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  1. No that is correct. But with Laythe you shouldnt be able to see the ocean anyway as its covered by fog. But if you have screenshots of what youre seeing i can verify one way or anotber
  2. That would be the Block II Cockpit from Cormorant Aeronology. Though the wings are from B9 Procedural Wings. Oh frick you caught me
  3. AD ASTRA What is Ad Astra? Ad Astra is a mod of another mod, JNSQ. In essence, it combines much of the visuals of Astronomer's Visual Pack by @themaster401 with the planets and moons of JNSQ by @Galileo and friends. But it goes much farther than that by not only integrating some of the original visions of JNSQ but by also expanding on those found in AVP. The end result is a very high fidelity visual pack....duh. Ok, Millennial so what do I get? Glad you asked, figment of my imagination. The mod is available in the same base resolutions that AVP is. Those being 2k, 4k, 8k, and, for Kerbin exclusively, 43k. During installation you will be able to choose which one you prefer. As of 1.0, all bodies in the JNSQ solar system have some kind of visuals added to them. Overtime, as I learn more about what I can do with EVE, Scatterer, and Kopernicus, these features may change, be completely redone, and/or augmented. I could give a feature list, but frankly, the screenshots speak for themselves: Installation/Download: DOWNLOAD HITHER As with virtually any mod, it is imperative that you -read- the included readme. Within you will find the installation instructions, as well as the additional download links to get your desired texture resolutions. License: Ad Astra is licensed by Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) Credits to themaster401 for the repack of the 43k Cloudset.
  4. I put my stamp on your approval.
  5. DOWNLOAD HITHER Requires Scatterer License: CC BY 4.0 IE, do whatever, I made this in 10 minutes stop bullying me
  6. You can tweakscale to get the wider tanks and interstages. And I bet I could easily get the engine mounts going as well using tweakscale and things we already have. Making a dedicated part set would be nice, but all it is at the end of the day is warping the already existing models. C-8 simply wasn't developed enough to a point where having a dedicated model would bring details to the table that simply tweak-scaling already existing parts wouldn't.
  7. Nova is one of those ideas where you really don't need to make a dedicated partset for it. The only thing you couldn't necessarily just kitbash out of one of the already existing models is the engine mount. Despite being a much larger, more complicated rocket IRL, as far as the game is concerned Nova really isn't that different from the Saturn V.
  8. NASA was planning on sending people to Mars. But they couldn't do that, and the Shuttle, and the space station. They had to present the options and they were at the mercy of the White House and Congress as to what they'd be able to do.
  9. I have some requests as far as how the mods functionality could be improved, well, substantially. Now I will say I have very little coding knowledge so as far as how difficult any of this would be to implement I would be completely ignorant to. But that being said, not being able to do these things has frustrated the things I've wanted to do with EVE. _DetailTex Changes: Currently, the detail texture is not implemented too well unless you just want a static, opaque texture to take its place. Which is fine for when you need that, but if you want to do a rotating detail texture and/or a texture with a non-uniform opacity (IE, slowly fades from 100% to 0% opacity or just cuts straight to 0%) it is near impossible to get the texture to move in a way that looks good, and thats presuming you can get the texture to stop tiling in strange ways. So what would be nice to see here is some settings on how often the texture tiles as well as a better integration of the detail textures opacity with the host texture. If the detail texture has gone 0% transparent, then the host texture should go transparent as well. As far as what you could do with these, this would be most obviously suited to something like a hurricane, where you can have the detail texture controlling the general spin of the eye and the inner storm structure independently from the overall rotation of the storm texture. Cloud Variation Control: What would be even more amazing than above would be the ability to set up each cloud layer to have certain settings within it fluctuate over time. Settings like opacity, speeds, and even altitude or color could be set up to fluctuate to provide different looks to the clouds themselves as game time progresses. And beyond the current settings available, having the ability to control the size of the cloud layer relative to the host body would be a good addition here. Ideally, you'd be able to set up a maximum point and a minimum point for each setting and as time progresses it would fade back and forth between these points, and I think having a delay setting controlling when the setting "loop" starts again would be ideal. And what this would all do would provide the ability to do dynamic cloud systems. Rather than having one giant, static cloud map you could instead control each individual cloud structure and have them dynamically change over time. Coupled with already present speed and uv noise settings and you could have a body that only rarely has the same "cloud map" twice. And even if a user opts to skip going for the full dynamic clouds bit, having these settings available would go a long way to making the monolithic cloud maps a lot more lively. Volumetric Render Range: I do know that this has been requested before and I also understand how hard hitting volumetrics are to performance just as they are now. However, I think for those that wish to utilize them (IE me and anyone else who just wants to be a graphics um, "w" word) it would be nice to be able to tweak how far out the volumetrics render. Though now I think on it more I do realize that the current render range may actually be a limitation of KSP. If so then ignore this one, but if not, even just a 25% increase in that range would be awesome to help blend volumetrics into the 2D layers. And thats it.
  10. I second BetterRevert. And its possibly beyond the scope of the mod but I'd really love to see "steps" in those axis controls. Using the axis controls to say, control an arm is fun in theory but the inability to move the robotics one degree at a time is frustrating.