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  1. Initial Go at Sarnus. Ring needs to be filled out a bit more. Thoughts on the pallette here? I do want blue in there, but may be we can swap some of the more prominent blues for yellows to bring it closer to Sarnus' original pallete, and then I can concentrate the blues to the Poles.
  2. NuLaythe And a peak under the clouds The current cloud set is pilfered directly from the original Huygen config from old Ad Astra. Most likely I'm not going to adopt the textures out of AVP directly, but instead will remake them in this sort of style. The color set likewise is also not final. I'm still undecided on if I want to keep with this look, or go for more of a blue grey look, which I'm leaning towards. It really depends on Tekto, as I'm going to want the balance the visuals between the two moons so that they're distinct from one another, and the more I look at it the more I think Tekto would probably be better off with this, while Laythe get something else (like its original design coupled with my original ideas for it). But, deciding on all that will be for the EVE visuals stage of things. For right now this initial cloud set works for just having pretty screenshots to reference. That being said, it is quite amazing thus far.
  3. Its actually being designed at that scale, so no rescale will be necessary, unless you want to squish back down to stock size, which is a potential option I think we might add. And sure, but at that point you're on your own as you'd have to make your own kitbashed planet pack. Nothing to stop you from doing that, but its not something that'd be supported.
  4. annnnd Tylo. Normals are jacked, but it gets the idea across for now. (i'm also aware of that seam, it will be dealt with most harshly)
  5. Decided to break up the big lava canyon a bit, and added some more bits.
  6. Pol Also occurs to me I'm way off on Jool's size relative to its first moon, so thats about to get hella adjusted. As for Pol itself, first go came out great. The massive canyon in the middle is indeed filled with Lava, and I plan on looking into different things I can do to try and make it emit light, which may be possible? IDK, it didn't work on my first try but may be I just did it wrong. I think its also going to have an atmosphere as well, to emulate the idea of Pol as a constantly volcanic world; after all, its literally covered in thousands of them. Also, in regards to Bop and Gilly, which you might find conspicuously absent from their respective worlds, I plan on moving them into the asteroid belt region, to become analogues to the other 2 bodies in that region.
  7. Nu Mun. Heavily cratered like the original Mun, but just so, so, so much better at it.
  8. Sike Edition Current in-progress Pics: Moho (kind of overly dark, will need to tweak that): Eve: Kerbin and Minmus (Mun to be redone, Kerbin also to be redone, pictures mostly to show off that I managed to recreate most of the original atmospheric look for Kerbin from the old Ad Astra): Duna (and Mic and Ike; Ignore what Duna looks like in the picture of Mic, the Duna in the Ike picture is the proper look for it) Dres (The canyon's shine in sunlight and mimics the look of Bismuth in some places; color pallete for the rest of the planet is still iffy, so that may change eventually) And finally Jool, my first Gas Giant, which looks pretty great considering its a barebones first attempt: But it looks even better in Motion
  9. Suggestion, could we get a toggle for the little stabilizer on the rear fuselage? I know its accurate to the show, but its just so ugly lmao.
  10. Don't get me wrong, as a baseline the mod is going to be pushed as hard as I can push it. But I'm also big on accessibility, so in general it shouldn't be that much heavier than stock+OPM was, particularly if one chooses to skip or downgrade the other visual aspects like the eventual EVE and Parallax applications. Probably yeah Pol and Laythe will swap places.
  11. Should be noted that like KSP, KSP2 is unlikely to be aimed at people with high-end gaming rigs. The stock game is supposed to be super accessible, and KSP2 only really needs to exceed the visuals of stock KSP1, which it of course will.
  12. That is an interesting idea. A very interesting idea in fact, and I think I know q good way to do it. Nice!
  13. Added a general roadmap and included my intentions for each world to the OP.
  14. Right but the issue with it is is that at the weight it was designed at it doesn't have enough deceleration to safely reach a hover before it hits the ground, even aiming for the lowest elevations on Mars. Everything about it would have to increase in relative size to be able to make it work at the same weight, so it becomes a question of whats viable if you could give NASA more accurate models of Mars to work with than what they had by 1969. There's also the issue that it needs to bleed speed from high orbits over Mars as thats where the MTV would be sitting, in addition to the ascent stage being able to make that same high orbit. So realistically, they'd likely have to do an aero-braking design that then goes for a full retro-propulsive burn to the surface. They'd only need to move up to a 10m diameter that way (which in addition to some structural redesigns would give them enough fuel to do it) and wouldn't need to spend budgets on a may be might work ballute system. It doesn't really need exotic fuels. Using flourine as an oxidizer is an awful idea even by Soviet standards, and doesn't give the system enough of a boost to justify having to maintain the fuel over a 2 year voyage.
  15. You'll come to see that I'm what one might call a perfectionist. Plus it also doesn't help that as I continue to work on these worlds I get better at it, so my earlier work starts to look worse to me than it did when I originally made it, making me want to re-do it. Which I'm about to do for Mun lol But on that note, here's the initial go at Duna.
  16. Oh god, its the hinge!!!! Never did think we'd see this one in KSP, so this is pretty exciting.
  17. Actually the JSC Shuttle II was likely about the same size as the original Orbiter; it came in at around 5 tons lighter in empty mass, and thats including the empty wingboard tanks. While one could theorize they'd build it out of lighter materials (and they seem to have, as they use RCC over more of the orbiter), I doubt that would translate into a significantly larger vehicle. But that being said, the difference in sizes we'd see in KSP probably aren't going to be that big, so its probably fine.
  18. The, I think, 6th iteration of Kerbin. This one I think I'm pretty satisfied with. It also has lore, which is going to be a thing I think. Obviously of course there's no scatterer work and the EVE effects are just copy/pasted in from Sol, and the normal still needs some work, but its come together really well today.
  19. Ehh I'm pretty keen on keeping Laythe the classic Laythe. Tylo I plan on bringing closer to Iapetus which was, according to Nova, the general inspiration for it.
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