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  1. I expect an Apollo Guidence Computer port. For flying to the Mun while flying to the Moon. EDIT: Also, Jaquard Loom, mechanical slide rule, TI-83, and Altair 8800.
  2. Used > insted of <. kOS is 'fun'. At least I have a nice comsat solar research probe.
  3. My start to this challenge, with only the ten hundred most common words (from simple wikitionary's list) Up Goer Five style.
  4. I started making a mod! Now I just need to fix the scaledspace... and hope nobody wants to land a craft larger than a kerbal there. But you should see it from the surface!
  5. Apollo 4 is done (also, all launch vehcles and most spacecraft, but you'll see those later. Apollo 5: Apollo 7: Apollo 8: Apollo 9: Want to work more on rondevous before doing Apollo 11.
  6. My new youtube channel's video: http://youtu.be/UnTaJMB4jiw
  7. KSP, but the majority of the stock bugs are helarious.
  8. I find that the key is to make the plane just barely stable, but not unstable.
  9. Going to try using Imgur albums, please post your thoughts. Chapter 7 or: a bunch of off camera explosions
  10. There's one answer to both: I somehow messed up symetry in the VAB, so even at kerbinthe probes use up some battery power to burn. Fortunatly, they all have so much battery power that even the Eeloo-bound probe should have enough power to make the insertion burn at night.
  11. What I'm going for here is essentially what I did in KSP today, with plot. So without further ado: Chapter 1 or how I learned to stop worrying and love the probes Four-hundred and fouty-five parts totaling at over one hundred tonnes sits on the pad. The spacebar is pressed. What are all of those objects? Why are there so many? This is a mission to orbit every single celestial body that can be orbited. Sixteen, one for each body. And now it is in a stable orbit! Deploy forst probe. This is a daring mission to go from kerbin orbit to kerbin orbit. NEXT!!! This is a simple mun satalite. NEXT!!! And this will be a minmus sattalite. The rest will need to be deployed at the right launch window. Both the munbound and minmusbound probes preform thier intercept burns. Glamerous naming ceremony. And the Mun Ion Probe is in a stable orbit! That's it! Feedback welcome!
  12. I'd like to point out that if it wern't for launch failures on the rocket's end, the first satalite would have been solar powered. In reality, that satalite, Vanguard 1, was the fourth overall and will be in a stable orbit for over two hundred more years.
  13. Both posibilities are positive. Push to push a random button from this thread (including this one).
  14. Granted. Your enemy enjoys a cake. I wish for a spherical cow in a vaccum.
  15. I join the group with the elusive amount of reputation.
  16. Not for long! (puts soup in microwave and runs from explosion) Waiter, there's an underscore in my soup!
  17. Granted. It sharpens everything left out that is pencil shaped in the vicinity, including your fingers. I wish for a cow.
  18. Granted. University Of Pencils is founded in your name. I wish for a reply.
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