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  1. I'm unable to use CKAN. Im getting an error message on startup: If I click continue, I see the GUI, but I cannot see a list of mods to download. Clicking "Refresh" gives me the same error again. Running Windows 8.1 64x. Any help would be appreciated. EDIT: Nevermind. I feel like an idiot. I deleted the CKAN folder from my "Steam\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program." Removing that fixed the problem.
  2. Awesome news. I'll keep my eye on this for when it has FAR support
  3. I'm having this on the Windows install. It actually really irritating because the Jet Packs also seem to have had something done to them, I cannot steer for crap in .25, and never had any issues like this before. And then, no matter how slow i maneuver to the command pod, as soon as I "GRAB" the ladder, he's launched off again.
  4. Awesome! So glad to hear, especially with the new biomes all over the KSC
  5. someone explain to me why this isn't listed among the top recommended mods, and why didn't I know about this until now?
  6. "Companies all over Kerbin..." Yep. Need some cities now.
  7. I came here essentially looking for the same concept; all i wanted was an indicator somewhere that showed the current biome I was flying over. Nothing more than that really. I still have to get there to do whatever science needed. I found that VOID currently does do this. You can see in the included screenshot that just to the right of my LIGHTS/GEARS/BRAKES buttons is a HUD that includes the Biome. I disabled all the other windows that VOID comes with, but there is useful info in.