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  1. I'm getting the same thing after the latest update. Sent the log and now getting crickets chirping. Obviously, I'm not the only one having this issue. So, they need to post something in the forum telling us they're working on the fix. In this instance, silence is NOT golden.
  2. The new release came out last night and I got on the forum to see the status of my favorite mods. I don't download any this early because they're always buggy and the modders need time to work them out. But, I looked and see that not only are the mod not ready (as expected) but some have thrown in the towel due to some toad pestering and insulting the modders. Now, I understand about being anxious about getting the updates to your favorite mods but everyone needs to just take a breath and chill out until they are ready. All you are doing is making the modders anxious and creating more bugs in the process. Wait a week for your mod and give them time. You'll end up with a happier modder who will build a better mod in the end. So, relax, don't worry, and have a homebrew while you wait. And a big thanks to all the modders out there working hard. We look forward to all the wonderful things you want to give us.
  3. Let's just say it involves a Mk1 Command Pod, some rubber bands, Micro landing struts, and an embarrassing situation. DON'T JUDGE ME! JEREMIAH!!!!
  4. I started with Orbiter, too. But, I wanted to build rockets and space stations and it had no easy way to do that. Found KSP and tried out the demo. Downloaded it at .23 and loved it.
  5. First, I'm sorry if this thread already exists somewhere. I did do a search and didn't find one. So, if there is a thread, it's likely long dead and buried. So, I'm wondering what other hobbies KSP players have besides KSP. Mine are varied and eclectic. First,I'm a private pilot and am working on building my own sport airplane called a HiMax. It's a single seat light sport aircraft that will go about 75mph powered by a Rotax engine or a motorcycle engine. Not fast enough to actually go anywhere except flying around and having fun. Second, I'm into ham radio and enjoy working on my radios. Now, if you're thinking of glowing vacuum tubes and "10-4 good buddy" you have the wrong image. Modern ham radio is very digital and science driven. Even though you will want to make contacts with other hams, the real thrill is understanding propagation and resonance frequencies. I've had fun making contacts of over 1700 miles with less wattage then what you have in your cell phone without all the huge corporate overhead necessary to make a cell phone call. My radio to another radio in southern mexico on as little as 500mW with a little pocket radio I built with my own two hands. Now that's cool! Third, I brew my own beer. And before you ask, yes it's legal. It's been legal to brew up to 200 gallons of beer a year sense 1979. Local laws to come into play so before you run out and start brewing your own, check and make sure you're following the local restrictions. For example, In Arizona, it's 100 gallons per year per legal adult up to 200 gallons per year. And what happens if you brew over 200 gallons, you ask? You have to pay a liquor tax. But think about that for a minute. If you're brewing over 200 gallons of beer a year, that means you're drinking over half a gallon of beer every day 7 days a week. And, if you're doing that, you may have bigger problems that you need to take care of. I have lots of others but those are my top three hobbies. I'm interested in what other hobbies my fellow kerbalnauts have. Let me know.
  6. I don't even run it in steam. I go to the folder where Steam puts it and run it directly from there. Rarely run Steam at all.
  7. Wait a minute... Felipe made game? Cool! I wonder what it's going to be called?
  8. Some time ago, there was talk of Squad adding some more gas giants to the system. But, even after the latest release, the planets remain essentially the same. Any news of adding more planets to the system or has that been scrapped for good? I know there are mods I could add but I'm interested if Squad is going to add any official planets.
  9. There is a problem with Nvidia cards where you try to turn is off the visual indicator in the control panel it just resets and leaves the setting checked. And Nvidia's solution to this problem is... ( drum roll ) nothing. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. This is a known issue that has been reported to Nvidia over several years (first post is 2011) and their decision is just to ignore it. Some people had found that uninstalling the drivers and then reinstalling them MAY fix the issue. However, in some cases (as in my case) it makes no difference. I'm running this on a laptop and am looking for a replacement so I now know what video card NOT to get. I would express my true feeling for Nvidia here but this is a family friendly forum.
  10. I downloaded the 1.1 version and now at the top of the screen it says "PHYSX>CPU". It didn't say that on version 1.0.5. Any explanation of why and how do I remove it?
  11. Forgive me, father, for I have sinned. It has been over a week sense I last played KSP and when I did, I didn't enjoy it. I find myself luster after the new 1.1 release and even download the pre-release. Sadly, even that didn't relieve my lust. I find myself annoyed at the existing bugs in the pre-release and frustrated by the slow lagging performance of 1.0.5. I've given up all hope of ever landing again on Laythe on the current release and find myself distracted planning ship designs in my mind for the new release. What must I do to atone for my sins?
  12. I wish the dev team would add a launch control that would do a go/no-go decision with a percent for a successful launch randomly generated. They could create humorous anecdotes for the decisions and increase the chance of failure of you decide to launch anyway.
  13. Wow! Talk about beating a dead horse. It's dead, people. DEAD. DEAD. DEAD. It's a rotting corpse that has decomposed into a putrid puddle of goo. It isn't cheating if the "cheats" can be accessed by pressing alt-F12. Sandbox mode is standard and was built and developed first. This horse is so dead that the flies have left it to go play Kerbal Space Program. There is no cheating. As Charles Dickens once said, "[Cheating] was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of his burial was signed by the {developers], the [debuggers], the [marketing team], and the chief [producer]. [Harvester] signed it: and [Harvester's] name was good upon 'Change, for anything he chose to put his hand to. Old [Cheating] was as dead as a door-nail."
  14. Currently, when you start a new game, you get an option for Sandbox, Science, and Career. They could add an option for Story. Also, I like the idea of 'cut scenes' and they could even use existing videos Squad have on YouTube. You're right about it not being for everyone. But, using the modes that currently exist aren't for everyone as it is. That's why there's a choice when you start a new game. Remember back in the day when you're only option for a new game was Sandbox mode? I'm not saying this is something that needs to come out in 1.1 or even 1.x. It was planned by some of the developers very early on in the development of the game and was put on the back burner when it got as busy as it currently is. But, I'm just saying this is something that could add another dimension to the game and possibly attract new players and increase revenue for Squad.
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