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  1. I use a variant of Six Six Science's Stratocoaster X1b. I use the same wingform, slightly scaled up, and a standard aircraft command pod instead of the probe core, and removed the SSTO capabilties. Ok, it's really nothing like it. I do fly NEAR. Mass ~5 tons, enough fuel for a 1h4m flight, and capable of supercruise with partial throttle (1200+ m/s at any altitude with air) I gotta figure out which mode made the PWR210 afterburning jet engine, that thing is a beast... I'll append a photo sometime today.
  2. Just for gee wiz, I changed the small docking port for a large one (I don't yet have small docks installed on my station). I found that MJ did not like the original control angles, so I restricted the elevons deflection to 1/2 of original, and it stopped the control wobble. It threw me for a loop first, as you did not mention it is a probe controlled craft, but installation of a RT compatible antenna fixed that. This is a great little craft!
  3. I like the Mobile Oppression Palace concept This will be perfect for doing temperature scan contracts.
  4. Unfortunately, A Mechanic is Jeb was created with a PHP (?) script to manually build a MM file adding KAS functionality to many (not all) parts in the creator's install. I'm hoping to create a simple MM that will scour any install, and add KAS functionality to all the parts under a certain mass, without having to manually enter each and every part individually, as AMIJ did. If MM has basic math capabilities, such as determining if a random part has a mass under X, then this might work? Just don't know if it does, or the correct code to do it. .
  5. I've done several searches for KAS, and KASModuleGrab, but I can't seem to find a current answer. Is there a way to check for all parts under a certain mass, so I can apply KASModuleGrab to it? I've seen some examples of code that might work, but have not found if a [mass < 1] call would work. Ultimately, looking for an easy MM fix/replacement for A_Mechanic_is_Jeb, which has not been updated for .90. @PART[*]:HAS[#mass < 1] { MODULE { name = KASModuleGrab evaPartPos = (0.0, 0.0, -0.09) evaPartDir = (0, 0, -1) storable = true storedSize = 5 attachOnPart = True attachOnEva = False attachOnStatic = True attachSendMsgOnly = False } }
  6. Sarbian, Gimbal AutoTrim saved my mission tonight. I had a Mun ship with three radial engine pods on a Mun sightseeing mission. My pilot goofed the last (EVA) landing, so I lost an engine pod. With this plugin, I had a 15 deg thrust trim, and he managed to bring the ship home! Made 200k kredits and 800 science on the mission, Thanks!
  7. F12 cheat menu should be able to cheat in some funds...or you could import your rocket to the SPH, and launch from there. BTW, next time, use launch clamps to support the craft.
  8. start from a higher orbit, say 600km or so. that will prevent you from entering atmo during your burn
  9. The OP post with the F-15E's with the LA tail flash..those are from the now closed 461st Deadly Jesters squadron, stationed at Luke AFB until around 1995...that was MY unit...love those birds!
  10. You can easily add Fuel gauge to the ion by changing the following section PROPELLANT { name = XenonGas ratio = 0.1 } to PROPELLANT { name = XenonGas ratio = 0.1 DrawGauge = True } won't help for ion drives, but is otherwise helpful and fun - especially when firing those lovely 3.75m engines!
  11. Generally, if your craft can't take off by 100m/s, you don't have enough lift. I understand that this is a specificly engineered craft, but perhaps if you increased your lift parameters slightly, you can make it work.
  12. Pondafarr

    How to Linux?

    Risks: If you somehow fail to follow the installation instruction, you may lose the windows partition, so back up everything on your windows install to somewhere outside the computer. May end up reinstalling windows, but thats just time consuming, not a risk. I once downloaded 3 distros over a 56k modem....took all month I guess I really need to look into trying linux again, been a long time.
  13. Regarding extra intakes...perhaps have to pop a message that indicates those intakes are extra, and suggest removing them.