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  1. Is there any way to cut down on the Ground Science message spam? I'm tied of having to delete 10+ messages, each telling me I have 0.004 more science from Mystery Goo on the Mun.
  2. I'm seeing several contracts that require I do an EVA report while flying low. Do I have to have somebody EVA and hang on, or am I missing something?
  3. Question about the ckan version. When I check ckan setings, it says my local version is v1.16.1-0-g2e91715 (beta), latest version v1.16.1 aka Plasma Window. The Install Update button is disabled. Is this a problem? I installed the latest version from github, with no change. Thanks!
  4. For a Keostationary Orbit, how can you have ApA below 2868 and PeA above 2868?
  5. That confused me a bit too - until I realized that the mod is more than just for space stations that only orbit Kerbin. Perhaps a name change would be in order?
  6. It seemed like it was after about 3 days I start getting more station contracts. Also, I remember that when I first launched, I launched as a ship, and when I changed to Station in orbit, the contract didn't complete. I figured that meant I had to launch as a Station from the ground, so I reset to launch, switched to Station, and relaunched to orbit. that completed the contract.
  7. Keep getting the following exception for my spaceplane:
  8. updated through ckan to 0.21.4, and in ksp-avc it says it's built for version 1.02 (out of date).
  9. As an update, I had a station mission for Mun, one for Minmus, then the additional for Kerbin. I did other missions, the missions expired after ~2 days, then I got a mission for the power module. My persistant is here:
  10. Contract Configurator: 1.8.3 Contract Pact: KSS: 3.0.2 I'm getting a duplicate mission to launch a station into Kerbin orbit. I checked completed missions, and I have the previous mission completed for sure.
  11. I don't know if it's this mod or something else, but I can't board a rescued Kerbal. I've got a Mk1 Inline Cockpit with a Mk1 Crew Cabin. I put my pilot in the cabin, then EVA my rescue Kerbal. The problem is, as soon as the rescue grabs on, the cockpit thinks he's inside. I IVA on that Kerbal, and I'm looking at him through the canopy. I set CLS to Allow Crew Unrestricted Transfers in the VAB before launch, and set both the cockpit and the cabin to CLS Passble, CLS Surface Attachable, and CLS Attachable Surface all to yes. Any suggestions? Edit: I transferred the pilot to the crew module, then transferred the rescue from the cockpit (he was still outside) to the cabin, then the pilot back to the cockpit. This managed to duplicate the rescue Kerbal so that I now have 2 of him. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
  12. I just launched a rescue mission, 1 pilot, and I can't board my rescued Kerbal. Tried EVA with the pilot, and now she's stuck outside also. Edit: Updated Module Manager, and now I can board. Also found that, with the heavier than water capsule, I can now set depth achievements!