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  1. KSP version on Windows 10 x64 Command line option (launching through CKAN): KSP_x64.exe -single-instance A detailed explanation Game crashes, most often when switching vehicles when a large number of vessels are loaded. Not consistent, sometimes it happens within 2 minutes and sometimes I can play for an hour straight. The crash has also happened when interacting with KAS or KIS (example: attaching a vessel with a winch, or placing an item with an engineer). The main connection between the crashes seems to be related to vessel interaction. A screenshot https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-868470985522/ShareX/2016/11/KSP_x64_2016-11-19_15-46-45.jpg Sometimes it's a CTD without an error. Most often though, it's just a "The game has crashed!" error. Save files, ouput_log.txt or player.log Save file: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-868470985522/ShareX/2016/11/radley.zip Crash log files: 1. https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-868470985522/ShareX/2016/11/2016-11-19_151312.zip 2. https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-868470985522/ShareX/2016/11/2016-11-19_154002.zip Most notable log entry: RtlLookupFunctionEntry returned NULL function. Aborting stack walk.<Missing stacktrace information> Even more crash logs (I updated a few mods after these happened): https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-868470985522/ShareX/2016/11/other-crashes.zip System specifications EVGA GTX 1080 (8gb) Intel i5-2500k (3.8ghz) 16gb Corsair Vengeance memory 1tb Mushkin SSD (other harddrives: 2x256gb Crucial SSD, 2x128gb Crucial SSD) More specifications: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-868470985522/ShareX/2016/11/DxDiag.txt Mods I have arranged a details document of all of my installed mods. I went through each one today and updated them. Unless there is a community patch that was not mentioned on the first or last few pages for one of these, they should be up to date. A few do not officially support KSP 1.2.1, and are probably the cause. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K3qWPOEiYz_zqoNZ_l-QiBsdAL4gVlYVPKPEkYT6cAQ/edit#gid=0 NOTE: I know that with the number of mods I am using, and by using out-of-date mods, I am asking for crashes. Telling me not to use them would not be helpful. Thanks.
  2. The docking ports seem VERY glitchy for me. After struggling with quickloads and trying to get this to connect for an hour, I found waiting until the ports settle down, then disable roll, then spin 180 degrees seems to do the trick. Is this a bug in version 1.6.0 or am I doing something wrong? https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-868470985522/ShareX/2016/11/2016-11-09_19-57-28.mp4
  3. I've only really paid attention to the surface of minmus but It does look WAY different than last night. I'm just not sure what came from Sigma and what came from SVT 2.0 . I wish I had other screenshots to compare. I've only got a couple, that aren't very good for showing off the terrain. But as you can see, the terrain is more detailed and the mountains are taller: No Sigma, SVT 1.5 (ambient lighting turned way up because I was streaming to a friend): https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-868470985522/ShareX/2016/11/KSP_x64_2016-11-07_18-35-13.jpg Same location with SVT 2.0 and Sigma: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-868470985522/ShareX/2016/11/KSP_x64_2016-11-09_13-24-33.jpg
  4. Thanks again Galileo. Here's a couple screenshots for everyone who hasn't had a chance to try it yet. Mun: Tylo: Jool (hilarious difference!): And here is the terrain of Mun, first a screenshot without sigma, and then a screenshot with sigma. Seems to change the height of the terrain quite a bit. Not quite sure what else was supposed to change but I figured I would try it anyway.
  5. Would the sigma dimensions config change the appearance from the map view? I installed it, but couldn't see any difference. Stock Mun: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-868470985522/ShareX/2016/11/mun.png SVT 1.5 Mun: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-868470985522/ShareX/2016/11/mun-SVT-1.5.png SVT 2.0 Mun: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-868470985522/ShareX/2016/11/mun-svt-2.0.png SVT+Sigma+SigmaCFG Mun: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-868470985522/ShareX/2016/11/mun-sigma.png
  6. Oh okay. I'm guessing this isn't something I can just grab from an older version of the mod? I can wait
  7. So I've got this mod working, and it is a slight improvement over stock, but there's some screenshots from the first page that look WAY better. Am I missing something? I'm using the high res textures. Texture quality in KSP is "Full res". 64bit. These screenshots are without any other mods installed. Stock: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-868470985522/ShareX/2016/11/KSP_x64_2016-11-08_14-16-35.jpg With Stock Visual Terrain: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-868470985522/ShareX/2016/11/KSP_x64_2016-11-08_14-10-48.jpg From the front page, by Speadge: http://i.imgur.com/EEuYzh0.png
  8. OH! You're right. I was just testing with the main menu since I'm so used to seeing clouds there. Thanks for such a quick response. I've just wasted an hour trying to fix it. Hah.
