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  1. Gravitational wave observatory (Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory) Neutrino detector Deep core drilling (I also wouldn't mind an extra large drilling rig for just ore, something not radially mounted.) Giant radio telescope perhaps? THE SLAB A very large NMRI. There is a mod that goes into more depth on the science (repeat experiments under different conditions) that I think would pair well, but I don't remember what the name of it is... How about a giant size mixed used science lab and habitat? Hold more data, and carry along a whole team with you! If you do decide to do that, it would be nice to have it convert data much faster then the stock module, also would be nice to have a big antenna to transmit the science faster as well.
  2. What if you tried making it so that it produces a dummy resource that gets stored within the engine as a container, and is consumed by it as a fuel? There are engines from other mods that do things like produce monopropellant when they run. So I wonder if it could just be made to produce as much fuel as it uses when it runs. **It does indeed work. I grabbed the alternator module from the stock jet engine and made it output the fuel it uses. It's a bit goofy because those show up in the VAB description pop-up but hey it works!
  3. Thought so. So this mod currently doesn't work with community tech tree, but all you have to do is change the tech required line to "TechRequired = advElectrics" and everything works fine.
  4. I checked Eve's surface to make sure it was working properly. It did report a value, so it appears to be working as intended in that regard. But my concern isn't really about the surface, but exospheric karborundum and the giant collector dish.
  5. Ok, so that explains why that guy couldn't find karbonite. What about Karborundum, which is what I was looking for? I was under the impression that the places to find it were close to the sun, Eve, and Eeloo. The scanner found no trace at any of the three locations.
  6. I have a craft with an SMS in one of the universal storage wedges that after deploying for use would not retract when I used the interface window from clicking on it. This occurred once before with another craft but the problem eventually went away. I don't know what the common factors between the two events were.
  7. Quoting this because I am having the exact same issues. The giant collector dish does not collect anywhere I go, I used hyper edit to place myself in places where it should work and all I get is the same message "nothing to collect here." I used hyper edit to put myself so close to the sun that the craft exploded after about a minute and same message. Any altitude above Eeloo, as well as Eve also does not produce results. Somethings broken with both of the particle collectors.
  8. Anyone else having issues getting the soil moisture sensor to retract?
  9. Ok, so alt and < or > works to go between a maximum of 4 times warp while under acceleration, which having been away from KSP since .25 was a new thing to me, but yet still nothing I do will change the time acceleration rate to allow higher physics warping. Also clicking on the arrows on the top left to initiate warp while throttled up now shuts off my engines. But I suspect that may just be a new KSP feature. I think I may have genuinely found a bug or some sort of mod conflict. Would my log file help? What is the directory location for that? **I have no idea what I did but it works now. Thanks for bearing with me.
  10. Ya, that's exactly what I did... It will let me change the warp rate but it absolutely refuses to let me warp while accelerating no matter what configuration I have. I have no idea what could possibly be wrong.
  11. That seems like a pretty clever solution. What if it was spawned as a flag? Those don't seem to get any physics calculations associated with them, and the "base" would just be one single "part" with functionality like EPL.
  12. Is there something wrong with the ATTILA engines? They really seem to like to gobble up fuel in a blink.
  13. Is there a users guide for this? I just got it and I just can not figure out how to make it work.