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  1. @TriggerAu - a part of why the bugtracker backlog escalated to this point is probably because issues don't always get closed when they should be. For example, I submitted an issue in 1.1.2 which seemingly got fixed in 1.1.3. At least, the changelog reported the fix with pretty much the exact same wording I used to name my bug report. However, on the tracker, the report itself was never touched - it wasn't marked as being acknowledged or worked on, and it wasn't marked as complete and closed either. So it continues sitting there in the "new" status to this day.

    I will now go and try to reproduce the issue in 1.1.3, and if it works, I will close my report - or at least mark it in a way that points out that it's been fixed, if I don't have the ability to close it. But the point is, I hope the current restructuring you're doing also includes more robust processes about actually closing completed issues on the bugtracker. Else, one year down the line, you'll have exactly the same problem again...


    EDIT: issue #9796 can be closed, I am unable to do it myself.

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