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  1. Aha! I can finally play KSP again Thanks magico13, you're the best! +1 for Unrapid Planned Assembly. It's clever, and the abbreviation 'UPA' doesn't have any other major associations.
  2. Is there any way to change the default predeployment altitude from 30000 m to something sensible? I have to change it every single time, because if a chute predeploys at 30000 m it just tears off immediately.
  3. Just spotted a minor issue with the OP, it has a link saying "DOWNLOAD v0.12.2" which directs to, while danfarnsy's post on page 6 has a link saying "Download here" which directs to The problem is, the OP link does not show the actual compiled mod file '', it just shows the two source zip files. So might need to alter the OP link so people coming into the thread can find the mod. Thanks for continuing this mod, danfarnsy!
  4. I was experimenting with it today and had the exact same problem. Ended up just using the stock claw module instead and pretending in my head that I wasn't digging sharp claws into the side of my space station. :\
  5. Does anyone else get this issue where the 'Build Time' window in the VAB has fuzzy text? Everything else in KCT is clear, but this one:
  6. Actually it is kind of silly that you can't change even the most basic settings like pre-deploy and deploy altitudes in the VAB before you've upgraded, and you have to wait until you're on the launchpad to adjust that stuff...
  7. Yep, I had the idea of removing all the mods, and tried it in entirely stock. Turns out that craft is just too aerodynamic and too heavy for a straight-down trajectory from the top of the atmosphere to be viable. A capsule by itself decelerates from 70km with plenty of time for chutes to deploy, but not the thing with the science module and the tank and engine. Redesign time!
  8. Hmm so I finally installed a truckload of mods and fired up KSP for the first time in a couple of years today. And now I'm finding that the atmosphere isn't slowing me down nearly enough to use parachutes. I'm not sure if this is even a bug or if it's the new 1.0 aerodynamics changes. To reproduce the behaviour I just built this craft: (image link) (that's a Swivel engine hidden in the fairings) and between the two stages it got me up to a periapse just shy of 69,000 feet on a fairly narrow parabolic trajectory. Then I started to come down again. I was still accelerating downwards until 15,000m altitude, when my downward velocity maxed out at 912 m/s. The Realchute parachute stayed red in the staging list until about half a second before I crashed into the ocean, still doing around 300 m/s. There was definitely not enough time to deploy it and let it slow me down. Output_log is here: (link) I haven't played with the new aerodynamics, so I'm not even sure if this is a bug and I should go through the labourious process of elimination of mods, or if this is how things are supposed to be and I need to rethink my rocket design. Any ideas? Is this actually what KSP is meant to do now? It seems bizarre that a craft descending from 70 km should be unrecoverable with parachutes. Below are the mods I installed today. As far as I can tell RealChute is the only one I installed that actually involves drag and aerobraking - EVE and Scatterer affect the atmosphere but AFAIK only in graphical ways. Of course I'm not blaming this on RealChute (not without process of elimination narrowing it down) but I'm hoping someone can at least tell me if this really is faulty behaviour so I know it's worth doing going through all that effort.
  9. Hey Ziw, is your updated UI stuff close to ready for testing? I'm thinking of sticking this mod in and firing up KSP for the first time in so, so long soon, so if a new version of IR will be ready in the next couple days or whatever, I'll wait so there's no potential for compatibility problems. But if it's still a fair ways off I'll just jump in. (I've no idea how much work is involved in rewriting a mod UI) Thanks for your hard work on this incredible mod.
  10. Hmm, thought: would it be possible to put the Movatrons (which, according to the OP, are working fine) into a different package from the other Utility parts (which apparently need more work), so that CKAN can include the Movatrons without any hassle?
