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  1. @Kussris the temperature units used by the default game and read by RPM is the Kelvin scale. Simple to convert (Kelvin uses 0 degrees as absolute zero; Celsius uses 0 degrees as freezing point of water). (Kelvin temperature) - 273.15 gets you Celsius.
  2. With regards to water consumption I could go for a disable on TACLS tanks / command modules. Not sure how difficult that would be code-wise. I can't say I've ever really used Lithium for breeding or much of anything really so I have no input in that regard.
  3. @Ricky_Jay AJE rather needs inlets as they describe how large; what type; and how the individual inlets can ingest air for engine usage. @Freethinker not sure how I feel about having two resources for the same. While I understand the frustration caused by eating up life support supplies for fuel one can just as easily (so long as you're paying attention) disable flow from the relevant locations or use TACFuelBalancer or GPOSpeedPump (GaiusGoodspeed's automagic fuel pumps updated) and monitor your fuel tanks while performing burns.
  4. Why have I just now seen this? Downloading and creating a MM config for usage w/ USI's construction line (more involved than ore -> metal -> rocketparts).
  5. No matter what you will need something with very high drag / lift to generate enough aerodynamic force on the wings to fly on Duna. Without building on-site or using infernal robotics it'll be rather difficult to get something reasonable there using the realism mods. If you aren't then it'll be much easier.
  6. Oh no I was just going to try to locate the old old definitions when KSP-I still defined them and compare to CRPs since I know at least back when it was maintained by its original author he tried to maintain correct unit masses. The oldest install I have backed up on this laptop for KSP-I is 10-14-14 (I think Boris's continuation) which shows the following resources: RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = UF4 density = 0.005 flowMode = ALL_VESSEL transfer = NONE isTweakable = true unitCost = 0.26 } RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = ThF4 density = 0.0042 flowMode = ALL_VESSEL transfer = NONE isTweakable = true unitCost = 0.063 } RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = UraniumNitride density = 0.0143 flowMode = ALL_VESSEL transfer = PUMP isTweakable = true unitCost = 0.7436 } RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = Actinides density = 0.005 flowMode = ALL_VESSEL transfer = NONE isTweakable = false } RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = DepletedFuel density = 0.005 flowMode = ALL_VESSEL transfer = PUMP isTweakable = false }
  7. @TheJewelOfJool - Should still be one. I still see it in the engines folder. TechRequired = cuttingEdgeSolarTech in its config if you haven't yet gotten that far in career. It looks rather a lot like a large cylinder in the parts list (actually quite a bit like the closed up soil moisture scanner from UKS) a large-ish 1.25 meter cylindrical object.
  8. Congrats on the release. The RSS support is rather huge \o/ <-----That big For one of my installs. Thank you kindly for your work on this.
  9. Eve is much hotter (as should be expected as a Venus analogue) than Kerbin due to a much thicker atmosphere that traps a ton more greenhouse gases. Jool should be a Hydrogen-based atmosphere; so not dense but due to gravitational fluctuations should be violently fast-moving. (Think Category 5 hurricane winds for a start...)
  10. I can't remember if RSS changes Kerbin's name to Earth in the PQS stuff or not. If it does that's why (KSP-I is looking for specific body names that rely on the stock planets remaining their same name; if they're changed KSP-I won't recognize them and will crash and burn like you see).
  11. Just information I was able to obtain the same results (no crashes after achieving orbit) with a factor of 10 vs 100 added to the Survey field. (20,000 vs 200,000 etc). I'm not sure what performance impact if any the different factors have on contract generation.
  12. If you're talking CryoEngines-based densities they're really REALLY lean. (more than 10:1 LH2/LOx as compared to 6.03:1 for the SSME). Also from what I've been reading stock fuels (as opposed to being dense to the point of a MethaLOx back in 0.23 / 0.25 are now more akin to storables like MMH/NTO) so I'm not sure how accurate you're going to get using stock or CryoEngines since Oxidizer is so far off compared to LOx.
  13. Essentially yes ss8913; that's what I had to do; but there's a number of .dlls that disable themselves in a 64 bit Windoze environment. You'll need to check ModuleManager, KSPAPIExtensions, FAR, DeadlyReentry, and possibly a few others that I'm sure I'm missing. I've been to that point myself (haven't personally run into any issues with the dlls with removed conditionals in a 32 bit environment on my end; but your mileage may vary; basically I have a clean 32 bit install but for the most part swap between the 64 bit exe and mono.dll on my 64 bit "dirty" install)
  14. Now that sir, is a gorgeous beast. And apologies for the apparent dating of myself (been using KSP-I since it was first released; completely forgot about the resource swap (names remained) after either Boris (for 0.90) or Freethinker (current). Also I wasn't completely off my rocker! REACTOR_FUEL_MODE { name = FissionUF4 ReactorType = 1 GUIName = Uranium Tetraflouride ChargedParticleRatio = 0.0 Aneutronic = False NormalisedReactionRate = 1.0 NormalisedPowerConsumption = 1.0 FUEL { name = EnrichedUranium FuelName = EnrichedUranium UsagePerMW = 1.530542611476e-11 Unit = l } } EDIT: Granted; that just telling the reactors how much fissionable mass is eaten per unit of power but I knew UF4 still existed in KSP-I...if only in name. I wish I could hop on the internet at my house; still have a 0.90 copy of KSP there with a 0.25 zipped up somewhere. It definitely had UF4 with correct mass when KSP-I had its own resource display (the ping-pong balls while flying over the planet).
  15. Honestly I can't remember now Raptor. I don't believe it does Nathan. Again though, it's been so long since I've not used a (one of Proot's) beautification pack I don't really remember what the stock planet / solar system looks like anymore O.o
  16. @magico13 I think the 64 bit (windows) stuff is just how the plugin loader handles startup procedures being different (might be slower or faster than 32 bit) and KCT is hiccuping at startup. Works just fine after scene swapping like I said. Far as 32 bit is concerned I honestly couldn't tell you if swapping functioned or not. I've only had it occur three times or so on a new career. Every time I just deleted and started over. Did more testing on 64 bit since it occurred every new career. (I'm pretty much beyond even 32 bit OpenGL with the number of mods I use w/ 64k lol)
  17. Haha always love those !!FUN!! bugs, I can verify intermittent issues on the 32 bit exe in Windoze starting a new game with KCT / RF with the error thrown. Using the 64 bit hack (with "fixed" dlls so this is completely irrelevant) windoze it happens every time I start a new game; but interestingly enough; changing scenes (in my instance from KSC view to tracking sta then back caused KCT to update properly (no more errors / correct new game popup).
  18. I may be mixing my mods (may be KSPI only) but UF4 already exists with its correct density in either CRP or in KSP-Interstellar's implementation.
  19. I thought my mk 2 design required slightly excessive AoA for level flight for an x-15 lookalike. Good to know that it's not the design itself. Still loving the pack K. Yeon. I think I may have to get a new RF config though seeing as some (most) of the K-related parts are hollow now; the large amount of fuel that they have is currently rather overpowered (considering the tanks appear to only be Mk 2 sized with the hollow structural interior).
  20. Woohoo. Grats on the release; will be downloading and checking it out in the morning after work!
  21. Looking great so far! Definitely a different (good different!) formfactor for bases.
  22. With regards to :NEEDS lines; modulemanager runs a test to see if there's a folder named CommunityTechTree in the GameData folder; if it exists, then the condition passes and modulemanager runs whatever code comes after it; otherwise it fails and ignores whatever comes after it.
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