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  1. I'm not sure what a mod is. Can you define it for me?
  2. The awesomeness just doesn\'t stop! 8)
  3. I\'m loving the flight stabilisation system; it\'s made my long flights much more bearable. This would probably be a lot of work, but is it possible to add a feature to fly towards a target? I\'ve been trying to mount rescue missions for my lost probes and whatnot, and it\'d make that quite a lot easier.
  4. Happy explosions! Anyway, it was that orbital paths glitch that happens occasionally (already posted two other screenshots in the devforum), and my rocket conveniently exploded while it happened.
  5. This plugin is awesome, but I\'d like an option to only be able to switch between cameras on the current flight; it can take a bit of time to find the right camera on launch when you have many failed launches around the area.
  6. Probably just for convenience, I suppose. It\'s difficult to get it exactly dead-center.
  7. I think colmo wants something like this: Apologies for the quick Paint diagram, but you can see the general idea.
  8. No matter how much upwards velocity you have, your turbojets will stop working at ~20km; I\'d like to see someone pack enough power into their plane to coast 40km with no power!
  9. I don\'t understand. How does this work? No jet engines will work above 20 km!
  10. Isn\'t there already one? The MechJeb in the AR202 casing, unless I remember incorrectly.
  11. Isn\'t it the green lazor? Granted, the range seems to be limited to 2.5km.
  12. I found another use for this 8) Orbital destruction has never been so fun!