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  1. Hello, I've been playing KSP since early .22 (bit of a newbie ) but I've already picked up the basic skills needed for rocket design. However, over the launches, things have gone wrong...to produce some great debris around my launch center. Just before the fireworks begin, I've always caught myself muttering some famous last words. So I thought we could, for comedic purposes, compile our great last words for our kerbals. "That engine is shaking quite a bit..." -I said, as the mainsail that was connected to the smallest 2.5m fuel tank began to shake and wobble and finally explode "Weird...I deployed the parachute stage but we're not slowing down..." -Before I learned not to warp through the altitude at which chutes deploy "Not enough electric charge.." -I read, as the probe to the Mun was landing on the dark side What are some of yours?