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  1. G'th

    Best "artsy" photos Titan

    Oh wow you guys really came through. Thanks! I think this one is gonna fit the bill. For what I need
  2. So I'm going to be making a speech in the near future (for a speaking class) with the intent of persuading the audience to become emotionally invested in spaceflight. IE, believe that the Dream is alive. That part of it is all good and well, but I'm working on the presentation itself and I'm wanting to accentuate my conclusion with a series of photographs. I've got most the ones I need, but I'm struggling with Titan. Namely, I really want to find some good pictures of Titan (from space) that are visually breathtaking. Something along the lines of this picture of Jupiter: Obviously it has been enhanced, but that's a-okay seeing as I'm going for an emotional impact. With Titan it seems difficult to find any really nice ones, though now I'm realizing as I type this that this is probably because we haven't been around it enough. Its almost tempting to try and find a good high res version of the surface photo or even an artists rendition but I'd rather have it be a real photo (even if it is enhanced significantly) You guys have any suggestions?
  3. In case you don't see the msg I sent you try this: MODULE { name = MASFlightComputer requiresPower = true gLimit = 9000 baseDisruptionChance = 0 PERSISTENT_VARIABLES{} RPM_COLOROVERRIDE { COLORDEFINITION { // 'white' label unlit color name = ASET_SWITCHER_NAME_ZEROCOLOR color = 213, 213, 213, 255 } } }
  4. If you're using Mr. Glass, check the zip. It should have a file in there thats labelled "if you have a message about x" or something like that. Install wahts in that folder and it should fix it. If its with FullRetro i'll need more info lol.
  5. Actually the original IVA i created for the Shuttle was precisely this. But I dropped that idea because it simply isn't feasible. You're either not going to have enough or you're going to have too much. If you look at the flight manuals they should have a listing.
  6. Check the first post and the Readme, it explains how to install. Neid had the right of it. Not all of ASET's props/avionics have been converted for use in MAS, so in the meantime, I'm using RPM variants. The next project I'm tackling is converting all of it, so shortly after that will follow a version of this that only needs MAS. And yes, NFProps is needed for several things in the IVA. Namely the flight seats and some decorative stuff around both cabins. This is something I"m looking into.
  7. ULTIMATE SHUTTLE IVA FULL Retro Mr. Glass What is the Ultimate Shuttle IVA? Welp as its name implies, its truly in my opinion and those of others the best IVA that's been made thus far for the Mk 3 Cockpit, ie, the stock Shuttle Cockpit. The reason being is that these two IVA's, Full RETRO and Mr. Glass, combine the best bits, bobs, and feels of the best Mk 3 IVA's that have been made to date, creating two distinct, but very useful and very good looking IVA's. Frankly, I think the pictures above speak for themselves :D. DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK DOWNLOAD FROM GITHUB Requirements: READ THE FLIGHT MANUALS. They explain a lot of stuff, particularly about how to use the IVA's, and this is my first and only warning. If you ask me something stupid, that is in fact covered in the manual, I reserve every right to treat you with as much dignity as a used wad of toilet paper. Not really, but you will be referred to the flight manual (RTFM) with nothing else said. KSP 1.4.x - I designed in 1.4.2, but it will likely work in earlier versions depending on MAS, as the latest release for that and what ksp version it is for would define the required version. MAS - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/160856-wip-14x-moardvs-avionics-systems-mas-interactive-iva-v0130-18-march-2018/ RPM - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/105821-14x-rasterpropmonitor-still-putting-the-a-in-iva-v0300-14-march-2018/ ASET Props and Avionics Packs - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/116430-aset-props-pack-v15-for-the-modders-who-create-iva/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/116479-aset-avionics-pack-v-21-for-the-modders-who-create-iva/ Near Future Props - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/166941-143-near-future-props-prop-assets-for-iva-developers-may-2-2018/ Module Manager Required for full functionality in IVA: MechJEB Kerbal Alarm Clock Chatterer Installation: Install all required Dependencies. Drag and Drop UltimateShuttleIVA into your Gamedata folder. Pick and choose only ONE IVA. Either FullRetro or Mr. Glass, and place its respective .cfg into your gamedata folder. ??? Play with Shuttles till you're bored. Legalise: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Under no circumstance is this mod, or any derivative of it, authorized to be released on CKAN or any other mod management tool without my express written consent
  8. G'th

    Why is Saturn I... Saturn?

    Well generally just by fact that it was several rocket stages clustered together meant it needed a new designation, and that original designation was Juno V. However, in time as it came to be used to launch the initial Apollo CSM hardware for flight testing purposes, it was re-designated as the Saturn 1. THis is why the more well known Saturn 1B is named the 1B, as that launcher was derived from the Saturn 1.
  9. Soon FullRetro has some fixes in the meantime that need to be done, and this one still needs to go through not-me testing.
  10. Most cinematic KSP screenies ever?
  11. ^ yes it does, and you'd be wise to uninstall it anyway, as they wouldn't overlap. And, without further ado, I introduce to the world something thats going to make every Shuttle nut out there literally shat brix. MR. GLASS
  12. Hmm, not sure what you mean?