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  1. I am excited for optimization and performance improvements as time goes on, as this encompasses many improvements (such as better graphics on lesser systems, craft with larger part count, and overall enjoy ability of the game). that and moar boosters.
  2. I especially like how the blades are separate from the engines, allowing any and all configurations to try out! I can't wait!
  3. *and (Given the context I just could not resist) XD
  4. Perhaps a picture of the aircraft would help (imgur?). Are you using part clipping/ are there any parts clipped near the hatch? Maybe try to EVA without the airplane plus door (as that may obstruct the hatch, regardless of what the engineering report may say).
  5. But if you are in a horizontal rocket (plane) for long enough, it will eventually be going vertical (at least enough to escape the atmosphere)
  6. Huh, I haven't thought of that! Well folks, its been a nice run!
  7. It's only been a week; I don't think they've had enough time to set up a proper relay with the new parts to communicate with all of us yet
  8. YAAAAS! (I see what you did there) (BTW Huge Metallica fan!)
  9. I think that some sort of camera that one could actually see out of and take pictures with would add a bit to not only rovers, but the general immersiveness of the game itself.
  10. I don't know about you, but for me this setting means the difference between unplayable vs. playable framerates. To be fair, I just have a laptop that is not the best, but not the worst.
  11. Sounds great so far! I do hope there will be some sort of option(s) where there are different levels of difficulty for probes losing connection (for instance, simple full/no throttle vs. complete loss of any and all control).
  12. Friggen earthquakes krakenquakes.
  13. A Tylo return mission; the ground was pretty hard.
  14. For me, (bought from the KSP store), the 64-bit version runs much worse than the 32-bit version. For example, I had decent FPS on low settings in 1.0.5, and in 1.1 the game was almost a slideshow. (I did disable the new terrain shader in the settings file, which only helpes slightly). I decided to run 32-bit KSP and the game ran just as it had in 1.0.5, with a significant performance increase with crafts with many parts. My laptop is a 64-bit system (Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @2.40 GHz), yet runs 32-bit KSP much better than 64-bit KSP. Anyone have any idea why?
  15. The brief moment or two I loaded the 64 bit, I noticed that my FPS/performance had actually gone down since 1.0.5 (stock, same settings, etc). I read about a config file change to use the old terrain shader and not the new one (which cannot be disabled in the settings I believe). By using the old shader, performance was slightly helped (still not as good as 1.0.5; I disabled the shaders in the settings then). After finals are over, I definitely want to look into why it is like this for me (my laptop is not the best, but its not necessarily a low end laptop either). All in all, I can't wait to fiddle around with the game and finally play 1.1! Thanks Squad!
  16. Currently, the docking ports have a "magnetic" like force that attracts them together when they are relatively close. While this is useful for eliminating human error, or just helping a player along, it would be nice to see a setting where this force could be changed. For instance, full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, and no force. I suggest this because (in my opinion), docking can be exciting/suspenseful/hair raising etc, and these feelings of a delicate maneuver are somewhat suspended when the two vessels are suddenly pulled together and connected rapidly. Force options would be great because it would allow inexperienced players to continue as is (eg: mistakes in a docking vessel's orientation), and experienced players to face more of a challenge / feel more realistic/authentic.
  17. Although I have 2 finals left (ALMOST DONE WOOOO), this seems it may line up excellently with the end of finals! HECKYEA!
  18. Was snowing last week, (-5 Celsius (23 Fahrenheit)) and is now +18 Celsius (64 Fahrenheit). Good ol' Albtera! There MAY still be a snow yet to come this spring
  19. You heard the title right, this lovely morning of the 1st of April!!! (in Alberta, at least)! The official website store of has just made available the 1.1 prerelease, allowing the rest of us users to fool around with 1.1! Happy April 1(.1)!
  20. Hello everyone, after playing around with some overpowered plane designs in the wait for 1.1, I tested a rather simple plane I named the X-69. This plane is basically a cockpit, fuselage, a few wing parts, and 4 turbo ramjets clipped into each other. After testing its limits in the upper atmosphere, I decided to play around closer to sea level (note that I had the max temp, no crash damage, and unbreakable joints cheats enabled). Under a few km, I reached speeds around 1700m/s. At this point, I quickly used 4x physics warp. This sent my craft into an escape trajectory of the Kerbol system at a speed of over 500,000,000,000m/s (over 1000x the speed of light!) and altitudes above the sun exceeding 1000 Petameters (1000 quintillion meters!!!) (over 1 exemeter = 1E+18m)! Upon exiting to the space center, I found that the Space Center screen was severely distorted, producing unusual building placement & zooms and terrain issues at various camera angles. Wanting to do this again, I (randomly clicked around) to enter the Space Plane Hanger and repeat. Well, i did the same procedure and got essentially the same results, this time reaching speeds in excess of, well, I don't really know, because the Kraken had already been summoned! This time upon exiting to the Space Center, the title screen contained absolutely nothing but stars. I was able to reproduce these results a few times over, and will continue to play with this. I just wished to share this with all of you
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