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  1. F-16. Had fun with BDA armory and my new X-wing and TIE prototypes. They don't look accurate as I've focused more on functionality than aesthetics: 100% VTOL and 100% capable of atmospheric flight and fight both. Will refine later.
  2. Hello everyone! Here is my double submission, everything is stock except few parts from BDA Armory that are just payload.
  3. Given a contract to save Spaghetti Kerman. I must have him in the crew roster!!
  4. Schiaparelli crash investigation concluded: http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Space_Science/ExoMars/Schiaparelli_landing_investigation_completed Here is the final report of the investigation: http://exploration.esa.int/mars/59176-exomars-2016-schiaparelli-anomaly-inquiry/#that Basically it says that unespected oscillation during parachute deployment caused a saturation of the inertial guidance unit that led to an error on estimated attitude calculations (In other words the lander was thinking it was flipped upside down!). That and insufficient software robusteness caused the propulsion system to shut down just after 3 seconds from ignition.
  5. Nice challenge and nice crafts everyone! Just a question, is KOS allowed for guidance scripting or also the control has to be stock (pilot and/or stock SAS)?
  6. Here is my small, low part aircraft carrier. Well, it's still a prototype and I haven't tried it at sea yet, but launch and recovery stuff works. It's not just a long, flat bridge (my laptop won't handle it!) but kinda of a STOBAR. That means you have a skyjump and an arresting gear, all crafted in the kerbal way! It was built back in 1.0.5, and the plane is a crappy low-tech from an old save retrofitted for carrier operations. Good luck it works... Look! http://imgur.com/a/GFDfv (full album) (preview) PS feel free to PVT on how to embed imgur albums
  7. Try applying some thrust to see if inertia still works!
  8. Girders are fuel crossfeed capable. Probably fuel is drained through them.
  9. The same happened to me. Actually is a visual glitch: sometimes when you close a report window, one of the captions is shot around instead of being removed as usual, giving the effect that there's something buzzing you.
  10. Jet engines efficiency lies in the fact you don't have to carry oxydizer. If you have to carry it, you can throw away compressor and turbine because there's no intake air to pressurize, and you end up with a rocket engine.
  11. Anybody does want an integrator? Yes, something that calculates integrals given a function. I have a couple of design to test, but I have to wait for the week end. Can I reserve that spot to post, if it is on topic?
  12. 2010: Kerbal Two With moar suns and monoliths.
  13. Yes, destroying debris and keep kerbals into pods is a good idea. Less things to load at startup.
  14. Happened to me a couple of times. The first time, I accepted the fate and continued with the career (not a big deal because it was a young save, just a couple of sats). Then I took the habit to quicksave before closing the game, and the second time the thing happened I just reloaded a couple of hours of gameplay back.
  15. The pic on question is titled: Fairings separation in 1.0 looks weird. They know it looks wrong, and anyone here agrees, me too, and I'm sure they will fix that before the release date. Just don't panic!
  16. Another idea. We could send a sort of Arecibo message depicting us as little green men with an addiction to explosions. Just joking, but I think that would count as the first-ever interstellar trolling. How amazing!!
  17. Or Squad gives a Jeb doll to an astronaut for free and gently ask him to carry it to the ISS.
  18. Yes, the San Marco satellites were mostly launched from sea pads. I think those pads are still there. Search for Broglio Space Center on google.
  19. Nooo, poor ROUND8! It's a good part to make tiny liquid fueled craft, and the Oscar sucks at that! (No lateral attachement and wrong proportion between LF and OX). I hope they fix the oscar, because without ROUND8 we lack tiny, low capacity and light liquid fuel tank. If not, expect a ROUND8 Revival mod! XD
  20. Too much TWR to hover. However, I think if it was a ground landing, the final correction wouldn't be necessary, both because landing outside the target is not a big trouble and because landing complex 1 is supposed to have secondary pads all around the primary.
  21. I think for the rocket, last time the Falcon stage crashed and exploded onto the barge, the barge made it through well enough. - - - Updated - - - Too cool to be true.
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