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  1. At least not without heat levels that would make the supposed watcher unable to watch. Also: Ted appears to be having font difficulties.
  2. A CKAN install with only RealFuels (and everything it automatically installs) hangs on the first engine it finds on KSP 1.0.5 linux 64 bit. KSP.log ModuleManager.ConfigCache
  3. Stanley the proceeded to talk to the ... STANLEY! You weren't supposed to use the orphan resurrection rituals unless you entered door #694873569287654983726!
  4. Because you farmer parents have always lived on this land. What is this?
  5. I arm wrestle you. My hill.
  6. Makes that just a big lump of hydrogen, and beats any biological enemy.
  7. Irradiate the area breaking everything and giving you cancer. Then, I pick up some sand, put it down and claim it. My hill!
  8. What if we tried more entropy? Infinitely more entropy?
  9. I sense an infinite loop... ... Run while you still can!
  10. This fix will either fail explosively, or work perfectly. Nothing in between.
  11. In a time of desperation, alliances mus be broken.
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