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  1. TMK these types of stages just ran off the reactors in the engines. But that could also have just been me misunderstanding.
  2. Minmus Ended up scaling it a bit too big, which as a consequence robs it of some of its dramatic heights and lows, but that will be adjusted in time. You'll also notice a cloud layer that's pretty visible; thats going to be replaced with a genuine atmosphere and thus scatterer...probably. I don't think anyone's actually ever used scatterer to give a moon a barely existent atmosphere, but it would be a lot better for my purposes to use it over an EVE hack.
  3. Down the line yes. I'm still learning myself and Parallax is going to be a pretty big leap, so I'm working my way towards it. Most likely won't be before this mod releases though.
  4. Looking great. You may not be sparing us from the JPL's cursed abomination, but may be in the future this bad boy could get some love? Its basically derivative of the JPL variant, but less cursed lol.
  5. How about a little crowd sourcing? I didn't originally intend to end up resurfacing every world, but now that I'm fully dedicated to the Kool Aid, that's what we're gonna do, not just for the stock worlds but also for OPM (because lets face it, they old yo). The general intent is always going to be to retain the original idea of the bodies, and to simply improve on them dramatically. So for instance, Laythe will still look like Laythe, but will have more interesting terrain and, in cases where its appropriate, will take cues from the real world that inspired it. For instance, I already know I'm going to put a huge canyon on Duna to speak to the essence of the Mariner Valley, but I have a neat twist in mind to really sell it. Ike of course is nothing like Mars' real moons, so my vision is an Ike that's missing part of itself...possibly it might even have a subtle ring of debris? :O And so on for the rest of the worlds. But, as good as my ideas often are, sometimes I get stumped, especially when its something weird, like Minmus. So I put it to my loyal like-clickers and passer by. What would you add to Minmus? Or any other world for that matter? My ideas thus far for Minmus are of course to retain the smooth, icy plateaus and plains (and to also make them reflective), and I think I want to squeeze in a cryovolcano somewhere, or at least something akin to one, given Minmus is supposed to just be a big old comet. I also think I'm going to introduce "younger" craters to the plains regions I end up creating, where a singular crater would crack the ice, so to speak, which would help break up the flat areas a bit, and I've actually sourced some really nice dunes to add to the plateaus for the same effect. But what else? Is there anything else? Shoot your shots.
  6. It will only get better Perfectionism will do that. Plus, now that I've basically graduated to big boy planet modding I've basically entered the Matrix.
  7. Further refinements. Better coastlines and no more random fake rivers lol. Not quite perfect, and I also jacked up the normals so that'll need some love.
  8. Perhaps if the idea is to still retain 2D in scaled space, then may be getting bump maps to work again is the workaround? But there again IDK how accurately the new system translates the cloud texture into the volumetrics. The way I see it, if you can do, more or less, 1:1 translations between the 2D texture and the volumetrics, than may be by fading into 2D, the bump map can pick up the slack for giving the 3D effect. You might have Preserve Cloud Colors toggled in Scatterer.
  9. Ya know, when I first repainted Kerbin I basically didn't know what I was doing. I just jumped in head first and made the best thing I could. But now I've learned quite a lot. Here's the new Kerbin. Still needs some tweaks to bring out the details at high orbit, but its looking great so far. Next steps are to figure out how to make the surface work in my favor. In resurfacing I did my best to maintain the same general height for the marked locations (Ie, stock launch sites and such), but some are still off, and I also haven't even looked at what everything else looks like thus far, so that will be fun. I'm particularly proud though of the ocean on this one, and will be stealing the relevant textures from myself for SOL
  10. Next up on the docket, now that I've become a member of the Tangram cult, is to completely resurface Kerbin. The idea is to keep to what the original looks like (Ie, mountains will be where you expect them to be, and the land masses will largely be unchanged), but with far greater detailed terrain.
  11. The new Mun seems to be in a pretty solid state, for now. The actual surface needs some love (i'm still learning the nuance in jacking up the settings so I'm getting some heckin crazy mountains lmao), but in scaled space we're in a pretty good spot.
