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  1. I'm terribly sorry for being late but I hope a video of this caliber will satisfy all your Excaliber needs


  2. Hello all, we are doing a screenshotmode contest for our demo. You can possibly win 5 release keys by submitting a great screenshot or gif of the Solar Warden demo. Come to our Discord and find out more about the rules that govern this competition. https://discordapp.com/invite/MaGzwt4 We see you there Warden!
  3. Wooo not sure what you are experiencing here. There should be no spiraling happening at all, to roll you press q and e. Missiles lock on if you lock onto a target, press middle mouse to do so. also see the options menu for the complete flight control map. You might have some rare bug. Mind joining our discord and giving us reproduction steps? https://discordapp.com/invite/MaGzwt4 The demo is still a pre-alpha build so yes stuff like setting your mouse sensitivity as well as graphic settings are not yet part of it.
  4. Hello folks, something I wanted to do and had no time yet. Some of you wrote some words of encouragement in the Solar Warden threat that got deleted because it was viewed as a rule violation. Unfortunately I never got to read your words but I still want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. On that note we now have a free demo available to check out! http://www.indiedb.com/games/solar-warden/downloads If you would enjoy a X-COM meets Freelancer meets descent please don't hesitate to do so. The download is only 624 MB. Greetings to you all and Kerbal on! Flash
  5. Hello Kerbonauts, Solar Warden FREE Demo Now Available! Steam COMING SOON! IndieDB http://www.indiedb.com/games/solar-warden Solar Warden Demo Now Available on IndieDB Take control of the Solar Warden fleet defending planet Earth against a short number of incoming waves of meteors filled with the hostile space based aliens - the Silicoid. This short Demo shows off the core functionalities of Commanding your fleets around Earth's Orbit as well as being able to take control of your vessels directly via the Telepresence system. Defend Earth against multiple waves of Me
  6. Hello all, hello @blowfish I see you are still going strong with supporting this. Sorry for falling off the radar like this. You seem to have everything well in hand though. Congratulations on the latest release! About a year ago I got pulled into the development of MechWarrior: Living Legends as a sound designer. An absolute passion project for me since I have loved Battletech since I was a small lad. And unexpectedly this has really payed off for me because it lead to this: So yeah thinks are looking plenty good on my end. Keep having fun with KSP and
  7. Dial down on the attitude. Your install is obviously borked. Post a log in the B9 thread and we help you sort it out.
  8. The Swiftwind, yeah sure this plane is still around and is also planned for a release. I want to open a hangar on kerbalx as soon as FAR is officially updated again because all my planes have been balanced for FAR. This is not a pure B9 plane though, it needs B9PW and OPT as well. Keep an eye on this thread @NovaSyd . I will make an announcement after the FAR release.
  9. @Colonel Cbplayer Wow I hadn't seen this until now. You created an Itano circus scene! Your dedication to Macross leaves me speechless again! P.S. Can't wait to see the new project!
  10. Even if you are not happy with the code, it did the trick. No more slide-show.
  11. Great this is what the new thread allows, fast response time to problems. BTW @blowfish we have bundled the latest version of SmokeScreen right? That version causes pretty bad frame drop. For now we should bundle 2.7.0 which doesn't have the problem also I do not really have come across the need for the bugfixes @sarbian squashed with 2.7.1.
  12. I admit it must have been a long time since I played the game pure stock and got really used to how scatterer does this and truthfully stock looks awful. I mean the craft completely vanishes behind the aero fx, makes me want to completely turn it off. It isn't realistic either because you would hardly be able to see this around the craft.
  13. @blackrack The new scatterer causes problems with aero fx. I have a screenshot for you to illustrate the problem: As you can see in the newest scatterer there is WAY to much aero fx all over the plane, it is also uneven and very messy which becomes very apparent when you lower the quality of the fx. P.S. I actually wanted to use a pure scatterer version but I only had the SVE one lying around that is compatible with 1.2.2. But the newest version of SVE has that problem with aero fx as well so it must be scatterers doing.
  14. I think I would need @Shadowmage to weigh in on this but isn't KSPWheel autonomous from the stock wheel system or if it isn't couldn't it be made autonomous?
  15. Let's just hope that he was part of the team that made the PC version playable. I got it last year and thankfully by that time the game worked without a hitch, for me at least.
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