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  1. Alright, so I'm trying to get this mod to work, but I'm running into several game breaking bugs. 1) When I try to launch a craft, I tend to be put into orbit around the black hole instead of on the surface of Kerbin. Also, under these conditions, my craft is completely uncontrollable. Oddly enough, the atlas launch clamps from the FASA launch towers prevent this from happening, however... 2) Whenever I leave the game and come back (ie through tracking station), all the ships are in the same uncontrollable state, orbiting the black hole. Their orbits are highly eccentric, with an Ap of 13,000
  2. Yay for interstellar updating! But I don't like having the flat radiators being removed. I found them to be more practical and aerodynamic than the huge radiators. Most of my larger ships in Interstellar use the flat radiators.
  3. I had thought about this question before, but in another contexst. Say if someone like SpaceX lands humans on Mars or the Moon, is that "America returning to the Moon/landing on Mars"? What are the qualifications? Do they just need American astronauts on board, does SpaceX's chartering in America make it count as American? Do they have to be public NASA astronauts, or do commerical/university/private astronauts count as well? At lot of this has to do with taking credit for the achievement, but it also factors into the politics in funding a mission and the jobs politicians will bring back to th
  4. I do want to make this into a poster-like form. I love the idea of having them in the science classroom of a school, showing school kids how to get to Mars and back. Already read them both, plus a lot of other studies on mars missions. Nicholander: Yes, I will be using RSS. And EVE. Also, because of the 403 error, here's a link to the art gallery, under William Blake. I know I will be using tweak scale a lot (thank goodness for that mod), procedural fuel tanks, plus whatever other part mods required. I know the Near Future mod has trusses and tanks based on the Copernicus CTV, plus solar and
  5. So my understanding is that KAS's recent bugs are only specific to the windows 64 bit version? I'm using a mac. Also, the "grab box, explode" was happening to me before this update.
  6. I'm going to suggest that boosters that parachute down over land have higher recovery values than those landing in the ocean. Salt water corrosion was apparently a major issue with the shuttle's SRBs and made refurbishing them more expensive. The same would apply to liquid engines and all their delicate parts. In addition, if the booster in question has fuel left over at separation and a probe core, the game could also calculate if it has enough delta-v to do a rocket-assisted landing. Until that happens, I'm probably just going to strap multiple Marzia Boosters (my name for the LFB KR-1x2) a
  7. Boy Scouts of America has its own STEM program - I imagine Kerbal would fit right in with either the boy scout or venturing levels. One of the guys from my crew showed up to the Kerbal panel back at SXSW and he was very interested in the game. ENGINEERING. GOING TO SPACE. YAY.
  8. The proposed ones, of course. I feel that a lot of people don't know what exactly is required for a human mars mission - how much it costs, what the spacecraft(s) look like, what is done while on Mars, etc. Even I didn't really know what was required for the crew transits until I started playing KSP and then found out about all the NASA DRMs and such. I was already a proponent of sending humans to Mars, but having a better idea of what exactly is required made me even more confident in our ability to go and made me feel empowered as a citizen. I think there's this idea that a human mars missi
  9. I would rather not throw away my saves. Not everyone does the "new save for new version" thing. I personally am working through three major saves and I don't want to abandon any of them. Here's what I have: Ixnay-on-the-stupay: My 2nd save of the full version, active since ~November of 2013. I'm trying to conclude the save, mostly after learning so many things in the game and being "less stupid" (hence the game). Catrific-goes-to-Eve: My 2nd or 3rd career mode save, focused around a kerballed-Eve-mission. Project Colorado: My Interstellar career save. I've finished off the stock tech tree and
  10. New Horizons will be passing the orbital plane of Neptune on the day I move into University. Naturally, I'm excited.
  11. Back around the time the shuttle was retired, a couple of peak oilers and I had a discussion about the future of spaceflight. Their concern that scarce oil resources (i.e. ultra deepwater oil) and space age materials being petroleum based would make future civilizations unable to have access to space. Because 1) spaceflight as an enterprise is based on an industry and economy that needs cheap and plentiful energy and 2) Reaching remote sources of oil requires a lot of energy imput. It's like you're trying to mine platinum with a pickaxe. Oh, and they also mention the depletion of rare earth mi
  12. The ISS is meant to have a certification goal of 2028, with the mission being funded until at least 2024. Many documents I've seen state the ISS is critical part of research and preparation for humans to mars. What comes next in LEO? I'm thinking Bigelow style inflatable stations. I can see space agencies like NASA buying an inflatable or leasing space on one to conduct scientific research. I also see research universities and the like doing the same. So, you could see private astronauts riding on private spacecraft to private space stations. "private" being not part of a space agency.
  13. Quick question: Do the upgraded fission reactors come with Basic Nuclear Fusion or Particle Accelerators?
  14. Am I the only one who looked at the story and immediately though, "I want to create this in RSS!" Let's calculate this! I want to create a mission profile.
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