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  1. Any chance that the creator makes a ramp for the open cargo section? The normal cargo bays are quite small for a smaller rover unless it is really really tiny. I wanted to carry an Akita in the open bed of the lyns, but can't have a ramp for it
  2. I'm just bumping a bit to share this mod: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/155480-122-stockalike-station-parts-expansion-jan-23/ I didn't see it on the list Kind regards,
  3. Hi all, I tried compiling this for 1.2 and got it mostly working again, plugin-wise. I don't know what I'm doing half the time, because some methods disappeared from some classes in the 1.2 API and I have no idea where to look for them. However, I noticed there are relatively few things to work in to update this mod. If someone with more experience than me could take a look and, let's say, make a pull request (I won't since I don't know what I'm doing) it should be somewhat quick.
  4. My guess is that they either die heroically or go into the dettachable capsule with everybody else if there's time, after setting a safe collision course for the rest of the plane.
  5. I'll just leave a video link so you all can see this magnificent Kerbal approach to saving lives. I
  6. Hello dear reader. This is a thread for organizing and sharing in a single place the work I'm doing to revive, resurrect or maintain abandoned mods. Or anything in general, really. The general idea is to grab old, abandoned, orphan, incomplete or otherwise currently unused mods and give them new life in the current KSP version. I'm very open to suggestions and contributions. I do config file / Module Manager tweaking, and some of coding. I am absolutely terrible at 3D modelling and mediocre at best at texturing, so it is unlikely I'll do any of those. So, without further ado, below is the info on the already resurrected/tweaked/refreshed/updated mods: Current KSP version: [1.0.5] Sam Hall - Kerbonov Kn2 Status: Up to date - Original Thread Kerbonov Kn2 is a parts pack that adds a very nice cockpit with beautiful interiors, a mini jet engine, probe-sized RCS thrustes with monoprop in them, RATOs, a probe-sized decoupler, and some other goodies. Download: Changelog: 1.1: Engines now use ModuleEngineFX The decoupler now has the default KSP sound, because the bundled one wasn't working. All nodes have been checked so they comply to the new attachment rules. Thermal information has been added so things can now explode properly. All credit to Sam Hall Tweaking based on the excellent previous work of aristurtle: Forum post License: CC 3.0 Share Alike with attribution TurboNisu - Stockalike Parts For Useful Aesthetics Status: Up to date - Original Thread TurboNisu made this excellent parts pack that fills some gaps in the stock variety. Download: Changelog: 1.2: Revisited truss attachment nodes. Tweaked all masses. Added missing thermal info. Added License to the download 1.1: Fixed attachment nodes in all girder and truss pieces. Added thermal information Weaked weight for little truss pieces. All credit to TurboNisu Tweaking based on the excellent previous work of a__gun: Forum post License: CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported pizzaoverhead - Battery Indicator Status: Up to date - Original Thread pizzaoverhead made this very neat little mod that lets you tell at a glance the status of the Z-100 Batteries. He wanted to add more stuff but hasn't touched it in a while so I did. Download: Changelog: 1.5: Added color for locked batteries, defaults to blue. Added a gradient mode for the light so it changes smoothly. Made colors configurable via config file. 1.6: Increased the gradient steps to 8, so the colors will step in the middle of each pair. Added color for full batteries, the default is white. Added a percentage between full and caution, called okPercentage, default is green. All credit to pizzaoverhead License: GPLv2 - Sources included in the download. -- This is my way of saying thank you both to this amazing comunity, and the mod devs who work for no other reason than making more fun available for everyone else.
  7. Hello man,

    I hope it doesn't offend you, I retouched Battery Indicator to make it do what you wanted it to do. Posted in the original thread, kept the license, uploaded to kerbalstuff.

    Thanks for that little cool mod, I've come to depend a lot on it.

  8. Hello all, A little bit of necro posting just to let you know I made a little update to this mod: Kerbalstuff
  9. Thanks, you're completely right. I was so focused on fixing nodes I totally forgot mass. I'll list all the changes you guys find are needed and bump another version soon.
  10. Hello guys and gals, I made a little MM patch to deal with the new buoyancy model and the fact that the Floater parts and the FSbuoyancy module don't work right anymore. @RoverDude will fix that someday I'm sure, but in the meantime these configs should help your stuff not sink or explode horribly. Floaters are supposed to float. @PART[FSfloatEnd] { %buoyancy = 2.5 @maximum_drag = 0.2 @minimum_drag = 0.1 @mass = 0.05 -MODULE[FSbuoyancy]{} } @PART[FSfloatEndTail] { %buoyancy = 1.75 @maximum_drag = 0.2 @minimum_drag = 0.1 @mass = 0.05 -MODULE[FSbuoyancy]{} } @PART[FSfloatGearbay] { %buoyancy = 2.0 @maximum_drag = 0.2 @minimum_drag = 0.1 @mass = 0.05 -MODULE[FSbuoyancy]{} } @PART[FSfloatStraight] { %buoyancy = 2.5 @maximum_drag = 0.2 @minimum_drag = 0.1 @mass = 0.05 -MODULE[FSbuoyancy]{} } @PART[FSfloatStrut] { %buoyancy = 1.0 @maximum_drag = 0.2 @minimum_drag = 0.1 @mass = 0.05 -MODULE[FSbuoyancy]{} } All I did was add buoyancy to the parts, tweak mass and remove FSbuoyancy module.
  11. I went ahead and bumped the config files again to fix nodes, most notably the girder and truss special pieces. Added some compatibility for other mods like Interstellar Fuel Switch and Tweakscale. Brought all the parts a little closer to the 1.0.5 style. I hope somebody enjoys this. Al credit to TurboNisu, all models and textures remain unchanged (DDS textures) TurboNisuReloadedv2 in Dropbox
  12. I took some time to fix this old beautiful mod a little bit and to bring it closer in line with 1.0.5. I reordered the files a little bit and made some config file magic. All credit to Sam Hall, I didn't touch any models or textures, just config files. Fixed RATO. Changed to ModuleEngineFX Fixed Mini Jet Engine (Using stats similar to the new Juno engine). Made it use the bundled sound again. Used the default decoupler sound for the mini decoupler so it has sound.