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  1. 3 hours ago, OndrikB said:

    I had a conversation with the HypeKraken, who broke our NavBall. The speed is cc, and the train will not stop until it gets to the brick wall of KSP 1.1 Release

    Correction: our speed is now cc*c*G64

    6 minutes ago, HoloYolo said:

    Hype has left me completely. I have been playing a lot of Hearts of Iron 3 and KSP and 1.1 seems like the norm (Ik it's a pre release for Steam still). I'm still excited for real 1.1, but honestly I just don't see myself hyped like you guys anymore. I might have to consider jumping off. My banjo in the coal cart no longer helps me. Or maybe I can try dubstep on my banjo.

    Most people on the hype train bought KSP from the KSP store.

  2. 1 hour ago, Starhawk said:

    Proud user of the KSP Store and rider of the hype train.

    Happy landings!

    Viva la KSP Store!!

    Edit: The KSP twitter just posted


    We're midway through pre-release

    Pre-release was on March 29, today is April 5. That's a period of 7 days. Release on April 12?

  3. 5 hours ago, Curveball Anders said:

    Much of the content planned for 1.1 was actually released as 1.0.5 when they realised that 1.1 needed more time.

    There's still room for new content once the new backend is stable of course.

    But let's concentrate our hype on the upcoming release :)

    The rest is going to 1.2 though. (most notably: antennae)

  4. 1 hour ago, Corw said:

    Now that is an idea for a mod. Imagine if mod would add a tombstone north of runway for every Kerbal lost on mission =)

    And here is the mysterious gray patch which you should never go near and DEFIANTLY never read anything in it.

    4 minutes ago, Navy2k said:

    Over 5 posts about signs already, a sign?


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