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  1. Hi can some one make a mod for a robotic arm if I make the 3d models and texture? Infernal robotic robot arm does not seem to work anymore.
  2. You should continue the AMURE again!

  3. Lets call that one the cramped module Cmk6 just kidding no ill go for the 2 internals
  4. I'm starting to think that now as i have 2 textures for the command pods. I could make internals for each texture and make the high textured one 2 man, for longer flights. And the more stock like would be 4 man for more close to kerbin flights. and place them in the tech tree accordingly. What do you guys think ?
  5. your right mate and i did mention that if the pole is voted for 3 man i will make it a 4 man as i had intended. and you have a valid point apolo used old technology and because of that was very cramped. If we wanted we could probably manage a full flight form here to mars with an iphone as a computer. So lets not argue with the amount of kerbals this will hold. 2 or 4 are the options or ill seriously make an iphone lookalike to be the central control panel in this command pod
  6. Yes there seams to be a problem with the docking port attaching to the stock one. ill try to fix that problem.
  7. some of the parts are still missing as this is a experimental mod still and i'm working on the other parts
  8. Well the first idea was for a 4 man capsule. if the pole tips in favor of the 3 man pod i'll think about the forth seat. I'll also think about making a alternative texture that is more stock like.
  9. ill put up a pole for witch crew capacity pod every one would like the most 2 man or 3 man capsule so i can make the internals accordingly. but ass the real chute config will have to wait as i am a bit limited with my time right now. But if some one could make one and here it here in the comments that would be great.
  10. yes the pod is 2.5m and it can carry 3 kerbals. att the moment it uses the mk1-2 pod internals. it is to be upgraded with my own modeled inernals
  11. So that's where it was from I remember seeing a parachute in a youtube video ones and liked it so much i tryed to replicate its as best as i could. well hats off to the person who ever made that particular canopy. (you where my inspiration:) )
  12. But thank you anyway. If ill run in to any other problems in the future i just might contakt you
  13. Thank you every one. the problem seamed to bee that the hard edges where not creased properly like Starwaste proposed. but thank you all for the helpful tips.
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