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  1. I am curious on this too. I shelved the game when the 1.09 version didnt seem to be coming to console and was told it would be months.... hope thats not the case for this one? We have got to stop giving money to companies that treat the console versions as an after thought
  2. Just re-installed the game on my pc, figured I would have a look at the new features and debate buying the dlc again. To be clear there is no controller support. could not even close the messages on the main menu. Tried starting a new game and no control pad support there either. Weird thing is the game is built on unity so porting control pad support/ui from the console should be a doddle. My experience of unity is purely at a hobby level but I have created a mobile app with a complicated UI that worked flawlessly when ported to the pc (hell the whole app did I just had to change the build ta
  3. When I got the game with all the dlc on console I assumed it was kept up to date with the pc build. God I hate developers treating the console versions as after thoughts Are you 100% sure on this? and months? (pessimistic or actual?) Worse case I just shelve the game and if it is to be months, make sure I dont purchase a Squad game again* (while resisting the urge to buy the dlc again but this time for pc....dont like putting money into the pockets of developers that do this, plus I doubt the pc build has controller support) *This may sound harsh, and like I am ranting but it is said
  4. I have kerbal on the pc and it updated a few days ago, but I have it on ps4 with all the dlc and I can not seem to get it to download the update! Is there a way to force it? Have tried completely removing the game and re-installing so far no go. Do I need to do a complete console reset? (rather not try that unless it will fix the issue).
  5. This week in my unprofessiona review channel i reviewed KSP. enjoy
  6. I just wanted to say your mod is awesome, i was using it when i did my unprofessional ksp review video (wont link that here as thats to be a whole 'nother thread) as the ships made with it look so much nicer then stock. I am a bit of a steam punk fan as well so may be bias. I also love that you have your own fuel sources ...it just adds that little something. Thank you for making this *Edit* can you support this plugin in your mod ? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/80234-TweakScale-Rescale-Everything%21-%28Version-1-20-Updated-2014-06-12-22-15-UTC%29 ?
  7. Thanks , i plan to add more to it when bored and i have missions to tell about, Day 19. Happy new year all! Day 20. The mission controller was quite sure that anything non symmetrical would never fly but he gave it a try anyway, he said something about kerbals being a renewable expandable supply, i have no idea what that means but im guessing it means to be treasured and looked after. He had a "rover" idea and using some caterpillar tracks he made a massive rover that included a science lab and just about any small science item he could find space 4, it looked amazing its 4 caterpillar treads
  8. Didnt see a section for it so decided to add it here, basicly bored at work so figured i would write up my progress thus far, in the form of a journel from one of the kerbal victims errrr test subjects errr i mean volunteer, (the names may of changed to protect the innocent...and because i cant renember all the names involved) some un eventful launches or too identicle launches will be striken from the record Day 1. Our first attempt at flight, i was told that i would be placed into a capsule strapped to a rocket and hurtled up into space, i asked how long i would be up there and the scientis
  9. mod please merge this with my last post, seems my posts take some time to show so cant edit I had a look at some videos of the mechjeb and it seems easier to use then i thought...will look it up more, the tutorial videos too were very helpful thank you! I do plan to put a kerbal into mun (later i may be goodenough to land one on mun.....and then even later i may be able to land one on mun AND get him back again!) once i learn to dock i will have to rescue the 3 astronaughts who are in different elliptical oribits around kerbal ...they have reports to file after all...for science!
  10. I did grab the mechjeb 2 addon, and have used that to change my angle but beyond changing angle i have no idea on it....i confess my approach has been to get up as fast as possible, did you know if you strap enough solid state rockets that do 700 thrust to the heavy labs you can get the re-entry effect on going up? (yeah i have a lot to learn lol) the issue with the elliptical orbit is the science labs i have on board my ship, fail the experiment when the distance changes too much. so the info on how to fix it is greatly recieved thank you! shame about the ram issue though, but with luck unity
  11. brought the early access to kerbals a few days ago, loving it so far. I also want to commend you on your support of mods from the get go! the site you have for them is fantasticly organised! i would love to know how to put a kerbal in a stable orbit though (mine all seem to be an egg shapped orbit lol) also i heard you can dock ships in space? how do you do this (most of my flights seem to be rather...umm uncontrolled, i feel my kerbals may as well be just strapped to a fire work and sent off) in sandbox theres RCS which help but they seem missing from career mode how do i add more ram to the
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