the latest stock parts, and is potentially the fastest stock spaceplane avaliable. Notably shown in Danny2462's Kirrim on Duty video and the new The Names Kirrim YouTube series. The one demonstrated here is completely unarmed, using stock parts. The one flown in the series has multiple BDArmory weapons mounted on it. Proof = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIhCrqc4pR4&feature=youtu.be Extra Info: Save has re-entry heating disabled but can still go up to 1200m/s without many issues. This challenge will expire on the 20th of May, 2017. Get crackin'.
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