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  1. Its a beautiful model. I really want to play with this vehicle
  2. For those like myself that like to make vtol and do not like spending hours on "perfect" balance, Thank you!
  3. Just a note to the makers, your mod is an absolute must for me to go into career play again. Your wheels are boss in KSP. I will wait patiently and be thrilled when the time comes. Fantastic work guys. Really, your wheels changed the game for me. Thank you
  4. I have talked to a 3d artist about making a stargate model for KSP. I have already seen some blender stuff for the model. I know there is a jump beacon mod out there already, but i wanted the mechanics of having to pass through a ring (size limitation) and just for the visual factor of using a stargate. Are there any modders who would be willing to help with the code side of the mod? We are looking for someone who might be able to do a simple interface and the mechanics for the transfer between gates. Anyway, if anyone is interested in assisting please let me know. Thanks
  5. A quicky test for keosync orbit shows a 6 hour period at approx 4306 km this is just an approximation. (after further testing 4306.3 circular seems to be around perfect for keosync)
  6. Not sure what was happening but landings on hale and ovok have proven possible. it appears to be working now! Thank goodness and thanks for the help.
  7. hmm everything seems to be working but....the inner planets are way out from the orbit rings the map shows they are supposed to be using. hmm
  8. yep, but I am trying a clean ckan thing one last go at it. In order kopernicus, opm, kscale2
  9. The fix you provided did not work. Perhaps I am installing OPM and Kscale2 in the wrong order or something? I am trying out CKAN and same problem persists even after adding your config bit here.
  10. I have been using K2 with OPM and I went out to sarnus today. Hale and Ovok SOI appear to be inside the body of the moon. I am not sure what I have done wrong here but I wanted to see if anyone else has run into this?
  11. Obviously this is a reply to a very old post. The RLA package has been central to many saves for me for a while. However I must confess that the only reason it was a must have was the Linear Aerospike. I use that engine on so many vtol and SSTO designs that it has become somewhat an identifier for me. As you can see, the trail of colorful fire and concept of this engine inspires me in so many ways. I have only the vaguest notion of how the new engine system has created a headache for you. I will be waiting for my beloved aerospike, however long it takes. You can catch me on Twitch TV at twitch.tv/1stghostlive. Let me know when its updated please and Thank you! Your work is sincerely appreciated.
  12. Did you ever get a RemoteTech configuration set up for antenna ranges? etc? I am trying to use RT with Jumbo32 and Scaled space is quite large.