  12. Behold, what I did instead of sleep, something I should hope will be extremely apparent in the jump in quality from my first draft: This was quite the process. After getting the 64k data I had to go through the task of extrapolating for the missing data, which was tedious as all get out, but was well worth it in the end. Thankfully, once that was done and in-game, it was pretty easy to mock up the initial cloud set (which I promise is actually really awesome when it isn't washed out like it is in real life): The general idea for Venus, as you're unlikely to plunge anything down to its surface, is going to be to aim for something akin to this: Already done is the simple idea of there being a sort of "sandwich" region in the atmosphere where you could have a thick cloud deck below and a more earth-like cloudy sky above. I'm not 100% certain if that is true to life, but even if it ultimately isn't, I'm going to permit True Sight some artistic liberty because this is just too good to pass up. As such, I'm also going to introduce dynamics to that lower cloud deck. Now that cyclonic storms are in fact a possibility, one could arguably recreate this exact picture. (even more so once we get the new Volumetrics). For Vibrance, it will be a pretty simple take, and Venus will be going blueish, mimicking the Ultraviolet false color imagery of Venus. For the surface, though, I'm thinking of going in a different direction and introducing a sort of "hybrid", between my more accurate to life colors and the bog standard Cheetoh landscape. What that means? If you're familiar with gemstones, think Gold and Blue Sandstone Now, I'm still learning about Venus, so additional features for the planet are pretty scant atm. I do know I want to recreate the S-shaped polar vortices, and I plan on introducing the theorized aurora formation to the planet as well (which is similar to Mars in that they supposedly could appear anywhere, but are much more dispersed and "loosely" structured than even Martian auroras are). As I learn about Venus, I'll look into providing more little things. Down the line I do want to go ahead and do lava flows on the surface; that along with pretty much everything else to do with the surfaces of these worlds will come in time.
  13. Daddy government came through and granted me a 64k map of Venus' surface. Very happy things are happening in the Gth house tonight
  14. I am tempted actually; now that I'm learning about Kopernicus I'm starting to get ideas for my own fully original planet pack so it may well be worth it to practice Especially because I have something very very special and also never-been-done-by-anyone-ever planned for this mod, so at some point I'll need to pick up the relevant skills
  15. While its still a rough draft, Venus is likely going to be the most accurate representation of it ever put to a video game. The above coloring is what Venus' surface should actually look like without its oppressive atmosphere, at least in theory. We obviously don't know what its entire surface is like in terms of visual variety (as obviously despite the planet being similar in composition to Earth that means precisely diddly and squat for our purposes), so instead I extrapolated the above based on color corrected photographs from the Venera landers, which presented a gradient of colors not too dissimilar from the Moon. The gross yellowy orange nonsense we typically see in Venus recreations is not true to life; after all, we don't exactly throw in Earth's atmosphere (and thus the global bluish haze) into its surface texture do we? So why do we do that for Venus? Lazy! The normal here is overly exaggerated (i'm still finetuning and cleaning up the height map itself), but should give a rough idea of the terrain, which is derived from actual topography data which has had its missing bits either filled in with adjacent features, where practical, or simply had the already existing features extended into them. While not 100% accurate, its also unlikely based on the radar maps that the actual terrain in these missing sections are in actuality all that different from what one will see here.
  16. Also today I have greatly refined my normal making process, so we're gonna see some pretty big leaps in the next release, which is also going to come with brand spanking new heightmaps (that are actually accurate).
  17. Guess what I found out how to do? Special thanks to @Poodmundand @rbray89for figuring this out 8 years ago lmao. It also works with dynamics, so it'll dissipate and reappear at random.
  18. As I slam my head into Kopernicus I decided to take a break and use what I learned to experiment with some jacked normals.
  19. Its kind of up in the air atm. I want to be able to provide the mod at fully stock scale for those who want it (and even without OPM for those who want just better visuals for the stock system), but I also appreciate not having to rely on Sigma Dimensions as well. Most likely the mod will, as a base, be the stock system at stock scale, and then one can download and install patches to add my eventual take on OPM, and then another to scale the entire system stock+OPM, most likely to something resembling KSRSS.
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