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  1. I may return to that idea when we get to Pol. I'm not confident in my ability to do it right at the moment but Pol is going to necessitate it, so thats what we'll look forward to. Eve for me simply isn't the right place to experiment with it as I'm going to want that to be a lot more subtle than it will be on Pol, and I'm going to want to approach Eve with a better idea of how far I can stretch the idea.
  2. Alrighty friendos, here's the new Eve. The terrain was completely redone and is now a more direct recreation of the original topography, and I brought it back to be a bit more purple forward. There's still a healthy amount of blue in there (and some green), but its much less Vaporwave planet now. But the real shining star here is the EVE effects. Featured are, obviously, counter rotating clouds, but also 3 polar vortexes, two smaller ones in the north pole, and a much larger one in the south pole. Also, my imagining of what Venusian auroras would look like, though modestly exaggerated. I'm going to be toying with the vortexes a bit to make them look less like just plain ol' hurricanes (and I also need to adjust the aurora texture as we have some polar pinching in there), but otherwise I think we can call Eve more or less finalized for this stage. And with EVE: While unintentional, the Auroras actually "shine" when you change camera positions, so that's a super neat thing I managed to make happen.
  3. While its not quite ready just yet, I believe you're going to be very happy with the work I've done on Eve today.
  4. Annnnd Moho again, now with solar wind bashing into it. This was inspired by Astronomer's Visual Pack which did a similar effect, though mine is a bit more subtle and takes cues off of the scene from For All Mankind when a solar storm hits the Moon, causing weird waves to crest across the surface. (If you have trouble spotting it, watch the reddish areas in the bottom left, as thats where it was most visible in this particular instance)
  5. Some naked Pics of Kerbin in preparation for its eventual Touchy Feely time
  6. Update First, here's an update for Moho. A wee bit different but it better illustrates that its close to Kerbol and is getting hella blasted. Up next I'm going to add some subtle effects to show this off as well (Still exaggerated from real life but we can do that :D) I will note though that the experiments I alluded to regarding planetary rings did not pan out, so we won't have anything particularly neat there, but even so. And on the note of Kerbol, here is Kerbol itself from various points from Moho to Duna to Eeloo, updated and at the proper resolution. I'm inclined to keep it this color for now, but that may change down the line to be a bit more golden yellow than red-orange. It really depends on what it turns out to look like on Kerbin.
  7. It will indeed. The standard will be 16k but there will also be 8k and 4k versions available.
  8. We have indeed. (ingore what Duna looks like) Possibly. Its also possible I may go a different direction; just depends.
  9. If you look back you'll find that Mic and Ike have long since been in Dunatian orbit And while I haven't thought on it much so far, I'm inclined towards keeping Eve more Venus than alien.
  10. Thats actually what I intended it to be lol. In a similar orbit and everything.
  11. Definitely an accident, though for me it looks more like one of these
  12. Okeedokee gents, ladies, and germs, this is a milestone post. All 35 worlds completed in 38 days. With these last 3 worlds in-game, we're now ready to move along to the EVE stage of things, which will basically be a mix of adding cool stuff to each world, but also finalizing any worlds (Ie, most of them) that still need or want adjustments to their looks. We'll be starting at the Sun and radiating outwards, and I edited the OP with the general gameplan for each world. But that is all to come after I take, I think, a well deserved break. While I don't feel burned out per-say, I'd rather take the time for caution (heh) and just, do something else. Probably kill zombies and rob people. But anyways, here's the last 3 worlds. Gilly and Bop now occupy the Asteroid belt alongside Dres, and while I don't show them in these pics, the two asteroids are actually (and unintentionally) very similar in shape. I'm inclined to keep them as semi-twins, but we shall see. And newcomer Lypso slots in just after Tylo in the Jool system, pushing Laythe out into a more inclined Titan-esque orbit. Lypso is a Callisto analogue, and does feature the scant atmosphere found there. Both it and Tylo should be a considerable challenge to land on alongside Laythe. I had thought to replace Tylo with it and put Tylo somewhere else, but I ultimately decided against it after realizing that Laythe is really the odd one out here, and not Tylo. Laythe if anything should take the place of Tekto, but thats lame, so I think this solution works best. Gilly Bop Lypso
  13. Thatmo and Nissee coming in hot. Five more bodies left. Plock and Karen are up next, and then Bop and Gilly (which are going to be in the asteroid belt), and then we're going to do a Callisto thing for Jool to finish out the system. After that I plan on taking a short-ish break before moving on to the EVE stage, which will involve obviously getting the various EVE effects in place, but will also involve finalizing each bodies looks. We'll start at Moho and radiate outwards.
  14. Neidon. Mildly unimpressive imo, but we'll be coming back around to it for the EVE stage of things, which will be the more exciting time for the gas giants.
  15. Coming in hot with the Urlum system finished for the momento. Priax: Polta: Tal: And a nice little orbital shot of the Ring system. It'll be a fun place to jaunt around in i'm sure.
  16. Thoughts on this take on Vall? And also, here is Wal and newcomer Knut. Tal is being moved to be an inner ring moonlet for Pun purposes. I also didn't intend for Knut to look exactly like a blueberry from certain angles but I am not disappointed.
  17. Definitely agree on that one. Darker colors are hard lol. Thats the neat part, we wont! Lol, To put it simply, this is mostly just to mess around. Most likely the final version will not be tilted, and we'll leave that up to Principia support (as that appears to be the only working mod that actually produces real axial tilt). This will also be important for the sake of the moons, as they're going to be the part you interact with more. And IIRC KSP2 is going to support tilt natively so whenever we port to KSP2 we'll just be good to go. That being said, though, I'm inclined to incline the planet -somewhat-. So it will be tilted, but only to the extent that the Moons rotating around it normally don't look excessively weird. Think along the lines of how Saturn looks from Earth; relatively shallow angle but still visibly tilted. If this ends up the case then most likely we'll keep it going forward into real axial tilt. After all, Urlum isn't supposed to be Uranus, so we have leeway to not be the exact same planet.
  18. Urlummm. Faked axial tilt, but I think it'll do the job. Looks neat in motion too: (Note the flickering is compression)
  19. And here we have Tekto. The EVE set definitely suits it better over Laythe, and ironically without the clouds and additional haze, Tekto just starts to look like Green Titan. This is also another one where the OG terrain was more or less recreated perfectly, though it is hard to see all things considered outside of some of the thinner haze areas. And here's a shot without any of the clouds, which will give an idea of the terrain and ocean underneath:
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