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  1. That actually is already the case as part of the Dynamics techniques I devised, so cloud coverage will change at random intervals. Very few places on the surface, even at the poles, will have consistent cloud coverage. There's still tweaks to be had to get the average coverage right (as well as some tweaks to the textures themselves to remove some cruddiness that creeps in), but as you've seen, it looks great and is even better in motion.
  2. Sure. SOL is in the same vein as my other mod Ad Astra. That is, it is a mod of another mod that adds better visuals to the planet pack its associated with. SOL is a modification of KSRSS, and through SOL (and to a lesser extent Ad Astra before it), I was able to develop a number of techniques for utilizing EVE and Scatterer in ways that result in very gorgeous visuals. As one can see from the screenshots above of Earth, not only are the clouds high fidelity, borderline 3D even, but they're also dynamic, meaning that they change shapes and disappate and reappear at random similarly to how real life clouds work. This means that, compared to other cloud packs, SOL's Earth never looks the same more than once. Seeing it in motion explains it better than I can, though be aware this is an older version: https://i.imgur.com/EWkUuJM.mp4
  3. That shouldn't be used at all actually as that is the old scatterer method.
  4. That is strange. It should resemble the later pictures. Not sure what would be causing that.
  5. And some adjustments to the cloud system. Much better performance, though some old features are going to have to be redacted. Unfortunate but as they were tiny details anyhow not too much is lost.
  6. Figured out how to get Mars' sunsets working correctly, and also tuned the atmosphere to be as close as I could get it to the real.
  7. Something else to keep in mind if you're using the stock Delta V calculator that it won't display the right values if you don't set it to vacuum. The way it calculates things it assumes you're at sea level by default and naturally these engines aren't going to do much at the bottom of Earth's Kerbin's gravity well.
  8. Okay yep can confirm that appears to have stopped the slowdowns. I couldn't begin to suggest why scatters would be doing that, as the settings I'm using are unchanged from stock KSRSS and to my knowledge it didn't have this issue prior. But I also haven't touched anything other than textures so IDK what precisely could have happened. In the meantime, any ideas on how to move up the horizon? I don't think this is normal behavior, and it seems like whatever it is that determines where the horizon is is way lower than my actual surface is, even when I'm at one of the lowest points I could land on..
  9. I will try turning off scatters and see if that improves things.
  10. If we can't tell, I am having just a grand old time with the new version of Earth.
  11. Probably both. I mean, look at this bruh. This is Vibrance at 120km in height. This is just, bonkers lol.
  12. A look at the two options for Mars: TrueSight Vibrance: Technically speaking, both are true color, as Mars has a peculiar annoyance in that the colors vary depending on how much dust is in the air, which is why Mars in "true color" photographs range from the bright Duna-ish red to the more pale yellow brown. And here's the new Earth, which greatly improved terrain, as well as the new Vibrance version of earth: True Sight: Vibrance: And here's some up close looks for True Sight. This is at 180km in altitude:
  13. The DSKY is available through IVA mods like Mas or RPM. Once upon a time I was supposed to do IVAs for BDB but then I had a sudden case of homelessness and now its been so long I don't even remember how to do them lol. I'd check the threads for those mods and Reviva as well. I'm pretty sure somebody out there has one with all the Apollo props working.
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