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  1. I did that on a brand new fresh copy, even did a sandbox and career test, Deleted everything, redownloaded, installed all the MKS/OKS and other mods like the USI Core, Survival Pack, etc. I even removed it all from CKAN and installed them manually from the github releases but the same thing happens. You were not able to reproduce? Download a fresh copy of KSP (I used Steam to validate files after deleting the entire folder), Install all of your mods, create a new save, I used Sandbox and entered the VAB. Load up a stock ship, any of them, then Alt+F12 > Debug and it is constantly spamming that error. I enter a comment and it flashes by so fast I can't see what I put in the console from the spam generating. I have to get some sleep for work tonight, but I will record a video tomorrow morning of the entire process.
  2. KSP version (Tested on fresh copies) is, 1224, and 1215 USILS I tested in my previous installations (backup each update since 1215) and it has happened. I can't seem to find any more specific information other than that error, which isn't very detailed. Since I had seen in an earlier post a few pages back that this was fixed in one of your 1.1 releases, that it may be related or something is causing it. Maybe the resource pack? If there is anything else you might need, let me know.
  3. @JewelShisen Hmm, I haven't heard of that but I will try installing the spacedock version (all in one I believe).
  4. I know this was posted at the end of March for version 1.1 of USI Life Support, but I've recreated the issue (#105) because I noticed there was log spam in the debug console, weather a ship or root part has a life support module or not. First noticed this when I kept crashing with a heavy modded save.. whether it was the cause or not, I am not sure but I created a brand new fresh install (deleting the entire KSP directory) and used CKAN to download only USI and Roverdude mods like Community Resources with their dependencies. ERROR Object reference not set to an instance of an object IN ModuleLifeSupport
  5. @ShotgunNinja You could make the storm cellar not a habitation module, I noticed with RoverDude's life mod, you can't keep your kerbals out for a long time in space without a habitation module. Ran into this issue when running a rescue mission for a kerbal contract. Luckily, they didn't go on strike until after I rescued the new kerbal and that kerbal was a pilot, phew! With remotetech installed and no satellites up yet, I would've been screwed as I couldn't control it remotely.
  6. This mod does sound very awesome, more realism the better. I am almost tempted to do a 1.0.5 install to test it out but I am enjoying the performance and ability to have over 100 mods installed without issues.
  7. @stupid_chris I forget the mod, but are those the science data storage banks?
  8. @Padishar Do you mean compiled with build 1209? That was the latest that broke most mods. Thanks for doing it! Sucks having to do all that math, sucks worse when KER gives the wrong information
  9. @Grumman Thank you for the suggestion, I have only transferred the content from the PDF and didn't read over all of the content that I was able to copy and paste.
  10. Now that I have been on my weekend from work, I was able to tackle the KSPedia for KIS. I think I have the layout the way I want. I have an example below, keep in mind, this is the first page (not the Cover which is also done but needs tweaking) it has two pages worth of information on one screen from the PDF file. The others will have some spacing but I will try to fill them in with a cutout graphic of a Kerbal carrying a tool or something in each one. I welcome any feedback!
  11. @crapstar It is most likely if it is a mod with an interface or moving parts, it is broken due to squad expanding the methods IPartCostModifier and IPartMassModifier with the last update. @5thHorsemanHere is a thread that explains it better and may help with updating the mod:
  12. I have a fresh 1.1 I will do some testing, need to check the new KSPedia pages I've finished as well.
  13. @IgorZ Gah you are fast lol Thanks!
  14. I was going to report that it is the new build. I don't know how to fix it but a lot of other mods are broken, like Infernal Robotics. I just rebuilt my test installations with and without mods, all of them don't work Even Kerbal Engineer spams the debug console since the update.
  15. I won't mind doing this, thanks for pointing out the images in the guide folder. Although, I will probably just export the images and text from the PDF and add them to the panels in Unity so we can get it formatted right and so it can resize properly when the window is resized.