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  1. Granted, but the Turkey, still alive and between two pieces of bread, is deeply offended and kills you. i wish for a normal sandwich
  2. Granted, you now have an extra wish, but since you used a wish to get it, you still only have a single wish in the end. i wish i could dock spacecraft without using MechJeb
  3. granted. the word "RANDOM OBJECT" appear in 30-ft tall letters above you and crush you. i wish for a time machine
  4. granted, but you must stand in the nozzle once the rocket is firing i wish for cookies
  5. Granted, the telescope is thinner than your eye and the endcap is quite high indeed. i wish for POWAH.
  6. Granted, But you are killed by the Heavy for stealing his Sandvich. I wish for Curse to be better.
  7. Granted, but its stuck in hardcore mode and spawns creepers 1block away from you always. i wish for a space station
  8. What has happened to my laptop!? now i have to pay to replace it. The Object to your left suddenly becomes violently radioactive.
  9. Granted, But all your posts are simultaneously deleted, leaving you with 0 rep points. I wish for potatoes.
  10. granted. it is a horrible graphics card that cannot run pac-man at 5fps i wish for better steam
  11. i get jeb to crash an SRB into your hill, killing everything on it. i then claim the hill. my hill defended by jeb
  12. 272: the Kerbal race decides to send a lander to the Mun with the new Mo-Tors on it. it is called a "rover"
  13. teepee2345


    There is NO way to stop playing.