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  1. I don't know if I'm just blind, but I installed SXT through CKAN, and I don't see any copytextures bat file inside of the SXT folder. Is there a way I could manually copy the necessary files? Ah, nevermind. Turns out CKAN is hosting an outdated version of your mod.
  2. I didn't say I wanted Squad to just stop making API changes. I said that I was wanting them to pad it out a little, add/fix a little bit more, then release it a bit later. I'm not suggesting that Squad just give up and make no core game changes that could break mods, I just wish that (once again) they would pad it out a little.
  3. You are right, they do need to fix bugs, and they are the more important issue. I'm just afraid they will wait to address the other quality-of-life features desperately needed for this game in the expansion pack.
  4. I'm not sure that I didn't want them to update, I just thought they would have maybe put a little more features into it, then released it, it would have given modders more time to update. EDIT: I just sort of wished they could have padded the update out a bit, added some more quality-of-life features that we've been asking for since the alpha, then released it a bit later.
  5. As grateful as I am for people who speak different languages to finally be able to play KSP, I feel like this "update" didn't really change a lot, except for merging that asteroid day mod. On top of all of this, this new update apparently breaks mods, and this is when many mod-makers are still trying to get their mod back to 1.2. Anyone else feel the same way?
  6. I've noticed a huge issue, and I *think* it is the PhysicsRangeExtender. I'm noticing that at higher altitudes, my ships start to almost, "shake" and have odd visual spasms. It also seems to be screwing with the orbit trajectory a bit. This could just be mod interference, but I just wanted to know if anyone else experiences this.
  7. Not to waste your time, but how might I go about making a patch to add that "equip module" on the parachute
  8. Is it possible to attach a part (say a parachute, or a thruster) to a kerbal?
  9. Not to be pushy or anything, but is there a way (as a user) I can put this in my own install, or is this just a dev thing?
  10. What do you do about landing gear and wheels that automatically autostrut? I can't build my deployable base D:
  11. This seems really helpful for those more ambitious "pedal-to-the-metal" rockets. Do you have any plans of adding the ability to spawn ships on these places (i.e helipad?)