  11. I've been having trouble with docked craft vanishing when they reload. It happened with my Mun lander and I had to go through a bunch of annoying fiddling and save editing to get everything back, and now it's happened again. Basically I launched a station with a 3-person capsule on the front, then I detached the capsule, swung it around and docked it to a docking port on the side of the station. When I launched a small probe to take a science experiment up there, I came close and realised the capsule had vanished. Here's a screenshot I took of the thing successfully docked before I unloaded it to go build and launch the experiment module: imgur link Here's the output_log.txt file. I don't expect a solution straight away, but rather I'm hoping someone can give me some help interpreting the output_log, so I can get started working out what is causing the problem and how to fix it. The things I noticed that seemed relevant are at line 81213 where there's a bunch of orbital values that are all NaN, and shortly after that on line 81489 where it says: But I don't know what to look for in the stuff beforehand to work out why it isn't loading the docked module. Any suggestions? (On a side note, what's the simplest way to get KSP to make regular backups of its save files? Any mods that do this?) Here's my modlist (tidied up export from CKAN): AGExt, ver: 1.32d ActiveTextureManagement-x86-Basic, ver: 5-0 BDAnimationModules, ver: v0.6.1 CapCom, ver: 1.1 Chatterer, ver: 0.9.5 CommunityResourcePack, ver: 0.4.2 CommunityTechTree, ver: 2.1 ContractConfigurator, ver: 1.3.4 ContractConfigurator-ContractPack-SCANsat, ver: v0.5.2 ContractConfigurator-FieldResearch, ver: 1.0.4 ContractConfigurator-RemoteTech, ver: 1.1.4 ContractsWindowPlus, ver: 5.2 CrowdSourcedScience, ver: v3.0 DMagicOrbitalScience, ver: 1.0.4 DeadlyReentry, ver: v7.1.0 DistantObject, ver: v1.5.5 DistantObject-default, ver: v1.5.5 DockingPortAlignmentIndicator, ver: 6.2 EVAManager, ver: 6 EditorExtensions, ver: 2.8 HyperEdit, ver: 1.4.1 IR-Model-Rework-Core, ver: v01b IR-Model-Rework-Expansion, ver: v01b InfernalRobotics, ver: v0.21.2 KAS, ver: 0.5.2 KIS, ver: 1.1.5 KSP-AVC, ver: KWRocketry, ver: 2.7 KerbalAlarmClock, ver: v3.3.2.1 KerbalConstructionTime, ver: 1.1.7 KerbalEngineerRedux, ver: KerbalJointReinforcement, ver: v3.1.3 ModularFlightIntegrator, ver: 1.0.repackaged0 ModuleAnimateEmissive, ver: v1.3 ModuleManager, ver: 2.6.5 PreciseNode, ver: 1.1.3 ProceduralFairings, ver: v3.14 RandSCapsuledyne, ver: 1:1.5.1 RealChute, ver: RemoteTech, ver: 1.6.5 SCANsat, ver: v12.1 ScienceAlert, ver: 1.8.7 ScienceRevisitedRevisited, ver: 1.3.0 StageRecovery, ver: 1.5.6 StationScience, ver: 1.5 StockClamshellFairings, ver: 1.0 TACLS, ver: v0.11.1.20 TACLS-Config-Stock, ver: v0.11.1.20 Thermometer, ver: 1.0.8 ToadicusTools, ver: 13 Toolbar, ver: 1.7.9 TurboNisuReloaded, ver: 2015-05-06 TweakScale, ver: v2.1 TweakableEverything, ver: 1.11.6 UniversalStorage, ver: kOS, ver: 0.17.2 - - - Updated - - - Followup: I just discovered that my last quicksave was on the station, after docking. When I quickload, the station loads up, and the capsule is still there docked on the side for a fraction of a second while it's loading, but then the capsule vanishes immediately as the it finishes loading and everything starts moving. So my quicksave still has the capsule docked there, but something is going wrong when it tries to load it.
  12. Seconding (thirding?) the request for CKAN support! The CKAN devs seem pretty friendly (I know one of them in real life, he's a top bloke). I'm positive they'll be happy to give assistance if you need any help with the process.
  13. Hum. My rework parts don't have the scale adjuster in their tweakables. The legacy parts still have it. Is this a tech tree issue (like, I haven't 'unlocked' small parts yet) or a bug?
  14. How complicated would it be to keep the DRE parts but make them behave like stock so we don't get all the exceptions? I like the DRE heat shield for the Mk 1-2 pod a lot more than the ugly stock one.
  15. Gah, I'm an idiot for not looking there. Thanks! Does ATM not do anything to reduce RAM usage now..?