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  1. Well I was thinking more from the perspective of a creative where its hard to say for certain that any given creation is "perfect". Cobalt may be happy with the models as they stand but give him another year of experience and experimentation and those current models might start looking like garbage. Or he may find himself capable of rendering even better models at a baseline level, and he may find it necessary to scrap them simply because the initial presumption behind the creation has changed.
  2. Howdy doody folks, Im still alive, even though I just got diagnosed with COVID19. Symptoms are mild so no real worries. Wouldnt have known I was even sick if it werent for a rash I got. But anyway, at some point in the near future I hope to be playing and modding again, though if KSP2 does start nearing a substantive release then there may not be anything new for KSP1. We'll just have to see how that goes.
  3. Just to touch on that one, the "Mr. Glass" variant will work in current versions of KSP, but Full Retro will not. You will also need RPM for those ivas as well.
  4. If youre referring the flotation collar on the capsule itself, Comfortable Landing can provide that. But the little dinghy the support guys are on doesnt exist for KSP AFAIK.
  5. v1.6 Released! GITHUB DOWNLOAD (43k Users) | SPACEDOCK DOWNLOAD (2K/4K/8K Users) As always, FRESH install. Until I stop redoing old stuff its going to be best to just cleanly reinstall the mod each update. ======================================================================= "Camp Fires" Changelog: City Light Overhaul - For realsies this time. Brand new textures for city lights, and it has been fine-tuned, so you should be able to see it pretty far out now. (Known Issue: It can be buggy, appears to be an EVE issue. If your City Lights disappear, you can fix it by opening the EVE GUI (L-Alt + 0), navigating to the CityLights tab, and hitting apply. The same can be done if they just look off color compared to my screenshots) Kerbin Adjustments - Made some minute adjustments to its atmosphere. Will be slightly different, and yes the purplish hue is intentional. Jool Overhaul - Redid Jool again to better match up with its blueberry cousin Lindor. Laythe Overhaul - Gave Laythe a makeover. As a cold world that inexplicably maintains a liquid ocean, it is extraordinarily foggy, though not quite as much as Huygen. Huygen adjustments. No bug could be found as reported by @Chronin, but the time spent there did result in some adjustments to the moon. The volumetrics should be a lot less immersion breaking towards the cloud tops, and its atmosphere was adjusted as well.
  6. Interesting. Seems like something got crossed. Im gonna have a look at it today.
  7. Yeah thats something that happens. You can attempt to change the scaling in the EVE gui (alt-0 then go to citylights) but i was unable to find a setting that worked right. At some point its going to get another look at like everything else.
  8. Version 1.5 is now available GITHUB DOWNLOAD (43k Users) | SPACEDOCK DOWNLOAD (2K/4K/8K Users) Lots of changes in this one. As always, recommend a fresh install to insure a smooth update, particularly given how big this one is. Changelog: ~From the Ground Up: Adjusted nearly all bodies to be more aesthetically pleasing and consistent on the ground and in flight on up to orbit. Should prove to be much more tighter than it was originally. ~Kerbin Atmospheric Changes: Made pretty. Very pretty. ~Lindor and Huygen Overhauls: The orange and blue marbles got pretty substantial updates. You'll find that Huygen now has volumetrics extending the entire length of its cloud layer (over 12km high!). And on Lindor you'll find a much more lively, much more realistic Not-Neptune/Saturn waiting for you, with a redo on the ring textures and a large darkspot that will appear and reappear at will. Watch out for the lightning! ~Laythe Overhaul: Texture was slightly modified, and the entire moon was adjusted to be a bit less...weird. It now has a subtle blue-green twinge to it and it is a bit more obvious whats going on with the moon. ~And more I probably just don't remember at this point. All the dusty moons had their volumetrics updated to be a bit more realistic and playable. Only a few select moons now have dust visible from orbit due to what they are. Known Issues: ~Lindor and Kerbin look weird in map view. I have zero clue why they aren't consistent between map/tracking center views and flight views. But they look as intended in-flight so thats what counts for now. ~Nara and its moons are relatively untouched at this time. There's still specific things I want to do with these bodies at some point so until I'm ready to tackle that they'll be in limbo. Whats Next? 16k Texture cancelled. I cant get it to work anyway and ultimately Im anticipating issues with it. So were stuck with crappy somehow pixelated 8k Kerbin. Sorry guys
  9. IIRC, that should be a combination of Realistic Retextures (which should be in the BDB Extras) and having the US flag as a regular KSP flag option, which is easy enough to do, just find a US flag pic and shove it in a flag folder.
  10. Last update for the night. Kerbin (AKA NotEarth) also got a facelift. =====
  11. The JNSQ config has been updated slightly for the upcoming Ad Astra update.
  12. Lindor also got a face lift today. ======= See it in Motion!
  13. New Shots of Huygen in the upcoming update (now with fancy super sampling) And to clarify given whats being shown, Huygen is going to be the hardest planet to play on in the mod. That being said, despite having over 12km worth of volumetrics on display, the game is amazingly playable. ========= And an extra fancy GIF showing off what its like on the surface.
  14. Yep unless GEP affects the stock planets (ie. Kerbin, Eve, Duna, Jool etc) they shouldnt overlap at all. If GEP does affect those sorts of planets then you would need to disable those in the EVE configs, either by using "//" for each line you want to kill or by just outright deleting those portions from the config. === And as for my planet pack, the theme is to essentially do a JNSQ-style (meaning built from the ground up) rendition of our real Solar System in 1/4 scale, which will then have its own "Ad Astra" style visuals baked right into the mod. The idea was to essentially make something for the RSS crowd as many users had requested I do my visuals up for it. But my issue was having to rely on and/or workaround others work. Something thats been a bit of a pain for Ad Astra navigating the merger between JNSQ and AVP. So Im going to make everything myself so I can directly control every aspect of the "SOL" experience. Itll take some time yet before Ill have anything screenshot worthy (still learning to use Kopernicus) but given what I do have planned its going to be something very special. Much of whats going to be upcoming in Ad Astra (and is already there for that matter) can be considered essentially a preview for SOL.