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  1. Also updated the OP with current state of worlds and things to do.
  2. Slate is such a pain in the rear lmao. Its telling that this ended up taking me as long as it did. Its not exact to the original, but it sticks to the general idea of it. The original is just...ugh. Its hard to explain but the way it was done is just, so antithetical to how I work in creating these planets, which is why it took as long as it has to really nail down something I was happy with. Still needs some tweaks, namely to make the surface a bit more reflective given what it is, and the normals needs some love (ie, more oomph), but I'm happy enough with it to move along to Tekto to finish out the Sarnus system. Oh and the orbit needs tweaked. As nice as the views are its too close to Eeloo atm lol. Completely misjudged how far out the orbit would be.
  3. Eventually. Im running into a bit of a slump over Slate as Slate is just...ugh...but once we get past it things should progress a bit more rapidly; Tekto will be easier in comparison and the rest of the worlds aren't complicated. Then comes the EVE visuals stage where Im gonna cleanup each world and finalize their looks. Then biome and Parallax integration. And at that point is right around when Ill introduce a closed beta to track down bugs and work out mod compatibility. Ill be reaching out for whose interested in that when the time comes. The EVE stage shouldn't take long at all, as I've slowly been accumulating the assets for it as I go, so its just a matter of sitting down and knocking out the configs, and generally speaking outside if any full redos (ie, Vall) most of the worlds should be finalized otherwise. Parallax and Biomes will only take me as long as it takes to do the biomes. Parallax is dead simple to implement and Ive already got all the resources for it, including spiffy new scatters. And the beta will go on as long as it needs to. The main point for whoever I take on as testers will be to just go to every world and explore it as hard as possible looking for any issues and their approximate location, so I can go in and fix them. But as I pump out different compatibility patches Ill also be asking for double checks on them. (Ie, are my DOE colors good, did I screw up the antenna distanced, is there something misplaced for KSC extended, etc etc) Im hoping we can get to the first public release before KSP2 drops, and given how fast I can go Im pretty confident we'll make it.
  4. Vall is proving to be a hard one to really nail down. I'm pretty satisfied for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if we get another redo in on it before the end. But in the meantime, I think I nailed the ever loving !#$*!#$ out of Eeloo. I wanted to keep closer to the stock Eeloo, but I also included some craters to speak to the OPM version of it (which just slaps randomized Voronoi craters over top the original, kinda weak)
  5. New Vall. Annnnd a neat little shot of the entire Jool system from Tylo (Pol is the tiny little dot to the right of Vall).
  6. I can definitely get behind some more color on Duna; I'm thinking we can introduce that in the cratered regions, as I think thats where a lot of it would show up, with some streaks depositing off in the plains. Most likely Not-Killimanjaro and Not-Mariner Valley will keep to their current colors though, as they represent real time resurfacing. And yeah, Pol is peculiar, given that both it and its inspiration Io are fundamentally just ugly little sulfur stained rocks. Hopefully. It'll depend on how planet making ends up on KSP2. Supposedly theres a lot more going on under the hood in that regard so we'll have to see. Generally as long as I'm able to achieve everything I want to do with it that I can do now in KSP1, then it'll get ported. But until thats possible, I'll probably stick to KSP1.
  7. New Pol. Same general idea as the original, but much closer to OG Pol as well as Io.
  8. Threw out the old color map and started over. Not entirely certain if I love this or hate it.
  9. First go at a "final" Duna. Ironically I nailed the terrain I was going for but now the color mapping is proving problematic. I got the violent iron oxide red I was going for (and managed to balance for it so that we have blue sunsets), but obviously the poles got washed out, and its a bit monochromatic for my tastes, which also ends up obscuring a lot of the details. So that will need some love. But we're getting there. And for reference to whats to come for Duna, among the various weirdo Mars things I'm going to emulate (because of course I am), I also plan on specifically tuning its eventual dust storms to be somewhat like this: Obviously we aren't going to be able to have that dust get kicked up by speed racers or whatever these things are, but thats the sort of visual I want for the Dust storms. Its Duna, so we can have fun with it
  10. Its mostly going to depend on two things. What texture resolution you opt for (all my stuff runs from 2k-16k), and whether or not you get Parallax. If you opt out of Parallax and go for a lower resolution, then its basically no impact. If you go full send into 16k + Parallax, then it'll be pretty heavy, but not so heavy that the game is unplayable.
  11. What I hope to be the definitive final surface for Kerbin. The atmosphere is definitely gonna need a lot of poking, prodding, and tweaking to really get right for what I want, but the surface is like, 99% perfect, and also 99% accurate to the original Kerbin .