  9. EDIT: Galileo explained this is just a bug on the main menu, they work in game! Nevermind! It appears EVE, at least the clouds, do not work when Kopernicus is installed. I've got the following: KSP 1.2.1 Kopernicus 1.2.1-1 EVE 1.1-3 EVE Configs (boulderco) I'm trying to get Stock Visual Enhancements and Stock Visual Terrain mods to work. SVT is the one which requires Kopernicus. It seems I can get everything to work except for Clouds (Maybe the rest of EVE's features do not work, haven't really checked since I only care about clouds at the moment). Is there any way to get these two mods to play along? If I remove Kopernicus then the eve clouds work (also if I use SVE instead of boulderco configs). But ideally, I want to keep the high res terrain AND clouds! Thanks.
  10. I'm not sure if it is a know bug, but there is an issue where engines have a fairing/shroud on at all times. After some help from Reddit it was identified that the problem came from CoolRockets. Simply removing the "CoolRockets" folder from gamedata fixed the problem. Here is the problem I was experiencing: Mod versions: Klockheed_Martian_CoolRockets_2.0.1.zip Klockheed_Martian_2.0.1.zip Other mods that I had installed: http://radleygh.com/images/explorer_2014-213-19-01-56-25.png
  11. I've been busy at work, but I still do some development on the weekends or if I still have enough energy after a full day. Still no front-facing mod upload feature, so it's not really worth mentioning anything yet. The site I have uses WordPress for administration & content management, but the login and user system will be front end. Except for administrators, nobody will even realize it's built with WordPress. Although the mod repository API will be accessed outside of WordPress (PHP -> MySQL directly). I've got an AJAX-driven API which is in use for the login/registration system (registration will not create your account yet, that is disabled for now). This API will carry over for the mod repository as well. The API can be used outside of the website at some point (ie, your own program can use it), but for right now it can allow you to make small edits via popup instead of redirecting to new pages. http://replaceport.com/
  12. I've made some progress on my copy of the website. I've got a good groundwork for the mod/file relationship and metadata system in place. No management tools yet, although an administrator can create a mod in the backend with multiple files and the summary/description/website links which I've talked about a few times. Just need to build the front end management controls for it, then plug it all in throughout the website. I made a front page slider which can be used to display some random/featured/popular mods, which you can check out on http://replaceport.com/ (or see a screenshot). It's currently just some fake items stored in an array, and will be replaced with actual database queries. But I think it's a good concept, just something pretty. I think that if I abandon my own project, or another one wins the challenge, I would be willing to release any of these elements that I develop and possibly help get it integrated. Just throwing that out there!
  13. I honestly don't know why people are giving you are a hard time O-Doc. I see nothing wrong with your approach and I think your project is one which has potential. I say opinions be damned, keep up the good work. This is mostly a technical project, so the core of the work will require programming knowledge. There is a small amount of copy writing to do for the website itself. If you have any graphic design experience, artwork and UI elements could be helpful. Depending on the project. Some projects are going a pretty straightforward bootstrap design with not much in terms of graphics. I myself would be interested in a few different graphical elements, but that can wait. Right now, I don't think my project will make the cut.
  14. I think it needs to be some of both, at least initially. People won't use it if there are only a small selection of mods available. Especially if they are new to mods and are looking to set up a modpack like Scott Manley has. Whichever site makes it easiest to obtain all of the mods in one place wins. This is one of the reasons why building a successful community repository is at such a huge disadvantage. If Squad's partnered up with Curse, they certainly aren't going to promote a community site. To be successful, it would require mod developers to boycott the Curse repository. In doing so, they lose out on players who are following the link Squad offers from their games. So really, Squad is the greatest enemy here. Which is weird, because they're usually the good guys.