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  1. The part models and textures are Bobcat's and as such he alone can give permission to use them. I only handle the code.
  2. It's the module, that prioritizes one tank over the other, in ECLSS, it tell where to draw resources from first and in what order.
  3. Well Development of ECLSS, as resumed. First on the list is solar panel's, The code need a total rewrite, to take the new way solar panel's function into account. Next up is a reworking of the GUI, making it more streamlined and integrate it with the app launcher.
  4. Sorry for the Long away time. But here is a Dev release of ECLSS for KSP 1.0.5.
  5. As stated in the release notes for the Dev build, most of the GUI are disabled, do to it being broken. But are working on a new release with a new updated GUI and toolbar integration.
  6. Well as promised here is a 1.0.2 compatible build of ECLSS. There are a new folder structure and renaming of files, please remember to delete any old ECLSS installations from your GameData folder. List of changes: Some of the UI have been disabled do to they need a major rewrite to function as intended. Renaming of the LifeSupport.dll to ECLSS.dll on request. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ECLSS will be going trough some changes the coming months, but rl is taking alot of my time a the moment, but are planing to release the 1.1 update to ECLSS within the next 3 weeks, if everything goes as planed. Happy flying everyone. Download the build her
  7. Good news everyone. Expect a working but striped down version of ECLSS, this week. The 1.0 update hav have broken large amounts of the realtime module and guiframework module and therefore need a large overhaul in order to function properly. I do apologise for the long waiting time, but rl is getting in the way.
  8. Thanks for the input Paul. I did make a roadmap for the mod some time ago, and one of the items on the list was to make ECLSS partless, and let other people with better modelling skills do the job of making the models and textures for the mod.
  9. Added a small poll to the thread, would like to hear peoples ideas for the future of ECLSS
  10. as some of you guy's may know, i'm a programmer not a model maker, so i'm looking for some one to help me make some new models and textures for ECLSS. I'm now particularly happy with the current state of the models in ECLSS and would like to have some new and much improved models.
  11. The update to 1.0.x will take some time. But the update will come, don't worry
  12. Yes, some time Soon [tm] Sure no problem. I'll change the dll name, on the next update circle.
  13. Just a quick update, after my long absences, ECLSS 1.0.19 is compatibal with KSP 0.90
  14. I'm hard at work on ECLSS 2.0, but have run into sevral severe problems but are working on fixing them and have a release ready (soonâ„¢)
  15. Great start, will be interesting to see, what you will come op with.