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  1. I would be more concered about the FTL drive's power source which at an absolute minimum is nuclear (this is acctually no-where near powerful enough to power all currently theorised FTL) and is most likely an absurd amount of antimatter (that is the only way to get a good enough energy density to power an alcubierre drive, even then it would be LOTS of antimatter) The radiation alone from a severe antimatter reaction would eassily kill all life on earth and enough antimatter could acctually destroy a planet.
  2. Some physicists theorise that smaller alcubierre bubbles could be made using realistic ammounts of energy. These would be at a sub-atomic scale. Also it is possible that Slower Than Light alcubierre drives could funtion without absurd ammounts of energy. In my opinion alcubierre drives appear promising, even if very far off.
  3. Alcubierre drives work by expanding space behind a ship and contracting it in front. Wormholes would most likely be achieved via enlargement of pre-exisisting wormholes in what is known as the quantum foam (quantum foam is at the subatomic level, named because its particals pop in and out of existance like bubbles in soapy water). Both of these FTL drive (technically 'translight drives' as there is no real need to increase velocity, they just bypass the lightspeed limit).