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  1. I have no fire directors, but I will now try to go back to space. Expect a report soon. EDIT: here is the report https://imgur.com/a/ImZrG EDIT 2: and now Bob is dead too. @The Dunatian I think that there should be a graveyard of all the attempts that end in unrecoverable failure.
  2. I liked this difficult thing the first time, I'll try it again for more! (I'm going for nano-crystalline diamond difficulty.)
  3. Correction: our speed is now cc*c*G64 Most people on the hype train bought KSP from the KSP store.
  4. Viva la KSP Store!! Edit: The KSP twitter just posted Pre-release was on March 29, today is April 5. That's a period of 7 days. Release on April 12?
  5. The rest is going to 1.2 though. (most notably: antennae)
  6. At least all the mods will be ready when I can get it. (didn't know about steam when I got KSP)
  7. And it's out on the store!!!!!!! http://i.imgur.com/zTyCu90.png
  8. Prison architect... (also, ksp has no bugbash branch)
  9. ̄̂́̀̄̌Ït́̃̆̌ c̊̇̌̄̆ỗ̄̀m̀̂̄̄̀é̀́̀s̆̆̆.̌̂̌̂
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