  12. I agree on Sarnus and Eve; finetuning them gonna be a task to tackle for the EVE stage of things. Sarnus in particular carries that blue hue throughout because the actual planet itself underneath the clouds is solid blue. Thats still going to be a thing (it is for a very specific reason), its just going to be a matter of adjusting it so it looks the way it needs to. Jool ironically would have the same issue if it weren't for the fact that its a dull grey under its clouds, making it basically undetectable. As for Duna, its due for another redo, and yeah bringing it closer to the original hue is going to be part of the changes; part of the reason for the current tone was actually more to get Mars right rather than Duna right. I think both it and Kerbins redos are gonna be on the docket today before I keep going with the OPM worlds. I think especially with the success of the two OPM remakes so far that my skills have advanced enough to where these will hopefully be the last redos I do for these worlds. I have (and had) a clear vision for what these worlds ougbt to be and I think now I can get closer to my mental image than I could have the last time I tried. And I don't think its a coincidence those three worlds in particular are your favorites. All three directly sample various parts of the highest resolution height maps Ive been able to find, those being Mercury, Mars, the Moon, and Ceres. 21k,41k,96k,and 21k respectively, to illustrate that. Working with that much data its pretty easy to see how the worlds that do the least to distort the original data end up looking fantastic. Mun technically is all four worlds smashed together (in a very curated way), while Dres is a Mercury/Ceres kitbash, while Tylo was a Mars base with Ceres and Mercury brought in for additional details.
  13. Its actually being built directly as a 2.5xish version. Its not exactly 2.5x and is more a mix between 2.5x and 2.7x. I'm thinking the idea will be for people that want it at stock size that I can offer a patch that scales everything down. And here's Hale. Slightly different color palette on this one, but it looks nice for a little gob of gunk.
  14. Ovok. Unironically my best creation so far, just for the sake of precisely recreating this little e g g in 2022.
  15. It already became a full remake when I realized simply swapping in new color maps isn't really enough to make anything look better to my standards, hence falling down the rabbit hole of becoming a big boy planet maker. (which was ultimately a good thing, as my skills are getting better and better every day now). When I first posted this thread my initial attempt was just a cruddy paint-over of the stock Kerbin color map; I didn't even redo the normals lol; and even still some said it was the best looking Kerbin they had seen. But, that being said, the idea for the OPM worlds is to stick very close to their original designs, which I've already had a successful trial run with with Laythe; the Laythe in this mod is practically identical to the original in terms of topology, but the height map and resulting color and normal maps are that much better for it after resurfacing it. For the OPM moons, this same idea is going to be carried forward, and that's actually been what I've been doing since I put Sarnus in; I've been in my Play install hopping around these moons and actually experiencing them as a player, so that I can then carry the best parts of them forward. I have definitely taken more liberties with the Stock planets, but thats because they don't have much going for them otherwise. Obviously of course there's going to be instances where things are fundamentally just "different", but thats something I think is going to be good in the long run. OPM is old, and the audience I'd expect would want to play in this system are people who have already put plenty of hours on the original OPM mod, so having some freshness to it is going help play into that. I certainly get where you're coming from, but it also has to be said that I don't find working with OPM to be constraining at all. After all, working within the relative confines of the Stock solar system wasn't constraining (creatively speaking I actually work better with constraints than otherwise), and ultimately when it comes down to it, its the same reason when I was doing SOL that I didn't want to just make my own version of the RSS system at Kerbal scale. KSRSS already existed, why go out of my way to make a duplicate mod just for the sake of different visuals? Even abandoning stock entirely would work against that logic. That all being said, Ad Astra is factually more than just visuals at this point, and it is probably fair to not label it as though its merely a visual pack for OPM and stock,, so I'll adjust the title to reflect what it is, which is more of a reimagining.
  16. Spread out the yellow banding more and adjusted the blending. I think I'm happy with this for now.
  17. Did a color swap on the blue bands and filled out the Ring a bit more. Sarnus is definitely gonna be a problem child, I can feel it.
  18. Initial Go at Sarnus. Ring needs to be filled out a bit more. Thoughts on the pallette here? I do want blue in there, but may be we can swap some of the more prominent blues for yellows to bring it closer to Sarnus' original pallete, and then I can concentrate the blues to the Poles.
  19. NuLaythe And a peak under the clouds The current cloud set is pilfered directly from the original Huygen config from old Ad Astra. Most likely I'm not going to adopt the textures out of AVP directly, but instead will remake them in this sort of style. The color set likewise is also not final. I'm still undecided on if I want to keep with this look, or go for more of a blue grey look, which I'm leaning towards. It really depends on Tekto, as I'm going to want the balance the visuals between the two moons so that they're distinct from one another, and the more I look at it the more I think Tekto would probably be better off with this, while Laythe get something else (like its original design coupled with my original ideas for it). But, deciding on all that will be for the EVE visuals stage of things. For right now this initial cloud set works for just having pretty screenshots to reference. That being said, it is quite amazing thus far.
  20. Its actually being designed at that scale, so no rescale will be necessary, unless you want to squish back down to stock size, which is a potential option I think we might add. And sure, but at that point you're on your own as you'd have to make your own kitbashed planet pack. Nothing to stop you from doing that, but its not something that'd be supported.
  21. annnnd Tylo. Normals are jacked, but it gets the idea across for now. (i'm also aware of that seam, it will be dealt with most harshly)
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