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  1. It's quite simple: they are robots. They can't even act autonomously!
  2. How big can the bus stop get before it's classed as a bus station?
  3. Curious: the orbital energy that is lost, what happens to it? Turned into another kind of energy? I read the wiki on frame dragging but it's over (or is it orbiting) my head. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frame-dragging
  4. Are there any Dutch engineers aboard?
  5. Agent Kay: Completely relevant except for that last little bit...
  6. This is, by far, those most interesting thing I've typed on my keyboard all day.
  7. If pi was a pie, then what kind of pie would pi be?
  8. Instead of birds or dragons, why not fish? First up could be: Muskellunge
  9. I read a headline today stating that Finland is now the happiest country in the world. Immediately my head started with Monty Python's song...
  10. As a Winnipegger who owns an electric car, I can truthfully say that operating an electric at those temperatures is completely fine. Yes, the range is reduced, but as long as you account for that in planning when you plug in, then there's no problem. Of course, take that with a grain of salt snow, as my daily commute is never more than 40km. I own a Mistubishi I-miev. Other owners of this car have done the math and according to them (I'll find the source if I have to), after 7 years of operation you start 'making money'. No maintenance costs, no belts, only fluids are for the mechanical brakes (which are hardly used anyways because of regenerative braking). Plus I live in a place where all electricity is hydro, so it's quite cheap. I am lucky. Just wanted to say I absolutely love the car, and while I understand there's some of negatives regarding the production and use of the things, I like believing that early-adoption has enough benefits to outweigh those.
  11. Lawn (regolith) darts. 21-pin bowling? I wonder if any ice-based sports would work. Skating rink in low-g? Hockey would be great, but back to sports where you can do them with a drink in your hand, give me curling anytime. cable-toss (or small-people-toss). Actually, maybe we could switch that up: small people tossing the big ones! Long distance axe throwing pole vault would be completely awesome
  12. Probably ask her/him/it if "42" meant anything to them.
  13. Reading this thread has been the most interesting thing about my day so far. Methinks I need to get out more...
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